Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Jupiter in House 5

With Jupiter in House 5 you love all sort of different entertainments, sports events, music concert, parties, arts and theatre are just some of your favourites things to do. It is very likely that sports become a source of joy, abundance and luck in your life. You tend to attract many lovers to you but are a little bit ambiguous about love affairs and tend to be hesitant to commit to a long-term relationship that can jeopardise your freedom, hence most of your relationships are short-lived, due to fact as well that you tend to get bored or restless with partners that cannot engage with your zest for life and thirst for knowledge. You have the tendency of falling in and out of relations very quickly, and it is hard for you to resist the temptation of having sex with a beautiful total stranger. Jupiter in this position gives you a high self-confidence and a player attitude, and you love the adventure of dating and sex.

Jupiter in House 5

If you like gamble, you have to be careful as this position indicates significant loss due to your impulsive actions. This position of Jupiter indicates happiness and pleasure coming from children in your love marriage. You are always on the lookup for new things to try with the aim of creating a substantial and meaningful portfolio of memorable experiences. Once you have them, children will likely be your passion and you will actively be involved in their moral education, giving them ideas and philosophical insights of life, and this is because you feel connected to the Universe through your children and through your own creativity endeavours. You will be an inspiration for children, and they will enrich your life in many ways, and either you have lots of them or you will work with them. You are an incredible generous person and always want to give.

Self-confidence. In MA excesses in pleasure. Attracted by the game, distractions and parties