After running your Domain for some time, you'd notice that (inevitably) some DNS records on some computer which no longer exist on the network are still present on the DNS server. In this article we'll explore how to effectively enable aging and scavenge on your DNS server so that old record are deleted auto-magically



Enable the "Advanced" option in your DNS server

Open the DNS Management console and go to View >> Advanced, that


Enable Scavenging records in both the DNS server and the zone. To understand these settings , this is what it all means:

-Non-refresh interval (by default 7 days) is the time between the most recent refresh of a record and the moment when the time spam of that record can be refreshed again

-Refresh interval (by default 7 days) is the time between the earliest moment when a record can be refreshed and the earliest moment when the record can be scavenged

This all means that a DNS record becomes eligible for scavenging once both the refresh and non-refresh intervals have elapsed, in other words after 14 days


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