Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius grants you a quirky and eccentric air in regards to how they exhibit their energy, making you at the same time very proud of your independence. You often are highly idealistic and intellectual and put your passion into your goals and group interactions, being unable to get off on mental and intellectual pursuits and with a tendency to rebel if you feel boxed. You have a progressive nature and tend to be quite social and highly communicative. However, your individual opinions are extremely important to you, and you may even deliberately oppose the narrative of mainstream philosophy in favour of going against the grain. Your ideas are paramount and, once you form them, you will not change your minds and be can quite stubborn. In conflicts you are passionate for debate and will rally others to their cause to support them. When it comes to sex it can be a litter difficult to understand exactly what makes you tick, and what is absolutely fine for you may surprise other people, you favour experimental interactions and is open to more unique and original connections than regular relationships.

Mars in Aquarius

With Mars in Aquarius you are quite clever at getting what you want, and one of your most pleasant characteristics is your willingness to let others be, because you value a lot freedom and individuality, not just your own but of everyone's too. You need space for yourself and plenty room to breathe, and in close relationships your approach to intimacy is definitely ton the detached side, which can be frustrating for your partner if they are on the affectionate side and need constant proof of affection like holding hands or kissing often in public.


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