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Jupiter sextile Ascendant

Jupiter sextile Ascendant gives an outgoing, wise and happy nature that makes you attractive and popular. You make people feel welcome, uplifted, and even entertained. Consequently, you should have little trouble making friends and benefit in many ways through partnership. You have a good-natured soul and this is plain for people to see when they first meet you. It shows in your genuine interest in the welfare of others, your generosity, and your hospitality. Your faith and optimism are other forms of positive energy that make others feel better in your presence. So it is only natural that people are willing to help you. Your close relationships are a source of many opportunities for personal, material, and spiritual growth and good fortune. Taking advantage of such opportunities gives you the tremendous potential to do much good. Your high ethical and moral standards set an example for others. You are also non-judgemental, broad-minded, tolerant, and inclusive of others regardless of their sex, religion or race. These are just some of the reasons you would make a good teacher or leader. You are always learning and improving yourself through your relationships. Meeting new people brings you much happiness and may marry someone you meet at college, university, or on your travels. You could also use the internet to meet people from different countries. Natal Jupiter sextile Ascendant does not mean you will not experience hardship in your life. But well-timed lucky breaks will often get you out of tough spots. You are a very lucky person. You certainly love to experience as much as you can, especially through relationships. This aspect also gives creative talent and enthusiastic self-expression.

Jupiter sextile Ascendant

You're a natural connector. You bring people of diverse origins or walks of life together almost effortlessly. Perhaps this is because you're trying to bridge gaps in knowledge and understanding between people, rather than concentrating on differences. You love the idea of people coming together for a common cause. But you're equally content just to bring folks together for fun and friendship. You devote a great deal of time, energy, and perhaps even resources to your friends and neighbours. You honour daily the idea that we experience more of the divine through the people we meet. Yet, it is difficult for you to handle meeting people who fundamentally can't get along, or who choose to dislike you. You aim to please, but you must learn that you can't please everybody—and it's not necessarily your fault if they don't like you. Some people just have poor taste. Focus more on the ones who don't. When Jupiter sextile Ascendant, knowledge and information becomes much more important to you. You will feel like you will want to succeed at everything you do and although this aspect doesn’t guarantee success, it surely helps to have it in your chart. You will be more optimistic about life; your personality embodies Sagittarius the ruler of Jupiter greatly. So, you will be more adventurous, spontaneous and wanting to explore reality. You can be prone to laziness or apathy, so try to make the most out of all your possible lofty goals and opportunities it is easy to let them slide. Jupiter trine the Ascendant means that you always expect to succeed. You find it possible to make grandiose plans for the future, because you know how to capitalize on your creative abilities as tools with which to seek your goals in life. You admire those who achieve distinction and realize that you must be fully informed if you hope to win similar honours. However, you tend to dawdle when you should discipline yourself in working toward your goals. By indulging in personal pleasures to excess, you waste energy and time that could be used more constructively. You feel that your life should be guided by some overall belief system or philosophy, but you are not rigid or dogmatic, always ready to explore new possibilities and expand your mental horizons. Possibly the only drawback with this aspect is getting carried away by your optimistic plans. You need a heavy dose of practical reality to bring you down to earth and make things work.


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