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Jupiter square Uranus

With Jupiter square Uranus, in more ways than one, you're an innovator and revolutionary. You can't help yourself. You want to see the world become better, like you constantly strive to improve. And you're willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. That's often where you can get into the most trouble. You love the thought of bringing something “new” to individuals or groups, almost as much as you relish discovering something new yourself. It's an ultimate high, because it feels like you're doing something god-like. Yet, this aspiration can allow you to come off high and mighty, as if the efforts, routines, and thoughts of others aren't good enough. Perhaps they're not that good, but you can't force change down people's throats. Likewise, your relentless pursuit to keep up with innovations and societal changes, whether ideological or sociological, probably takes a toll on you, too. You so never want to miss an opportunity that you miss out on simple, intimate pleasures with loved ones, nature, or knowing more about yourself.

Jupiter square Uranus

Uranus is the planet of change, and Jupiter is the planet of good fortune. When Jupiter square Uranus, it can be difficult to find the stability needed to move forward into uncharted territories. This is because a square aspect is about tension, whether it be between the planets themselves or within one’s own psyche. The tension that plays out with Uranus and Jupiter is the struggle between wanting to radically launch forward and create change with patience, awareness, and harmony. The square asks us to think about how we can make use of our past experiences and history while moving forward. This includes the good, bad, and even ugly parts of who we are today. After all, change only fully occurs when we work on all aspects of ourselves.

Jupiter square Uranus tend be impulsive

Jupiter square Uranus can cause restlessness and anxiety, especially when you are contained in some way or subject to strong discipline. There is a great deal of impatience and frustration with slow progress because the main influence of this aspect is a strong urge to break free of tradition and routine. Happiness in life is found by exploring the unorthodox and unconventional side of life, so there is a big need to be independent and escape restriction. Being a risk-taker, thrill-seeker, adventurer, socialist, or charismatic eccentric comes naturally. The moral standards of society do not restrict your behaviour or habits. Religious views may be unorthodox, and air travel should have a strong draw. Jupiter square Uranus can create a reformer, maverick, or rebel, with a kinky sense of humour. However, these characteristics can lead to what is most feared, if authorities feel threatened and try to restrict your progress. There will be tests throughout life which force you to act with more discipline and moderation. Always taking the other side, or fighting for the underdog out of habit, could land you in the most difficult situations. Under the influence of Jupiter square Uranus, experience and age will teach you that the best results come by choosing carefully when to express your original views. Tolerating other viewpoints, and placing value on tried and tested traditions, will help channel your exuberant and exciting energy into more productive pursuits, that don’t always cause negative reactions.

With Jupiter forming a square to Uranus in the birth chart, you gravitate toward activities and ideas that inspire and excite you. New and original ideas can be attractive, and you might frequently pin your hopes on new endeavours. You might watch for a tendency to enjoy shiny new things just because they’re different. Your ideas can be fabulous, but you may lose interest in them over time or if they’ve become routine. Ideally, you have other indicators in your chart that help with follow-through and persistence, as this aspect if examined in isolation suggests some potential problems with attention span. With Jupiter square Uranus, you may sometimes rebel against not only others’ plans, but your own best-laid plans. You have great optimism about what you can take on, but it’s best to avoid taking on so much that you spread yourself too thin. Aim for self-discipline with projects and pursuits. Life is certainly more exciting when you don’t prepare, but it can cripple your chances of success if you don’t always do the groundwork.

Personal independence, disorder, lack of calm, pretence, excesses, excessive, relentless and absorbing need for experience, inclined to adventure


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