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Network Crash Investigation

How to you troubleshoot a problem? What do you do when your boss is on your back, the phone is ringing pure hot and all users are complaining that the systems are down? I'm not going to say for you to keep calm because you should already be. If you lose your temper whenever you are confront with an IT issue (serious issue), but better find another job field less stressful

But what I am going to say to you is that you better be prepare for these types of events. They will happen, sooner or later a hard drive will fail, a switch will go bust and a VM will crash, inevitably. It's the Second Law of Thermodynamics in action: all breaks eventually. So you better get the protocols ready in advance

These are the things I recommend to prepare for this failure events:

Setup a Linux VM with Apache and a plain website, make it the home page (by enforcing a GPO) of all the computers in your network.  

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