After achieving my LPIC-1 certification in 2018, I decided to excel my knowledge of Linux and pursue the LPIC-2 certification, that contains also 2 exams and will cost me a total of £320, almost the same price as RHCSA. Why aren't I doing the Red Hat path certification instead? It indeed seems to be having more weight a value for prospect employers! The answer is straight simple: I don't want to be vendor-specific oriented, let's dive into LPIC-2 and feel familiar managing OS like Ubuntu and Fedora, not just CentOS or Red Hat as you'd be by taking the Red Hat certification path. In any case, if you wish to pursue the RHCSA, dive into this site:

Syllabus 201 exams,

  • 200.1 Measure and Troubleshoot Resource Usage
  • 200.2 Predict Future Resource Needs
  • 201.1 Kernel Components
  • 201.2 Compiling a kernel
  • 201.3 Kernel runtime management and troubleshooting
  • 202.1 Customizing SysV-init system startup
  • 202.2 System Recovery
  • 202.3 Alternate Bootloaders
  • 204.1 Configuring RAID
  • 204.2 Adjusting Storage Device Access
  • 204.3 Logical Volume Manager
  • 205.1 Basic networking configuration
  • 205.2 Advanced Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • 205.3 Troubleshooting Network Issues
  • 206.1 Make and install programs from source
  • 206.2 Backup operations
  • 206.3 Notify users on system-related issues


Objectives for the two exams can also be found here:


200.1 Measure and Troubleshoot Resource Usage

To test the performance of your box, do yum install stress (CentOS) to get that application

stress -c 4  //**to fried all 4 cores of your CPU
stress -m 12 //**uses 12 chuncks of 256MB slots to eat your ram

vmstat, free -m, top (see all processes running)



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