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Jupiter sextile Midheaven

Jupiter sextile Midheaven gives a supportive and happy early home environment that sets you up for a confident, well-balanced, and successful life. Your parents or ancestors may have been noble, wealthy or famous. But even if you were born into poverty or grew up with a single parent, you had opportunities to learn and get ahead. Parents, teachers, relatives, mentors, and superiors helped you realize your full potential because they saw something special in you. Throughout your life, you will also find inspiration and help from friends, mentors, and idols in your spiritual quest for the truth of everyday existence. Jupiter sextile Midheaven gives spiritual gifts, the ability to foresee the future, and a life of adventure and prosperity. Whether you choose a life of luxury or prefer to live modestly, you should have enough resources to help your friends and family. You are a generous, loyal, and devoted person who made your parents proud. Under Jupiter sextile Midheaven, personal freedom is essential and can affect your philosophical, religious, and political outlook. Although you are open-minded with progressive ideas, you may come to reject concepts and ideologies that curtail personal freedom and expression, such as communism and socialism. You would do well in a career involving trade, foreign affairs, finance, health, education or law. But like the expansive nature of Jupiter, there is no limit to your options. So you could just as quickly be a comedienne, astrologer, mountain climber, race car driver, billionaire or president. You should have a high public profile and may even become famous.

Jupiter sextile Midheaven

With Jupiter sextile Midheaven, you will always be able to bring into your life people who can help you move forward in pursuit of your life goals. And you will help them in return. You know how to make a group of people work harmoniously so that everyone can get some part of what they want. You are psychologically and emotionally sound, and you do not have neurotic habits that work against you. Even if, like most people, you have some emotional problems, they will not constitute a major barrier to your progress. In fact, they may even help you out in ways that you do not understand. Often other people will put their resources at your disposal, because they realize that you can do more with what they have than they can. They see that you have a great sense of responsibility for the people to whom you are close. While you are young, this aspect will bring you sudden opportunities that will help you get where you want to go in life. Jupiter sextile Midheaven will get along easily with superiors and authority figures, because you make it clear to them that you want to learn and are willing to put aside your own ideas until you are wiser and more mature. In this respect, in your youth you are more mature than most people. Some people with this aspect knows what career they want to pursue very early in life. But even if that is not true for you, everything that you study or do will help you in the long run and support the course you eventually take in life.

Jupiter sextile Midheaven give your the potential to succeed in your career

With Jupiter sextile Midheaven, you have potential for success in career. Your greatest assets are your idealism and your positive attitude. You don’t believe in limitations and you easily inspire others to trust in and follow you. You also attract others who are instrumental to your career success. You find yourself in the midst of lucky encounters that lead you to your ideal career. Often this career involves law, advocacy, travel, higher education or philosophy. Your generosity and humanitarian nature also help you reach success in your career. When you've been laid low by circumstances, you know in your bones that there's nowhere else to go but up. You tend to meet adversity with a smile rather than a grimace. It's not because you're stoic or trying to be graceful under pressure. With Jupiter sextile Midheaven, you choose to stay cheerful because you do see light at the end of any dark tunnel. As you've matured, you perhaps have also learned a lot from those dark moments, and you want to share more of your wisdom with others. You're a practical dreamer. You have a solid sense of how the world operates, and you're able to dream big within a reasonable and positive context. You also enjoy learning how others have faced and triumphed over tough moments, giving you opportunities to be motivational and encouraging. You likely will advance into positions of authority early in life, as your seniors or bosses recognize the sterling nature of your character.


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