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Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo makes you someone with a big heart, childlike wonder, and a sensitive ego. You’re known to be boldly expressive and sometimes your emotions get the better of you. It can feel like you’re caught on a roller-coaster of glorious highs and dramatic lows, and you can’t always keep up. It may be your outgoing and charismatic personality that draws in others, but it’s your strong, unwavering beliefs that make them want to follow you. Whether you’re on a stage, a soapbox, or amongst a group of friends, you have firm opinions and a grandiose way of speaking that makes people line up behind you. Use your powers of persuasion wisely and humbly! Jupiter in Leo showcases someone who's creative, enthusiastic, and generous. Your ambitious nature and dramatic flair can achieve luck through leadership and the arts. Luck and abundance come to you through self-expression and creative expression. It’s important to keep this in balance by being open to collaborating with others or being open-minded to others' ideas.

Jupiter in Leo

Intense and loyal, Leo is a fiercely loving sign that rules the heart, and while Jupiter is in Leo, our hearts have a chance to open up and grow to their maximum capacity. We’ll be able to be vulnerable and take chances in our love lives that we haven’t before. This energy isn’t just loving ... it’s romantic! Jupiter in Leo is generous on a grand scale, and it’s quite possible that we’ll be swept off our feet during this time. Leo is a passionate sign associated with bravery and expression, and Jupiter’s presence is known to amplify the traits of the sign it occupies. So when Jupiter is in Leo, we may find ourselves puffed up with courage and eager to fight for our values and beliefs. We’ll be willing and excited to make positive changes not only in our own lives but in the world at large. During this transit, we’ll be brimming with self-confidence, which will end up being both our driving force and our biggest character flaw. Jupiter in Leo could be a time of excessive glorification of the ego. Pride in oneself is healthy, but boundless pride is a blinding light that darkens, rather than illuminates. Between Jupiter’s expansiveness and Leo’s love for leadership, there’s a likely chance that we become bossy and controlling. This can be a time of "bread and circuses," when meaningful questions are buried in the noise of spectacle. Peaceful inquiry and gentle conversation may not come easily when bombast rules.

Jupiter in Leo have big hearts

 Loyal, noble, benevolent, magnanimous, concern for his own reputation and honor. In MA excessive pride, vanity, haughtiness



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