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Jupiter in House 12

People born with Jupiter in House 12 are usually lucky because this aspect in the house of self-undoing, makes any type of obstacle in their way seem unimportant and easy to overcome. These natives seem to enjoy good fortune, especially if they’ll get involved with any type of artistic activities. They may get inspired while meditating, introspection and being secluded. It doesn’t matter what their 12th house influences them to pay attention to, they will, at some point in their life, feel like self-sacrifice is absolutely necessary for them to become happy and even successful. Jupiter in house 12 natives are very giving and at the same time eager to accumulate as much wealth as possible. Their friends will always be beside them and they may get married twice, give their money away, struggle during their first and second period of their life. They may achieve success only after taking over the enemies. Because Jupiter in the twelfth house usually influences people in a negative way, those with this placement will have a big ego that gets satisfied when they will be spending a lot of money. Therefore, they may need to borrow all the time from their friends and family because they don’t have enough. If the Great Benefic in 12th house is in Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces ascendant, they may build a home for themselves in a different country than their own. An Aquarius Ascendant suggests they may make money by travelling.

People with Jupiter in House 12 are very compassionate and open to offer their help to anyone. Jupiter’s presence here means they have great intuition and want to know as much as possible on the subjects of healing and psychology. Since the 12th house rules over the subconscious of the many and the natives’ deep thinking, the presence of Jupiter here means a great desire for knowledge and for understanding how the human mind works. Those with this placement want to study metaphysics and will be protected by Jupiter when it comes to negative energies or influences of a sick imagination. This planet in the house that rules over vulnerabilities and secrets among other things means the natives with this placement will have a problem holding onto hidden things, no matter if these would be theirs or others’. In the situation when Jupiter is placed in good aspects with Mercury, these natives should really be careful with what they’re revealing about themselves because they may cause confusion. Usually, when the Great Benefic is in this difficult house, it offers people great help when unpredictable things will happen. This planet will protect natives from those with bad intentions and even make their enemies feel like they’re doing something wrong. Expect Jupiter in House 12 people to receive many apologies from the ones who have crossed them. What they don’t know is that Jupiter usually brings positive things when it comes to such events. A combination of Neptune and Jupiter can bring many miracles into their life, in the forms of manifestation of their most secret wishes and some experiences with the spiritual realm that they’re not even dreaming of. A lot of these great things will happen when they’ll try to be alone and also to meditate. They should be careful when talking to others about all this because their spiritual life should rather happen in private. The more sensitive and emphatic they become, the more spiritually protected they’ll get to be. It’s possible for them to become free of self-destruction and unexplainable fear because Jupiter in this house functions like their guardian angel. They’re more able than others to interact with their subconscious. If they’ll be open to give and volunteer with different charity organizations, they’ll get to feel more rewarded than ever.

Jupiter in House 12 individuals will most likely benefit from a higher form of education. Choosing a job well that would have them helping others can make them very happy. The dreamers of the zodiac, these natives are highly intuitive and can give good advice when asked. If they’ll learn how to meditate and relax, they’ll be more able to regenerate and become more energetic. It’s possible for them to be dream interpreters or to study metaphysics. Usually, they get all the help they need in life, and their faith is that good things are supposed to happen to them.

Jupiter in House 12

Jupiter in House 12 means that people with this placement will be fascinated by many of the life’s mysteries. They want to be alone more than others and are usually very sensitive to the most subtle energies. These natives are the type who believes in progress and God. It’s suggested they do something in life that asks for their emotions to be involved. Being free and letting go of the past should be their main focus. Jupiter in 12th house individuals are big dreamers and can see the good in any situation. They usually feel good about life and help others deal with problems more easily. It’s like their world is more beautiful and harmonious because they believe everyone should see things more optimistically. It’s important for them to know how to take control of their own life and also how to make things happen more efficiently. Since being mature happens only after more experienced has been accumulated, they need to allow themselves to go through both good and bad situations while working hard on making their dreams come true. It’s important for them to sometimes recharge their batteries and organize their thoughts, so they shouldn’t just run away from their problems and deal with them by meditating and reflecting on what life is. Abandoning the ship and not making any efforts for things to take the right turn would be disastrous for them.

Individuals having Jupiter in House 12 should not allow people to take advantage of them because their luck may turn bad with such a situation. Standing up for themselves and being honest is what they should in fact do all the time. It’s sometimes too easy for them to just step on others to get things done their way, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t protect themselves from those who have bad intentions with others. No matter what, these natives should always continue being optimistic. It may be difficult for them to have things in their mind organized this way, but with a little bit of effort, they can imagine anything and keep up a good attitude. Being fearful that they may fail and not having confidence in themselves will make their luck disappear. The more they’ll look to get spiritually fulfilled and meditate in seclusion, the more there’ll be inspired to do great things. It’s possible for these natives to make at some point in their life a great sacrifice in order to make some of their dreams come true, but they should forget all about it as soon as it will be done. Their curiosity about science and healing, or even the occult, can have them searching for knowledge and wanting to know more about many different things connected with these subjects.

With Jupiter in House 12, spiritual growth and expansion of the mind is the emphasis. Individuals with this placement are highly idealistic and heavily invested in their own spiritual journey and evolution. They display intellectual humility and openness and willingness to learn and absorb wisdom of more moral and spiritual salience. In the 12th house, Jupiter can manifest profound insight and understanding about the inner and subconscious aspects of the mind. It focuses on the universal principles that can liberate and transcend us as spiritual beings. Furthermore, this placement may yield karmic benefits through acts of service. Environments involving isolation and recovery such as prisons and hospitals may be places in which the seeds of good karma may be sowed most effectively.

Jupiter in House 12 promotes spiritual growth

While Jupiter in House 12 promotes spiritual growth and expansion of the spirit. Individuals with this placement are likely to attract good karma through generous and selfless acts. This chart configuration fosters a broad capacity for love and connection with others on a higher plane of consciousness. These individuals seek to discover themselves through independent exploration of the world. While they don’t mind travelling alone, they ultimately feel they can establish new and meaningful connections with people wherever they go. Their outlook can sometimes be overly idealistic or otherwise exaggerated. Prospects for the future tend to look bright to them because of their faith in the ultimate wisdom of the universe. They have a capacity for dark humour and seeing comedy in the tragic and unfair aspects of life. Having Jupiter in House 12 can also indicate the potential for self undoing through exorbitance, laziness and negligence. The zodiac sign in which Jupiter sits will indicate the nature of how the individual may either sabotage themselves or evolve spiritually. These individuals are keen on tapping into the divine and extracting wisdom and insight that is nourishing to their soul. They have a great capacity for studying and exploring the abstract world of the subconscious and metaphysical phenomena. Intellectually, they may be open to many possibilities and may even harbour some beliefs that defy logic and scientific evidence. Visiting some of the most far flung parts of the world where few have travelled is likely to be a part of their bucket list. They appreciate serene and peaceful locations where they can ponder and reflect on what they want out of life and their personal journey toward self-fulfilment and spiritual self actualization. Charity and altruism are things they are likely to care about due to the wide scope of their compassion and concern for humanity. Individuals with this placement are not narrow minded in their thinking but rather flexible and relativistic. Their imagination allows them to frame and reframe situations in order to focus on the positive side of things if they need to.

Those with Jupiter in House 12 will have strong spiritual feelings and outlook, with their overall perception of the world around them. These people are sympathetic towards others and have a strong desire to do good, perhaps even taking on charity work. They are both idealistic and theoretical in their outlook, which gives them a profound understanding of deeper meanings and the complexities of life. They are among the most open minded individuals you will ever meet. On first glance, Jupiter in the 12th house is often regarded as a negative placement (for it is considered a loss of energy, and an unfortunate household placement). Even though this can be true, Jupiter also possesses some very good traits due to its placement in the 12th house. This position can give you a need for philosophical and spiritual truth combined with an interest in all of your experiences and possible knowledge. That is not to say that you will enjoy being stuck in philosophical or religious debates but rather, an interest in the intangible worlds combined with a real sense of right and wrong. People with Jupiter in the 12th House are great at helping others. They make excellent mentors, spiritual leaders and third party mediators. Volunteers like nothing more than to give of themselves, and if they set up a service industry as their vocation, they always find lots of opportunities for all sorts of giving. First and foremost, Jupiter here brings you luck. A lot of it. This house is associated with good fortune and an abundance of opportunities waiting to be unlocked for you. It’s also associated with faith, hope and trust in higher powers or ideals greater than yourself. All very positive traits! This placement can provide a wonderful sense of serenity, expansiveness, and connection with ease. However, there are both opportunities and pitfalls for those born with Jupiter in House 12.

Jupiter in House 12 is a very special placement. It is almost like you had an extra guardian angel, a higher force that protects you in disguise. This is a beautiful, subtle energy that helps you when it seems like all is lost. Jupiter in twelfth house people are lucky in life. They often experience that some mysterious energy takes care of them. The twelfth house feels very familiar to Jupiter. It is the house traditionally associated with the zodiac signs Pisces. Before the discovery of Neptune in 1846, astrologers considered Jupiter to be the ruling planet of Pisces. Knowing this, it’s no surprise why is Jupiter in twelfth house such a good placement in the birth chart! Actually, Jupiter is the only house that is truly beneficial in the twelfth house, except maybe Neptune. Jupiter in twelfth house people are innately spiritual. It comes naturally to them, they can’t imagine being any other way. Jupiter in twelfth house people are very conscientious. You have higher moral standards than most people, and you want to live up to them under any circumstance. You want to be good even if there is nothing in it for you. This placement suggests an old soul. You have an innate wisdom, and you are usually more mature than your peers. This is one of the reasons why you often feel lonely and misunderstood. You love to spend time alone, and wonder about life. You often notice more than other people do, and you are easily overwhelmed by all those things going on around you. Preferring an introspective life, you enjoy solitary activities that help you reflect on the world and yourself. You like writing and creative pursuits. Jupiter in twelfth house people are deeply moved by art and philosophy. The twelfth house is the house of hidden enemies in astrology. The beneficial energy of Jupiter in the twelfth house has the power to turn your enemies into friends. Even though you might have secret enemies, in the process, they Jupiter can reverse the hostility and turn it into protection.

Jupiter in House 12 can have the unfortunate effect of making you self-righteous, rigid, a religious extremist at the subconscious levels. You might outwardly show that you are an atheist or an agonist, or not concerned with religion or philosophy, but you have very deep rooted opinions on these topics which you generally do not speak about. You project a sense of superiority to hide an underlying sense of inferiority. You might show that you are outwardly very spiritual but in your heart you want material pleasures. This also makes you rather uncomfortable around people who are overtly religious or like discussing philosophy. It irritates you, so do your spiritual teacher, your seniors, peers and patrons, you do not get along with them. You cannot reconcile to people who have different opinions and world-views which differ from your own. In such cases you can get into heated arguments or even violence. You might not have access to good books or schools to develop your own thinking processes. Often there is some problem in the family, possibly your parents had a severe differences with the elders when your mother was expecting. Or your family lacked resources or you were denied these resources. Jupiter is the natural owner of the 12th sign, Pisces. So if he is capable of giving good results here, he can grant the ability to develop a personal philosophy, a spiritual bent of mind and you might move inwards for stability and spiritual growth. He will be a protective influence in your life as long as you regularly do some personal spiritual activity.

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