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Mars conjunction Pluto

Being born with Mars conjunction Pluto you have lifelong lessons to learn concerning how to channel your drive, ambition, and power. At times you will need to go through initiation experiences involving a forging of your will force that will feel like you are having to persevere through the fires of the underworld. You can be obsessive regarding your goals, and you can become full of rage when facing a limitation. As a result, at times you will enter into power dynamics with others in which you will be made aware of how you can overpower others or instead become overpowered by others. Though you may have to go through periods of destruction, the tests and obstacles you face and overcome will purify your drive. This will incite you to create vital new growth. Ultimately, those with Mars conjunction Pluto are learning how to be at peace with your own power and learning how to wield your personal power properly. You can discover how to find appropriate pathways for your ambition to be in service to a higher cause, such as cultivating transformational healing for others.

Mars conjunction Pluto

Mars conjunction Pluto is not a harsh aspect. It amplifies the energies of Mars and Pluto, blessing people with drive, ambition, courage and perseverance. People with this aspect are very hard-working and ambitious. They stop at nothing to achieve what they want. This is great for their careers and helps them reach new heights professionally. However, they also don’t think twice about stepping on anyone’s toes on their way to success. This can earn them enemies or make them generally unlikeable. This aspect can make people very intense. Not everyone can handle this energy, so they usually have a small, tight-knit group of friends. Mars conjunction Pluto love their family and try their best to take care of them. If you have this aspect in your natal chart, you must try to put your energy and talents to good use and try to help others. Being in service to others will help you become a better human being. It will also help you cultivate healthy relationships with people and imbibe a new sense of empathy and compassion.

With the Mars conjunction Pluto aspect, these two highly-charged planets, Mars and Pluto join forces and the result is intense. Mars, the planet of passion and aggression and Pluto, the planet of secrets and transformation. This aspect imbues abundant inner strength and courage. These individuals are propelled by their substantial desire for control and power in whatever capacity it takes form. They are stimulated by conflict and enjoy the process of fighting for and triumphantly obtaining what they desire. They are competitive and may possess athletic talents. They hold a deep belief in themselves and once they’ve made up their minds, they will move mountains, cross oceans, or do whatever it takes to fulfil their goal. They may have a sense of destiny and feel a need for purpose in their lives. They are motivated to reach the limits of their potential and live a full life. The idea of death is something that terrifies them despite how valiant and risk taking they can be. It is a source of existential anguish because they are so full of life and vitality. They are survivors but they are more fearful of losing the ones they love and being powerless to save them. Mars conjunction Pluto love with intensity and passion and the depth of their feeling is hard to describe. They guard their sensitivity under lock and key however and do not bare their soul to many. They maintain a stance of strength and by all appearances seem to possess a steely will that is insuperable. Others admire this and leadership roles come naturally under this aspect. Douglas MacArthur, the American Army General had a Mars conjunction Pluto in his natal chart.

Mars conjunction Pluto need to watch for their internal destructive power

Mars conjunction Pluto natal gives an incredibly strong desire to achieve your goals. Strength, passion, and courage are your strong points but an indomitable will and tendency toward manipulation brings enemies and hinders success. Personal relationships can be volatile until you learn to harness your intense energy. You can be very expressive and quick to anger but it is better to lose your temper than let frustration, resentment, or jealousy build up inside. If you don’t get your own way through force, then you will turn to coercion and subversive actions. This dark, sinister side can be very dominating, rude, nasty, and even violent. You do have strong warrior energy and should save your ruthless militancy only for your worst enemies. To enjoy healthy relationships, you must transform that raw primal energy to a higher level by working to help and heal others. You have the ability to rapidly evolve through selfless actions. You can still be ambitious and aim for the top. This aspect does support success and prominence but the fewer people you have to trample to get to the top the better. Using your charisma, sexuality, and power while maintaining good morals and ethics is the key to success. People with Mars conjunction Pluto can influence others in life-changing ways so it is important to think of the consequences, especially for weaker or more suggestible people. If this conjunction has challenging aspects, is conjunction a destructive fixed star, or of either planet is retrograde, it is more critical that you harness your power for good. You may have karmic issues or have some connection to crime, slavery, rape, torture or violence.

Mars conjunction Pluto ability to commit yourself to a task or goal is tremendous. When inspired, you are able to draw upon great stores of strength and determination. You can be so single-minded and focused that you readily lose yourself in a particular task, possibly to the point of obsession! You can be very skilled at investigation and research. Quite automatically, you are interested in what motivates and drives others, which can make you a natural psychologist. You might find that you constantly challenge yourself to take on more and to do more. You might watch this tendency if it seems to take over your life, as you may never feel satisfied with your accomplishments. Your stamina and endurance tend to be stronger than most. You don’t take kindly to others’ attempts to bully or push you, and you can be extremely stubborn when pushed. You are always especially aware of, and sensitive to, others’ use of power and authority. Resentment can be a problem and letting things go can be very challenging. Your gut reactions are rather intense and emotional in quality. As you mature, you are likely to learn that detaching yourself a little helps you to be more objective and constructive. You might have some fear of your own anger, assertiveness, power, and drive, particularly early in life if your intense nature has been misunderstood. You are not always forthcoming about your intentions and plans, and you typically strategise well in pursuit of a goal rather than go after what you want loudly and directly. While this means you can out-manoeuvrer practically anyone, and although your determination is admirable, you might watch for a somewhat paranoid tendency to keep your plans to yourself if this stems from fear that your intentions will be misunderstood. Whether or not you choose to take advantage of others is entirely up to you. There is an “all or nothing” quality under the nature of those with Mars conjunction Pluto. You put your heart into whatever it is you are doing, and although breaking ties or ending things can be challenging, once you’ve done it, there’s no going back. You possess a fascinating, alluring, and even commanding aura. You prefer that others see you as strong and in control. Allowing trusted people to see your more vulnerable qualities can take time. Your strong desire to make things happen through your own efforts can bring you much success. “What will be, will be” is certainly not your motto. However, this same quality can sometimes limit you, as you would benefit from more detachment and the discovery that some things can’t or shouldn’t happen just now. At some point in your life you may feel that the gods or goddesses step in to impose changes on you. What you make of these moments determines your spiritual future. Generally, whatever effort you make will be well worth your time.


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