Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Mars in Aries

Mars Attributes: Independence, enthusiasm, a bit brusque frankness, courage, contradictory spirit, anger (albeit short-lived) always dangerous. In MA tyranny, despotism, brutality, violence, irascible, cruel, quite impulsive and reckless. Particularly strong in terms of sensory appetites

Self-confident, energetic, assertive, impulsive, bold, aggressive. In MA does not support any brake, agitation, recklessness, recklessness, violence

Total freedom in terms of manners and language that will be above all open and clear even when this may cause some damage. In MA their discussions are always dangerous and can end in physical aggression

Your spiritual tendencies are weak, and you feel more inclined to skepticism than to traditional beliefs

He knows how to be disinterested and generous, and in general his promises can be counted on since he does not forget the commitments made and can become an excellent friend, always ready to provide a service and with great dynamism to give confidence to the weakest or pessimists. You are appreciated for your spontaneous attitude of service, feared worse for your boasting, vainglory and violence. In MA due to your tenacious grudges you can become a very dangerous person

His need for action and adventurous spirit incline him to sports, exploration or colonization. Pure science does not interest him as much as its applications, and he has lesser gifts in the fields of philosophy, sociology, literature, the arts, metaphysics, and the occult. If you become interested in any of these branches, it will be to verify them or put them into practice

Ability to be instructed easily because before everything he is a hard worker and his curiosity can make up for other missing qualities. Intellect above all active, positive, inclined to experimentation and control. You can be successful in the intellectual field thanks to your great activity and ambition

It is gifted for intense and prolonged physical exertion. Eminently active person with an action characterized by being within the legal norms. Outstanding qualities of will and combativeness. Strong taste for destroying in order to rebuild without hindrance

You can access the most varied or important achievements and achieve tremendous success in it. His weak point in terms of practical realization lies in his extreme impatience coupled with a good deal of presumption and recklessness, which often leads to failure or to obtain minor benefits in proportion to the effort made. In MA, the fulfilling aptitudes subsist but are manifested intermittently and do not lead to any appreciable result because they lack patience and are incapable of submitting to the slightest discipline

In the field of daily life, he is willing to do anything in life and will not hesitate to start over again in the face of risky and large-scale companies.

Strong physical constitution but sometimes exhausts itself prematurely due to the great activity it displays; You should be wary, above all, of imprudence and excessively prolonged efforts.

Regulates the head, genital organs, gallbladder, muscular system, right ear, fevers, eruptions of all kinds: scarlet fever, chicken pox, smallpox, eruptive fevers, typhoid, gastralgia, diarrhea, muscular rheumatism, venereal diseases such as syphilis, headaches, smoking cancer. Injuries, accidents, sometimes violent death, little longevity

Your feelings are more fiery, passionate, or sensual than deep or stable. As he did not fall deeply in love for him, the sorrows of love will be rather rare. In MA there is great distrust and jealousy that most of the time are unjustified and that cast shadows on their love life until they reach desolation

He is predisposed to passionate dramas since his strong sensuality inclines him to have passing adventures. In female matters, she will be the cause of her partner's successes since she knows how to stimulate him, push him to action and pressure him to use his own skills.

In general married life is rather stormy. In feminine matters, she tends to take the reins of the house and of the home itself.

Generally uncertain financial situation for most of existence

Economic benefits will come easily and can be important due to their great activity, but since luck is rather scarce, the profits will rarely match the efforts made. He is impulsive about his spending. Losses are almost always caused by recklessness, whether it is current business or riskier financial speculation. Your pace of life will usually exceed your income, all of which reduces or prevents your savings


Due to his appreciable ambition and good will, it is quite probable that he makes important progress from a professional point of view. It is more gifted for muscular work than intellectual or precision work, and it will be very effective where quick decisions or speed of action are needed.

His need for independence makes him unsuitable for subordinate positions and the work where he can develop his performance skills to the maximum will be more appropriate; however, it must be recognized that he also knows how to be disciplined if circumstances require it. Since effort is something natural for him, he imagines that the same happens with others, so if he is an employer or boss, he can become very harsh and demanding with his employees and immediate collaborators, trying to obtain maximum performance from them. Soldier, engineer, lawyer, revolutionary activist, anarchist, physicist, ballistics, chemist, strategy, mechanics, secondarily medicine and particularly surgery, biology and everything related to modern technology. Service manager, firefighter, driver, railway employee, maintenance, blacksmith, butcher, competitive sports such as boxing, car, bicycle or motorcycle racer

Success based on activity and audacity, being able to access fame and honor but will be forced to fight tooth and nail to obtain them (even in the most significant things), with possible setbacks or shocks due to impulsive decisions, haste or obstinacy, failing due to presumption, recklessness, infatuation, bad luck or accidents. In MA ascent annoyed by an unfortunate dispersion in the game, drink or insurmountable bad luck that would sink his projects. It is often forced to restart the same company several times during the course of its existence.




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