Jupiter in House 2

Born with Jupiter in House 2 makes you a very generous person, sometimes too much, with an honest and giving heart, always being appreciated by those around you and by your community because you seem to be able to solve other people problems; you can't stand seeing others in difficulties, and not just financially but morally and giving advise you will always give a hand to others not matter how nasty a situation may seem. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and with this position the money comes to you in easy ways but there is also the risk of being broke because of your life style and tendency of spending too much. You can make money in activities in relation to big ideas, religion and travelling, and if you born situation are presented in that way, you are very likely to inherit a business of your family or your career and professional projection could be chosen by your father. You feel encourage to spend as much as possible and to push your good financial luck to the limit with, sometimes, not very happy consequences. You are a gambler, overindulgence and take on risky investment opportunities easily, and can become very rich but not without risks. There is also the possibility that you marry wealthy people, and you think of yourself as valuable only if you have money, meaning that you have a wrong perception of life and can't enjoy little things. It’s important for you to look behind the materialistic side of life and to desire more than just possessions.


Jupiter in House 2


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