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Interpretation of Sun in Astrology

The Sun is our private nuclear reactor, safely position about 150 million kilometres from planet Earth

Interpretation of Sun in Astrology

The Sun is your conscious self, and the Moon is your subconscious. The Moon governs your needs, basic urges, instincts, intuition, mood, your memory and emotions. The Sun represents the active principle, while the Moon is all about how you react to what happens to you.


Sun attributes: The Sun main attributes in Astrology are magnanimous and generosity, enthusiasm, courage, spirit of dominance and independence and an absolute despite towards all that is obscure, mean and complicated. In bad aspects gives vanity, excessive anger and arrogance, delusions of grandeur and a daring taste for adventures and to pretend in front of others. If with bad aspects with Mars it gives impulsivity and intractability. Sensuality is active and powerful but if with bad aspects it tends to excesses. Good judgment, objectivity, firmness in opinions and fidelity in the word pledged. Great power of persuasion, elegant and distinguished manners. Regarding idealism, it is usually always very high, although its spiritual tendencies will be variable according to aspects of the Sun, its sign and its house.

A very marked personal magnetism inspires the admiration and trust of others as well as their sympathy. He will be sought out to animate worldly and all kinds of meetings, but he will appear distant and will make himself beg and wish since he only feels admiration and appreciation for strong personalities and therefore it is quite difficult for him to satisfy his desire regarding the type of relationships and friendships you would like to keep. He is appreciated for his loyalty, magnanimity and great generosity. Criticized for his dominant character, fierce attitude and apparent remoteness. You need approval from others and have leadership and advocacy skills. He is attracted to honours and loves compliments and flattery, he is very sensitive but forgives easily except in those things that may have hurt his self-esteem

Synthesis intelligence, capable of easily assimilating the broadest or most complex notions, highly organized and sometimes associated with creative genius. In a certain way it seems to combine the qualities of concentration, imagination and inventive gift. Strong realization ability. Your activity is regular and high yielding, with a high sense of responsibility, ambition and strong will. Important achievements and sometimes a little reckless. In MA, his strength does not diminish in terms of grandiose ideas, but the skills necessary to carry them out do, and he runs the risk of being dispersed in projects that are too far above his possibilities and disproportionate in relation to his real capacities, so that it is common to see his intellectual career. In the field of everyday life, it is capable of overcoming the most difficult tests.

Good health but in MA it gives little vitality and low resistance but it can be very critical especially in male issues. About 40-50 years old there could be serious imbalances as a result of excesses or vital fatigue. Grades 1, 10, 7, 9, and 11 favour you, and vitality is weakened in grades 6, 8, and 12. Cardiac and visual disorders (right eye in men and left in women), back, arteries, right flank, signs of fever and congestion. In BA and well located favour longevity. Very high ideal of love and will rarely feel satisfied in this regard. It has noble, deep and stable feelings. In feminine subject there is power of seduction. The sentimental life in general tends to be unfortunate, although it knows how to give evidence of stability and great intensity of feelings. In feminine matters, it is not an indication of intimate happiness, so that she usually seeks consolation in her troubles by surrounding herself with exaggerated luxury, almost at the insolvent level. As the opposite pole, they usually look for a couple of lunar or Venusian nature whose passivity can facilitate a good conjugal understanding. Marital life tends to be unlucky

In finance almost always economic fluidity and sometimes wealth. He usually invests his money to satisfy his desire for luxury and social taste, which is very difficult for him to get rid of, or simply to maintain his prestige, that is why sometimes his real situation is unstable and more brilliant than solid so that with little MA that have the Sun can suffer hard failures. You will easily have significant gains, especially between the ages of 30 and 40. In financial speculations, you will do well to refrain from both gambling and business if you wish to keep your assets, since the latter can cause you irreparable losses. In professional skills you have intrinsic gifts for leadership, authority, great sense of organization. The professional situation will be resolved at a relatively early age based on their exceptional abilities. In the professional field, any role that requires passivity or constrains him in any way will be extremely painful for him, and he is better suited for managerial positions than for executive or subordinate functions. Any intellectual, artistic or scientific career is accessible to him, as well as all positions that carry authority such as government positions, banking and big industry. All trades related to luxury items, jewellery and decoration. In BA of Saturn gives sages and scholars. In BA of Uranus inventors. In BA de Jupiter gives painters. In BA de Venus gives musicians and actors

Easy and fast promotion, defined by their abilities almost always above average, reaching important positions around the age of 28-30 and the most brilliant phase occurs at 45 with even fame or notoriety, especially in politics. In case of reversals of fortune at this time, perhaps due to excessive presumption or pejorative pride, recovery will be very difficult if not impossible, even without MA. In MA, success is still possible, but the means to achieve it are not highly recommended, and if a reversal of fortune arises, it could take on the hue of an irreparable scandal and even with the possibility of imprisonment or exile. If the Sun is weakened, any ascent will be extremely difficult and, if successful, will bring more complications than advantages or joys. Great instability and many changes that can affect both residential and work factors. In MA, an opaque and dark destiny that places him in a situation of inferiority and obedience. The end of life can bring with it a series of restrictions whose character and dimension will be more or less extensive, depending on the aspects