It was the year 2013, during the month of October, when a teacher at the school where I used to work told me that they were planning a trip to the Holy Land, for a week. The 2013 was a very challenging and life changing year for me, taking during its course many of the decisions that have deeply marked the second part of my existence and beyond. The preparation for this journey to Jerusalem, which took place in February 2014, was probably one of them. I did enjoy visiting Israel and Palestine, together with a group of 12 other people, all catholic. I was the only one who visited the Dome of the Rock

The picture below is me. At the back, the Dome of the Rock where inside there is the bedrock that supported the Jewish Temple destroyed by the Romans in 70 ad, below me, under my feet, the Holy of Holies, the cave where Jews pray just like on the Western Wall. Around me the area where Jesus must have walked in and out of the Temple since his childhood, when visiting Jerusalem for Passover and such. Above me....just peaceful blue sky


This was the itinerary of the trip:


Jerusalem, day 1

Needless to say, it is a city full of History. I read the book "Jerusalem: The Biography"  by Simon Sebag Montefiore (, a superb reading that without any doubt allowed me to enjoy the city visit more and appreciate what I was seeing. Having said that, I did not like Jerusalem, not the historic center that I saw. All the houses, all the roads, all the ceilings were made of stone, wood was nowhere to be found. I saw people of all different sort of religions without love from one another, all the streets that I saw had been splashed with innocent blood in the past. To me, Jerusalem is not the glorious city where you redeem your sins or where you have a spiritual makeover, etc. I had the impression at the end of my couple of days visit that Jerusalem was just the place that Jesus chose to die. Though nobody can't denied its ample past, the city itself does not seem to be welcoming anyone or anything in a positive light, it is just a pile of stones where some day someone just got killed

Our Hotel (Panorama Hotel) was on the East side of the city, from where we could see the famous Golden Gate. In the morning of the first day we enter the city by Lion's Gate, walked across the Via Dolorosa and spent quite a bit of time inside the most strange building I've ever visited on my whole life: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, with a hill inside, underground chambers and intricate chapels all over the place, it looks like an spaghetti of different architectures through the ages. Then we visited the Tower of David, the King David's Tomb and a walked all around the old city until we reached the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, where we ended up the day having good coffee. I am a devoted of the Holy Shroud, and back in 2010 I went with my girlfriend at the time (Mercedes) to Turin to see the exposition that happened back then. And guess what? In the Notre Dame Hotel they just happens to have a museum of it, with a 3D representation of the image of the Shroud... coincidence?

Just before we headed back to the Hotel, one of the member of the party (Daniel, from Poland) played the organ at Notre Dame very beautifully, he indeed got lot of talent!


Jerusalem, day 2 and 3

Early morning on the second day we left the Hotel in Jerusalem and packed a mini-bus full of other local people that were going to Palestine too, for work I suppose. Entering Palestine was no problem at all, the drive was smooth and on the check point between the countries we just passed right through. We spent the day in Bethlehem, in the Church of the Nativity and its surroundings. The entrance to the Church is very narrow, and you have to literally bend yourself over to enter. They did that on purpose, to prevent horses from coming into the Church and in a way preserving it to our days and prevent spoil and pillage when in times of war and/or invasion.

I saw the Israeli West Bank Barrier, disgraceful construction really. The concrete as a symbol of the selfish human beings. Funny to think that towards God there are crying on a wall, while towards their countrymen the build a divisive wall. On our way back to Jerusalem, our mini-bus was stopped by Israeli Police and two younger girls, in their early twenties, came inside our mini-bus. They were pretty hot, and their uniform was tight. Being so young, they had a lovely figure, and they wore cute sunglasses and each one of them have their Uzi pistol kind of loose of their holster. They hand-picked a few of the Palestinian that were travelling with us in the mini-bus, all of them of the very same age as them, and took them out for a 20' chat. It happens one of the Palestinian that was taken out was sitting right next to me. When he finally came back I asked him what has happened, why the Police has to question him for so long, and with a broken voice he told me: "Every day, every day like this", stopped for 20' on this way to work by pretty young Israeli soldiers

It was just after the sunrise of the second day, before we head out to Bethlehem that I sneaked out from the group and visited the Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque, on my own



One summer, back in the 80s, when I was a child, I suffered a strong fever of some sort, and remember being sick yet still watching a mini-TV Series called "Masada", starring among other actors with Peter O'Toole. Maybe because of the fever of whatever, but the thing is that I felt a strange and strong fascination with the rock of Masada ever since, the last stand the Jews did against the Romans back in the revolt of 73 AD, and when this journey gave me the opportunity to step into Masada.... that was literally a dream of a lifetime that came true. I always dreamt of visiting this place. The uprising of the Jews in 73 AD was predicted by Jesus, 40 years earlier at the time of his death. During the revolt, the Jews population was decimated and Jerusalem was lost forever to the Jews, and has never been truly theirs ever since (and probably won't be until the end of time). Masada is a magnificent natural fortress, no army would have never defeat unless.... of course, that army happens to be the Roman 10th Legion, a formidable enemy and the only one with enough determination to conquer Masada. Yet.... the Jews had the last word: no man would be capture alive. This short video shows what happened at Masada in 73 AD:


Right after the visit to the Fortress, we drove to the Ein Gedi and bath in the Dead Sea



I was not allowed to carry the camera into the beach, so have very little pictures of that swim in the Dead Sea, but I can tell you the following:

  • There is SALT all over the place, the beaches are made of pure salt instead of sand, so wear proper footwear otherwise your feet will bleed to death
  • Do not swim on the Dead Sea, if you splash a lot you can potentially get water into your eyes, and if that happens that's end of the game: there is no fresh water around to remove the salt from your eyes
  • Yes, you do float indeed, but you have to stay still and with your legs and arms extended. It is really difficult to "flip over", so if you are floating with the your head up after a while the sun burns your face (the salt crystals on the water act as a magnifying glass), and if you 'swim' with your head down, it is only so much that your neck can maintain your head up, so please keep close to the shore otherwise you might actually die of exhaustion if you dare to adventure in the open sea
  • Try this when you are at the Dead Sea, this is amazing: go the sea up to your knees , then wash your hands in the Dead Sea with the eyes closes, and see the feeling! The water is so rich in minerals that it feels like oil!


Tiberias, day 1

In our fifth day we drove all the way up along the 90 motorway, following the river Jordan up to its birth place at the foot of the Sea of Galilee. As we were going up north, the scenery was changing gradually but dramatically to a much beautiful landscape, greener lands and lighter vibrations.... yes! That area around the Sea of Galilee is absolutely stunning, no wonder he chose that part of this Universe to arrive on this planet, way much nicer than Jerusalem and its desserts around it. I highly recommend to visit "Magdala", an archaeological site dated from the time of Jesus Christ where, after the built a Church, they discovered an ancient road date from the 1st century, a road which Jesus must have walked as he roamed the area often



This was the trip road that we did on that day. When we stopped at Yardenit Baptismal Site by the River Jordan, I recorded a video of some people getting baptise, see it below!



Tiberias, day 2 and 3

During all those days of the journey, I was sharing the hotel room with my very good friend Simon (Doctor Simon, he got a PhD), and me being an early bird I always got up earlier than him, and while I was getting ready for the day, etc, he was still in bed, lazy, lazy until the very last minute when he just had to get up for breakfast.



Cesarea de Filipo, Marcos C16, v13. This is where Jesus shown himself to his discipuls as the Son of God









The Finger of God and its Gospels

The Finger of God, as you probably have already guessed, is nothing but the extension of God: Jesus the Christ, JC sometimes I call him, but always with love

La antigua alianza con Abraham, Moises y demas, se habia hecho con sangre de animales, a traves de sacrificios de pichones y palomas, pero en esta nueva aliznaza, en ese Nuevo Testamenteo, la sangre que se derrama es la Cristo, para beneficio de todos, para que podamos ver "La Muerte de un hombre bueno"

I tend to read the Gospels every now and then, particularly San Juan which I found the most interesting and engage on its reading usually during the "Cuaresma", the 40 days before Good Friday. I truly enjoy their reading and recommend to everyone whether they are religions or not. Here are some notes that I'd like to mention of each of the gospels

Y muchos primeros seran los ultimos, y los ultimos los primeros, Mateo, C19 v30

Reading of the holy gospel according to Saint Matthew (Mateo)

This gospel is by far the longest and most comprehensive, used a lot by the church on its readings. The World of dreams and supernatural is very present on this gospel. He puts emphasis on the prophesies (particularly Isaias) that have been fulfilled by the arrival of Jesus, thus giving him authority as the Messiah and the right inheritance of the Pentateuch and other books in the Bible (Vulgata version). The killing of the "Santos Inocentes" is only mentioned on this gospel, again, to fulfill the prediction of an ancient prophecy. Many parabolas in this gospel

It is convinient, he said on Marcos C8,v31 y C9,v30, y c10 v33-34 that the Word we rejected by the Elderdy (the Wise), be destroyed and then re-ignite again at the 3rd day. The same thing is said on Saint Luke C9 v22

"Tu fe te ha sanado, vete en paz". Lucas C7,v59, C8, v48

God speaks in dreams to Joseph in a few occasions, to tell him not to reject his wife (C1, v20) and to advise him to leave Israel (C2, v13) and then later on come back to Egypt after Herodes' death (C2, v22). The Wise Man (Reyes Magos) are also warn in dreams by God (C2, v13) not to come back to Herodes and tell him where to find Christ.

  • C7 v7: Pedid y se os dara; buscad y encontrareis; llamad y se os abrira
  • C7 v16: Por sus frutos los conocereis, por ventura se recogen uvas de las espinas, o higos de los abrojos?
  • C9, v17: Ni se echa vino nuevo en pellejos viejos, porque se rompren los pellejos y se derrama el vino y los pellojos se pierden; sino que el vino nuevo se echa en pellejos nuevos y uno y otro se conservan
  • C9, v29: Entonces toco sus ojos, diciendo: hagase con vosotros segun vuestra fe
  • C10, v12: Y cuando entreis en la casa, saludala diciendo: la paz sea en esta casa. y si aquella casa fuere digna de ella vendra sobre ella vuestra paz, pero si no fuera digna, vuestra paz se volvera a vosotros" Causa y Effecto, el karma?. Esto tambien aparece en Luke C10, v5
  • C10, v16: Mira que yo os envio como ovejas en medio de lobos, se pued prudentes como las serpientes y sencillos como las ovejas; isn't this a contradiction to put to second cheek ready for a slap?
  • C10, v26: Y asi que no tengais miedo, porque nada hay cubierto que no se haya de descuburir, ni oculto que no se haya de saber
  • C10, v34: No penseis que vine a traer la paz a la tierra, no vine a traer paz sino guerra. #The fight within ourselves, our ego and the needs of the flesh
  • C11,v25-26; En aquel tiempo dijo Jesus: Padre, Señor del Cielo y de la tierra, alabote poruqe ocultaste estas cosas a los sabios y prudentes, y las relevaste a los pequeñuelos. Si, Padre, porque asi fue de tu agrado
  • C12, v7: Y si supierais que significa la misericoria quiero y no el sacrificio, nunca hubierais condenado a unos inocentes # how was the Inquisition created based on Jesus? it just cannot be
  • C12, v30: El que no esta conmigo esta contra mi, y el que no recoge conmigo, desparrama # If you don't do the good in life, inebitabley you're doing the wrong
  • C12, v33-35: O decid que el arbol es bueno y su fruto es bueno, o decid que el arbol es malo y su fruto malo, porque por el fruto de conoce al arbol [...] El hombre bueno saca cosas buenas de su corazon, y el hombre malo saca cosas malas de su tesoro
  • C12,v39: La generacion mala y adultera busca un milagro, y no se le dara mas milagro que el milagro de Jonas # the resurection? is that the only miracle we are allowed to have? the Santa Sidone?. He said the same thing in Marcos C16,v4
  • C13,v32: El cual a la verdad [el grano de mostaza] es el mas pequeno de todas las semillas, pero en creciendo es mayo ue todas las legumbres y se hace arbol, de surte que viene las aves del cielo y habitan en sus ramas #from the simplicity of the very small, great complex systems evolve
  • C14, v31: Y al instante extendiendo Jesus la mano le cogio, y le dijo: hombre de poca fe, por que has dudado? #Peter was able to walk over the waters as long as he believed it he could actually do it
  • C15, v11; No mancha al hombre lo que entra por la boca, sino lo que sale de la boca, eso mancha al hombre
  • C16,v19: Y a ti te dare las llaves del Reino de los Cielos, y todo lo que atares sobre la tierra sera tambien atado en los Cielos, y todo lo que desates en al tierra sera tambien desatado en los cielos #he also gives the same power to virtually everyone on Earth in C18,v18
  • C17,v19: porque en verdad os digo: si tuviereis fe como un grano de mostaza, direis a este monte pasa de aqui a alla, y pasara #the secret
  • C21,v22: y todas las cosas que pidiereis en la oracion, teniendo fe, las recibireis #The Secret again? He said the same thing in Marcos C11,v24
  • C21, v42: la piedra que reprobaron los que edificaban vino a ser la principal del angulo #Marcos C12,v10
  • C22,v20-23: De quien es esta imagen y letrero? Del Cesar. Pues dad al Cesar lo que es del Cesar y a Dios lo que es de Dios. #que magestria! Marcos C12,v16, y en San Lucas C22,v25
  • C18,v31: Pasaran el Cielo y la tierra, pero no pasaran mis palabras #Also in Mateo C24,v35, aslo in Lucas C21,v33
  • C23,v8: Mas vosotros no querais ser llamados Maestros, porque uno solo es vuestro Maestro,y todos vosotros sois hermanos
  • C23,v24: Guias ciegos! que colais un mosquito y tragais un camello # He is refereing to the Escribas y Fariseos, but this could very well be all of us
  • C26,V41: Vela y orad para no caer en la tentacion. El espiritu a la verrdad esta pronto, pero la carne es flaca #Marcos C14,v38 y tambien San Lucas C22,v40
  • C26,v52: Vuelve la espada a su lugar, porque aquellos que se sirven de la espada pereceran por la espada
  • C26,v75: Y se acordo Pedro de la proposicion que Jesus le habia dicho: #the denial of Peter are to be the most fine expression of human flesh, and clear indication that this story is true, it is so unreal that it must be true, I find really hard to believe that someone will 'imagine' this denieal of Peter, furthermore, he should have come as a heroe of the whole story, being hunted down by the priest and creating a 'resistance' a 'church' of which people will fee proud of. Yet, his beginning: total humilliation and deniel of his believe, could not be more human
  • C27, v19: Nada te mezcles en las cosas de este justo, porque he padecido mucho hoy por causa suya en un sueno #This is fascinating, what a great detail on this story, that proves that is true to me #the name of the wife, was it Claudia?
  • C27,v50: Y Jesus, clamando otra vez con una gran voz, expiro #Yep, he did die
  • C27,v55: Y habia alli muchas mujeres a lo lejos que le habian seguido a Jesus desde Galilea #he had also females discipules, not a single doubt about it
  • C27,v65: Y dijoles Pilato: ahi teneis la guardia, id y guardarle como sabeis. #And then in C29,v8: Y los guardas se espantaron con el miedo, y quedaron como muerto #Do you know the punishment for falling sleep or leaving your post? In the Spanish Legion that I served it was real hard, and that was 2,000 years after this event. In the Roman Empire, the legionaries that abandond their post were to be killed by his commerades using sticks, "muerte a palos"


the Kings and to Joseph in C2, v12-13


Reading of the holy gospel according to Saint Mark (Marcos)

This gospel starts right after the baptism of Jesus by Juan the Baptist, and at the beginning shows a Jesus that is upset with the Fariseos and Saduceos for they follow the Law to the word and keep the Sabbath at all costs

I love from Saint Mark C1, v40: "if you want, you can clean me", also in C2 v17: "I have not come to call the just, but the sinners"

  • C4, v22 "Porque nada hay escondido que no venga a manifestarse;l y nada hay oculto que no venga a ser publico"
  • C7, v15 "Nada de lo que hay fuera del hombre y entre en el puede mancharle, sino al contrario, las cosas que salen del hombre son las que manchas al hombre". No importa lo que veas o escuches, es como tu reaccionas a ello lo importante. De dentro, del corazon, es de donde sale tanto los malos pensamientos como lo bueno
  • C7, v33-35; "Y apartadnole Jesus de la gente metio los dedos en sus oidos, y escupiendo toco su lengua con la saliva, y mirando al cielo dio un suspiro y dijo> Epheta, que quiere decir: Abrete. Y en el mismo instante se abrieron sus oidos, y se desato el impedimento de su lengua, y hablaba claramente"
  • C9, v43,45 y 47; donde el gusano nunca muere y el fuego nunca se apaga. Eso es, los remordimientos de la conciencia que Jesus repite 3 veces en un mismo lugar, avisandonons
  • C10,v21: Y mirandole Jesus le amo, y le dijo: una cosa te falta, anda y vende todo lo que tienes y dalo a los pobres, y tendras un tesoro en el cielo, y ven y sigueme # angain, Jesus enpahsis the extreme poberty and genenoristy above all things
  • C10, v51-52: Y hablando Jesus le dijo: que quieres que haga contigo? y el ciego le dijo: Maestro, que yo tenga vista. Y Jesus le dijo: anda que tu fe te ha salvado. Y al instante tuvo vista, y le seguia en su camino.
  • C12,v44: porque todos echaron de lo que les sobraba, mas esta de su indigencia misma, echo todo lo que tenia para vivir #San Lucas C21,v4
  • C15,v23: Y le daban a bener vino mezclado con mirra, pero no lo tomo #He decided to feel the pain to its most, how many hours had he been without drinking anything? He died at around 3pm (the Nona hour), so it was probably 10 or 11am (the sexta hour) when he was nailed to the cross, because Luke 23,v44 mentions that from 12pm to 3pm there was darkness, that translate to between 4 to 5 hours of suffering on the cross....
  • C15,v37: Y dando Jesus un gran grito, expiro
  • C16,v3: Y se preguntaban una a otra, quien nos quitara la piedra de la entrada del sepulcro?




Reading of the holy gospel according to Saint Luke (Lucas)

This gospel is the only one that mentions the birth of Juan the Baptist, and how the angel Gabriel shows up to his father Zacarias to tell him that he's gonna be a daddy. It is the only place too, where an angel appears to the shepherds asking them to adore baby Jesus that has just been born. Also Simeon, the elderly man who was told by the Holy Spirit that he'll not died without seeing the Messiah, is only mentioned by Saint Luke. When Jesus is 12 years old he left his parents and go to the Temple to starts his mission, but then he realised he has a family to look after, so he'll work and postpone his mission until he's 33 years old (pretty much a very mature man by the 1st century standards) and all family matter has been sorted

  • C6, v10 "Y habiendo mirado a todos dijo al hombre < extiende tu mano. Y la extendio, y su mano quedo sana"
  • C6, v31-32 "Y segun quereis que obren con vosotoros los hombres, obrad tambien vosotros con ellaos. Y si solo mais a los que os aman, que recompensa mereceis? porque tambien los pecadoes aman a los que le aman"
  • C6, v27 "No juzgueis y no sereis juzgados, no condeneis y no seris condenados. Perdonad y se os perdonara". La ley del karma
  • C6, v43-45 "Porque no es buen arbol el que da malos frutos, ni arbol malo el que da buen fruto. Porque cada arbol se conoce por el fruto, porque no se cogen higos de los espinos, ni de la zarza se vendimian uvas.El hombre bueno saca cosas buenas del tesoro de su corazon, yu el hombre malo saca el mal de su tesoro. Porque de lo que esta lleno el corazon habla la boca"
  • C6,v49; Pero el que oye y no obra es semajante a un hombre que edifico su casa sobre tierra sin fundamento, contra la cual batio el rio y luego cayo, y fue grande su ruina
  • C7, v48: Y dijo a la mujer: tus pecados te son perdonados. Y los que estaban con el a la mesa empezaron a decir dentro de si, quien es este que perdona tambien los pecados?
  • C8, v17: porque nada hay oculto que no se haya de manifestar, ni escondiod que no se hay de saber y hacer publico
  • C10, v27-28: Amaras al Senos tu Dios con todo tu corazon, y con toda tu alma y con todas tus fuerzas y con todo tu espiritu, y a tu projimo como a ti mismo. Y Jesus le dijo:  has respondido muy bien, has eso y viviras #similar thing he said on Matthew C22,v37-39, as well as in Marcos C12, v30-31
  • C11,v9-10: Asi os digo yo: pedid y se os dara, buscad y hallareis, llamad y se os abrira. Porque todo aquel que pide recibe, y el que busca, halla, y al que llame se le abrira # we need to exersive our will to achieve things
  • C11, v33; Ninguno enciende una candela y la pone en lugar escondido, o debajo de un celemin, sino sobre el candelero para que vean la luz los que entran #the good intention needs to be shown
  • C12, v2: porque nada hay oculto que no venga a descubrise, ni escondido que no venga a saberse
  • C12,v12: porque el espiritu santo os ensenara en aquella misma hora loqeu os fuere necesario decir
  • C12, v19-20: Y dire a mi alma: alma mia, tu tienes muchos bienes de repuesto para mucho a;os, descansa, come y bebe, y relajage. Mentecato! En esta noche te vendran a pedir tu alma
  • C12,v24: Atended a los cuervos que no siembran ni siegan ni tienen despensa ni granero y Dios los sustenta, cuanto mas valeis vosotros que ellos # he meant to say that we should not look ONLY for work, as he continues on verse 31: "Pero buscad primero el Reidno de Dios y su Justicia, y todas estas cosas se os daran en aumento"
  • C12,v33: Vended todo lo que poseeis y dadlo de limonsa #Shouldn't the Churce be poor?
  • C12,v34: Porque done esta vuestro tesoro, alli tambien estara vuestro corazon
  • C13,v3: Os aseguro que no, pero si vosotros no haceis penitencia, todos perecereis del mismo modo #yep, we got to do penitance, he also stresses in the fasting and pray in Matthew C17,v20
  • C13, v33: porque no conviene que un profeta muera fuera de Jerusalem #yep, I knew it, he went to that city just to die
  • C14, v11: porque todo aquel que se ensalza sera humillado, y el que se humilla sera ensalzado #He said that after the parabola describing a wedding and the advise he gives of not to sit down at the front, just in case the groom decides to ask you to sit at the back and offer your sit to someone more appreciative. Humble is the key, kindness and mercy, naked of any temporarley interest
  • C14,v27-28: El que no renuncia a todo lo que tiene no puede ser mi discipulo, porque quien de vosotros queriendo edificar una torre.... #you need to have full commimentment to the cause. This is similar to what he said in Matthew C16,v24
  • C16, v11: Pues si en las riquezas injustas no habeis sido fieles, quien os confiara las verdaderas?
  • C16,v15: acuerdate que durante tu vida recibiste bienees y Lazaro al contrario males,y ahora es el consolado y tu atormentado # pure description of karma
  • C17, v14: porque como un relampago que sale de una parte del cielo extiende su claridad hacia la otra, asi aparecera el Hijo del Hombre en su dia #he mentions the same thing in Mateo C24,v27
  • C20,38: Y Dios no es un Dios de los muertos sino de los vivos, para el todos viven #concept of the no-space in time, time is indeed an illusion
  • C21,v11: Y habra en diferentes partes grandes terremotos, y pestes y hambres,y se veran en el cileo cosas espantosas y prodigios extraordinarios #what would happen: he said somehing similar a few lines below in C21, v25: Y habra senales en el sol y la la luna y las estrellas..... v26: porque las virtudes de los cielos se conmoveran
  • C22,v28: Vosotros sois los que habeis perserverado conmigo en mis tentaciones #he was a mortal indeed, tempted oftern
  • C23,v31: Porque si con el leno verde se hace esto, que no se hara con el seco? #if this is the suffereing of a just man.... may God save us
  • C23,v46: Y clamando Jesus en voz alta, dijo: Padre en tus manos encomiendo mi espirity. Y diciendo esto, expiro
  • C24,v39: Ved mis manos y pies. Yo mismo soy, palpad y ved, porque el espiritu no tiene carne ni hueso, como veis que yo tengo




Reading of the holy gospel according to John (Juan)

Very phylosophical gospel, where he speaks out his mind to his discipulos

  •  C6,v27: Trabajad  no por la comida que perece sino por la que dura hasta la vida eterna, la que os dara el hijo del HOmbre poreuq este es, a quien el Padre imprimio su sello # Dios dio toda la autoridad a Jesus
  • C6, v39,40,44; Ninguno puede venir a mi si el Padre que me envio no lo atrae, y yo le resucitare en el ultimo dia #repite Jesus 3 veces el hecho de resucitar a aquellos que creen en el para que tengan la vida eterna
  • C6, v46: El que come de mi carne y bebe de mi sangre tiene la vida eterna, y yo le resucitare en el ultimo dia #principio de Eucaristia
  • C7,v24: No juzqueis segun la apariencia, juzgad segun la justicia
  • C8,v7: Y les dijo: aquel de vosotros que este libre de pecado, sea el primero que la apredee #this does not mean that only those free-of-sin can impart justice, it means that we should look to ourselves before executing any actions against others
  • C8, v23: Vosotros soyd de aca abajo, yo soy de lo alto. Vosotros soys de este mundo, yo no soy de este mundo #Pure description of an alien?
  • C8, v32: Y conocereis la verdad, y la verdad o hara libres #shortly after this verse, Jesus spoke about the fact that we are slaves of our sins, of our adictions, of our ego
  • C8,v44 :El diablo fue homicida desde el principio y no perservero en la verdad, asi no hay verdad en el. Cuando dice la mentira, habla de suyo propio porque es mentiroso y padre de la mentira
  • C8,v47: El que es de Dios oye las palabras de Dios
  • C8,v51: En verdad, en verdad os digo: si alguna guarda mi doctrina, no morira jamas
  • C10,v4: y las ovejas le siguen porque conocen su voz # your light inside you will the Finger of God
  • C10, v14: yo soy el buen pastor, y conozco mis ovejas y mis ovejas me conocen # he repeats the same thing in C10, v27
  • C10, v16: Y tengo otras ovejas que no son de este aprisco y es menester que yo las traiga y es menester que yo las traiga, y oiran mi voz, y no habra sino un aprisco y un pastor
  • C12, v8: porque a los pobres los teneis siempre con vosotros, pero a mi no me teneis siempre # this is it, that's the only 'kind gesture' that Jesus allowed to himself, that one of Maria caresing his feet, this is also explained in Mateo C26,v11, and in Marcos C14,v7
  • C12,v24: En verdad, en verdad os digo que si el grano de trigo que cae en la tierra no mueree, queda el solo, mas si muere da mucho fruto
  • C12,v32: Y yo, si fuera levantado de la tierra, atraere a mi todas las cosas
  • C13, v14: Pues si yo, siendo Senor y Maestro he lavado vuestros pies, tabmien vosotros debeis lavaros los pies unos a otros
  • C13, v20: En verdad os digo el que me recibe a aquel que yo envio, me recibe a mi, y el que me recibe a mi recibe a aquel que me envio
  • C13, v34: Un nuevo mandamiento os doy: que os ameis los unos a los otros como yo os he amado #so great! normally all great people when they die they want their legacy to be continue, somehow to be remembered within the living, but this man wished nothing but that we loved one another as he loved us
  • C14,v2: En la casa de mi padre hay muchas moradas
  • C14,v6: Yo soy el camino, y la verdad y la vida
  • C15,v12-13: El mandamiento mio es este: que os ameis mutuamente como yo os he amado. Nadie tiene mayor amor que el de quien da su vida por sus amigos  #So beautiful
  • C15,v19: Si fuerais del mundo, el mundo amaria lo que es suyo: mas porque no sois del mundo sino que yo os escogi del mudno, por eso os aborrece el mundo
  • C20,v17: No me toques porque aun no he subido a mi padre #his body must have been lethal right after the resurrection
  • C20,v29: Bienaventurados aquellos que no vieron y creyeron #he speak in the past, becuase for Jesus all time is at once




Entre los milagros de Jesus, destacan:

  • Convertir agua en vino
  • Multiplicar panes y peces
  • Andar por el agua de un lago
  • Curar a leprosos, pariticos, enfermos (poseidos), sordomudos, atormentados
  • Tocar a una muchacha de la mano, y resucitarla (Mateo C9, v25)
  • Multiplication de cinco y siete panes en dos eventos distintos segun San Marcos (C8,v19) (C16,v9-10). Multiplication de 5 panes y 2 peces en un solo evento segun San Juan (C6,v9); 5 pnaes y 2 peces segun San Lucas C9,v13, en San Mateo aparece en dos eventos, en C14, v19 y en C15, v35
  • La transfiguracion de Cristo (Marcos C9,v2) (Lucas C9,v29) (Matthew C17, v2) #first alien encounter?
  • Sanacion el criado del Centurion sin estar presente, y basandose unicamente en la fe del Centurion (Lucas C7,v8)
  • No solo resucito a Lazaro, sino a otros muertos, por ejemplo en hijo unico de una madre (Lucas C7v14)
  • La resurreccion de Lazaro descrita en Juan Capitulo 11 es absolutamente fascinante!
  • Un milagro que pasa desapercibiod, es la prediccion del jumentillo al entrar en Jerusalem Marcos C11.v1 (Lucas C19,v30), tambien mencionado en Mateo C21,v2-3, y el pez con una moneda mencionado en Matthew C17,v26
  • Las negaciones de Pedro, Juan C18,v38, Mateo C26,v34, "antes de que cante el gallo 2 veces, me has de negar tu tres", Marcos C14,v30 y Lucas C22,v34. At the of the Gospel of St John, C21,v17, Jesus ask Pedro 3 times to cancel his negations
  • Parabola de los 3 hombres a los que un senor dio 5, dos y 1 denario, Mateo c35,v14-29
  • Manda a sus discipulos a seguir un hombre con un cantaro de agua (Acuario?) Marcos C14,v13-15 as well as in Lucas  C22,v10-11#back on the day the room where for rent to have the Pascual dinner, because it hsould not be eating outside Jerusalem
  • Sweat Blood: first recorded even of Hematidrosis, San Luke C22,v44, a conditioin that happens under huge stress when the body is presented with flight-or-fight mode
  • The capital death of the Jews was dead by stoning, not by cruxifition, which was a Roman punishment
  • Joseph of Arimatea hustle to bury the body of Jesus, they had to do it before sunset because after that they should not do any work until Sunday, as the Pascua and the "Parasceves" was here
  • The torments that this good man sufferend where horrendous: Pilato lo hizo castaigar durametne, hasta el punto de estar al borde de la muerte, para asi apelar a los Judios yque lo matasen... no obstante, los Juidos clamanban por su muerte. "Set the punishmente to be severe, but don't let them kill the man"

 You need to do an effor to actually save yourself, apart from believe: act good

 El portal de belen

 El tiempo de la siega ha llegado

 El dedo de Dios, Lucas C11, v20


Parable of the Mustard Seed

 He insists on doing miracles on Saturday, showing again and again that the rules the Jews had about the Saturday Precept are wrong, it is all in their minds

 Great Lives:



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