In this article we'll explore how to download Facebook messages to PDF. If you are like me, who likes to keep a record of some of your important conversations and interactions, this is how you would save those long Facebook messages to a PDF document format


1. As you probably know, all of your FB messages are displayed on this page:

Visit it, and replace the "www" for a "m", so that on your computer the FB page displays under the mobile web interface



2. Once you got the mobile page on display, open any of the messages you want to save and keep on clicking "See Older Messages..." until you reach the beginning of the conversation


3. Have patience, if you have long messages it may take a loooong time to get to the top of the conversation, but once you're there all you have to do is to Print to PDF, yes, it's all that easy. For this particular screenshot below I had a FB message of 270 pages! all was saved okay on a nice format that I can later on print if I like :)


4. Finally, you may want to delete the whole message so that it does not conflict with the new threads you may receive of the same person


5. Be brave, and delete


Thank you, and have a gorgeous day full of magic and joy


London, 16 January 2018



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