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Jupiter square Neptune

Jupiter square Neptune make a very emotional, extravagant and sometimes lunatic person, with a hypersensitivity that act as a magical creativity on you but can also lead to confusions. You need to work hard and discipline yourself in order to put your talents into reality and use them. You may have questionable tastes, and sometimes are too optimistic and fantasizing all the time, escaping reality through drugs that can end up embarrassed or disappointing others. However, if they’re trying these substances at a young age, they can be given a push and make a good impression in the field they’ve chosen as a career. Realizing there isn’t a short way to success is only giving them stronger faith. These natives are empathic and warm, but impractical and undiscriminating. More than this, they have the tendency to lose themselves in laziness, meaning they shouldn’t eat too much, neither take too many harmful substances. It’s very likely they’re satisfying their thirst for exoticism by getting into strange cults or travelling to new lands. Jupiter square Neptune natives can wander without having a purpose, either from a mental or physical point of view. This is why they’re leaving their parents’ home at a young age and don’t care too much about money, or are being involved in illegal activities.

Jupiter square Neptune

It can be said that Jupiter square Neptune natives are manipulative because they seem to want to give a hand, but when things are starting to be messy, there’s no one to find them any more because they prefer to retreat and just meditate. Their soul is angst to connect with the Divinity, but unfortunately, they’re stuck in a human body. No one had to tell you that “faith without works is dead.” You consistently strive to keep your ideals, beliefs, and dreams alive and in motion. You might often be pressed to articulate or even defend why you believe as you do. You're equally inclined to bring the fight to others about what they believe and why. These are all good things if you stay focused on your visions, rather than allowing them to drift and change too often. You might easily be an active Buddhist for several years and then bring that same zeal to what you do as a born-again Christian later. It's not that changing beliefs or faiths is bad. Perhaps, for you, your life journey isn't so much about finding the right faith or dream. With Jupiter square Neptune, your soul’s work is tending to your dreams and beliefs as they develop organically, rather than looking for a mirror reflection of them in another tradition or ideology.

Jupiter square Neptune are individuals in search of magic

Jupiter square Neptune brings some magically creative gifts that do, however, need some application and a certain amount of discipline to be fully realized. Developing your gifts to their full potential requires hard work. Over-optimism, fantasies, and escapism through drugs will only lead to embarrassment, loss, and disappointment. However, these early experiences give you a very positive push, encouraging you to make a big impression in your chosen field. The realization that there are no shortcuts to success gives you a very strong faith. You exude an inspirational enthusiasm that seems infectious. This uplifting effect on others may stem from some rather tense inner energy as if you work through self-questioning by sharing your discoveries or creations along the way. Your work is a manifestation of your hopes and dreams.

People born with Jupiter square Neptune aspect shouldn’t hesitate to be more spiritual because they can find a meaning to their existence like this. However, they should avoid spending all of their time and money on helping others and at the same time forgetting about their loved ones. As far as business is going, they can easily become disillusioned and lose their mind if famous and too rich. They seem to believe everything others are saying, not to mention they dream a lot. It’s possible they’re going to be disappointed many times, especially when their dreams are not becoming a reality. Whatever happens, they shouldn’t lose their faith. Jupiter square Neptune natives’ enthusiasm is simply contagious. They seem to make others happy because they have a tension inside their body and mind, as well they’re all the time questioning if their discoveries should be shared. Their dreams are always manifesting themselves through their work.


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