We live in a magical planet, no questions about it, full of wonder and mystery. For a start, nobody knows how come Life came into existence or what our mind actually is. We are literarily walking cumulus of chemical reactions made of a bunch of atoms put together that 'magically' has become conscious of itself. Matter conscious and aware of its own existence as matter. You are a miracle in itself, born out of two different microscopies entities that since the very inception in your mum's womb has been consuming energy generated by the sun, energy transformed and presented to you by other entities in the form of nutrients and food, with the whole purpose of you to become a person, able to comprehend the meaning of the process just explained in this paragraph, and to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading it

In this article I'll explore a personal selection of the most fascinating mysterious artefacts and unexplained phenomena that are on our planet, to marvel and admire them, and to ultimately try to understand their origins


The Holy Shroud of Turin

Can't really remember how I get to hear about this object, but it appear in my life in my teens during the early 90s, well before the Internet existed and when books where the main medium of in deep analysis and communication for subjects of interest. I bought myself a book about the Holy Shroud of Turin (obviously in Spanish, I knew zero English by then, and in fact in school I was only taught French), a book which I lent to my cousin Jose of Barcelona and which I never got back. I remember it had wonderful illustrations and a conscious study about the man depicted in this cloth

For those who know nothing bout this object, the Holy Shroud is nothing but a cloth























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