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Mars in House 1

Mars in House 1 denotes individuals who are full of self-expression, spontaneous, fireworks and daring impulse. You are an intense person, brimming with willpower, intensity and a passion for life that brings fierce energy into any environment and encourages others to manifest their more assertive and justice seeking qualities. You feel obliged to experience life on your own terms and typically ignore the wisdom, advise or plights of your elders, with the believe that you must develop your self-identity base on your own experiences and your strike and audacious and impulsive actions. At your bad, you tend to follow the law with your own self-fulfilling prophecy and live in a world of black and white, being intolerable to grey areas of indecision or confusion. With Mars in House 1, you have a pioneer spirit and strong qualities of leadership and self-authority, with an incredible reserves of energy that you can use to pursuit your goals. You tend to be curious, interested in learning about yourself and the confusing personalities around you, happy to accept changes and not afraid of combat or fights. Your competitive nature and outspoken expression can create relationship tension with others, power struggles and especially conflicts with authority. Due to your anger, sometimes you can even be intimidating or even confrontational to weaker spirits, this may lead you to be socially inappropriate particularity during your youth, while your character test out social etiquette and the response of others.

Mars in House 1

With Mars in House 1 you can potentially have a reckless behaviour that borders self-destruction, with aggression and frustration when you cannot achieve what you want, not considering at all other people feelings. You are prone to headaches and migraines especially due to stress, and this placement of Mars indicates risk of injuries and accidents in the head that can lead to scars due to impulsive or temerarious actions. Mars in House 1 makes you a deeply loyal and devoted partner. You are beaming with fierce sexual energy and cannot stand deceit or lies, game playing or any sort of mental manipulation from your partner. Although you are temperamental, your irresistible charm and innocence is seductive, fun and charismatic.

Mars in House 1 are spontaneous individuals

Mars in house 1 is a commanding position and is even more so if Mars is also conjunct the Ascendant. Your reactions to new situations are immediate and pressing. You are an active, energetic, dynamic, enterprising, and possibly even forceful or aggressive person at times (unless Mars is in strong aspect to Saturn or Neptune). You often begin new endeavours with enthusiasm, although follow-through may not be present, depending on the rest of your chart. Some of you might be rash, inconsiderate, or overly assertive. People are often impressed with your energy and stamina! You need to be involved, take the lead, and act independently. Under Mars in House 1, you don’t enjoy following others or playing waiting games. Fiercely independent, you are usually direct and straightforward–and this is wonderfully refreshing. Spontaneity is extremely important to you. Some of you might stir up trouble–whether consciously or not–when you’re bored. Your approach to life is physical and active, and your love of competition is notable.

Mars in house 1 creates high energy and a natural aggression in your temperament, whether it is apparent or latent. Since the 1st house is your foundation, covers your general wellbeing and how well known and successful you would be in life, Mars in 1st house shapes your personality in a way that your destiny is created by means of dynamism, hard work, aggression and overt actions in life. A Mars in house 1 puts you in the position of a leader, whether you wish for leadership or not. Being responsible and leading situations is something you will have to deal with most of your life. When Mars is positive, this leadership comes naturally with a zeal to lead and an ability to lead from the front while a neutral or negative Mars suggests that the leadership comes under covert circumstances or when leadership is thrust upon you. This position of Mars also shows that the family and life circumstances are influenced by very active and aggressive circumstances at the time of your birth. The drive and energy come with your imbibing the influences around you into your own personality.

Energetic, courageous, courage, combative, drive, pride, extroversion. In MA outbursts of anger, violence, aggressiveness, indomitable, rebelliousness, agitation, recklessness, rashness, lack of foresight


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