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Jupiter opposition Ascendant

Jupiter opposition Ascendant is also called Jupiter conjunct Descendant and Jupiter Setting. This positive aspect makes you a friendly, generous, and thoughtful person. You are open-minded and liberal about relationships but you do take friendship and partnership very seriously. Working with others in partnership is good for you but you also appreciate your personal freedom. You can sometimes come on too strong or become jealous and obsessive in relationships. This tendency toward excessive behaviour in personal relationships can lead to problems in other areas of life where a lack of self-control is an issue. It is fine for you to enjoy life and good company but too much good living can be bad for your health.

Jupiter opposition Ascendant

With Jupiter opposition Ascendant, you also learn a great deal through your close relationships. You form enduring friendships based on mutual trust and respect. Your best friends can be your best teachers. One of your strongest personality traits is your willingness to continually grow at the psychological and spiritual levels. You may be self-confident but are never too proud to admit your flaws and take advice from friends. Under Jupiter opposition Ascendant, it is likely that you have a highly developed philosophy and interest in religion, politics, welfare or human rights. You like to share your ideas and form relationships with charitable organizations, philanthropists, spiritual teachers or occultists. However, you try to avoid subscribing to a specific belief system, especially if it limits your philosophical or spiritual growth in any way.

Close contact with people, like lovers, friends, counsellors, mentors, and especially competitors, is often how you experience exponential growth. In turn, you might vacillate between being cooperative and competitive yourself. When you're cooperative, you're likely keenly focused on being generous, kind, encouraging, and inspiring to someone in need. For example, you can be extremely dutiful and accommodating to your partners. On the other hand, when you feel your own growth is threatened, you will frequently try to outdo others. Or you want to be free from all entanglements, especially emotional ones, to focus more on yourself and what you want. Jupiter opposition Ascendant have a restlessness that could compel you to stay on the move your whole life if you don't recognize your ultimate destination. You're looking to discover more of yourself in and with others. Sometimes, though, that requires you to go deeper, rather than thinking you must move on or go broader.

Jupiter opposition Ascendant need to share their ideas

Jupiter opposition Ascendant will feel the need to be more involved in one-to-one relationships, especially if Jupiter is placed in House 7. Relationships in general make you feel happier and content and is a realm for greater exploration and understanding. The descendant is a symbolic condensation point for what we don't identify with in ourselves and therefore project onto or seek out in others or through intimate relationships. You're very sociable, good-matured, optimistic, cooperative and helpful, attracting many benefits through partners and relationships. That being said, it is important to find your source of optimism and contentment within yourself. Your expectations of what others can provide will be unrealistic in the real world, since very few people actually live up to our fantasies of them. This will lead to many disappointments until you realize that what you are seeking in others is a part of yourself that you are denying, or for some reason are afraid to express.


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