Yes, what are the odds! I have been a professional Astrologer since 1993, and I can answer the two questions header of this article very simply for you:

Is Astrology real? = Fundamentally no, but your great-grand father (100 years ago or so) wouldn't have believed in the concepts of plates tectonics either when they were first postulated by German expeditioner Alfred Wegener, right after World War I, when Germany was so popular in Europe... His theory was laugh about by the Scientific community, and there was even a time when Continental Drifting was considered pseudo-science. The real question to ask would be: is Astrology real for you?

Can Astrology predict my future? = It certainly can't, I can assure you of that. Astrology can only at its best gives you traits of your character and the "vibrations" (more about that later) that you emit. If you are a positive person, your character and your "vibrations", together with the things that you do and your pre-disposal to society and life in general, will pave a road for you that is more dynamic than someone who, for example, is a pessimist. You can 'predict' that, for a positive person, their path in life will be more dynamic base on their attitude

But let's have a deep an honest dive into these two significant interrogations. I am here to find out the true, whatever it may be, whether you are an idealist believer in Astrology that loves all sort of mysteries, or a pragmatic individual that only digest concepts when served with numbers and facts... I may have surprises for you both


Is Astrology real?

The first thing that you need to completely disregard and put in the bin are the Horoscopes, those silly paragraphs that you read out of boredom in some magazines and newspapers, and that aim to tell you how your day or week is going to be according to your star sign. Your star sign is the constellation that was in the background of the Sun when you were born, and that in Astrology means the main "internal theatre" personality that you are born with. For example, people born when the Sun was passing through the constellation of Aries tend to have a character more intrepid, outgoing and energetic than those born under the sign of Cancer, who tend to be more sensitive, caring and introverted. The big problem with Horoscopes is that they only consider the position of the Sun, totally neglecting the positions of the other planets and the Moon, together with the aspects in between then, and therefore giving away utterly false and misleading information. It is like evaluating a football match of 90 minutes with 22 players by observing only one player for five minutes. Horoscopes therefore are totally rubbish, and if you really want to understand what "the stars have to tell you", you need to approach this adventure by creating your Astral Chart (or by 'raising' your Astral Chart Birth, as an Astrologer would say). For this you need to know not only your day, month and year of birth, but also the place of birth (latitude and longitude) together with the time. The time of birth is critically important, because a variation of just 4 minutes implies a degree of distance in the Astral Chart, which in some cases could have an impact at the time of interpretations. Some Astrologers believe that the "moment of birth" should be consider the moment when the umbilical cord is cut and the baby is detached from the mother, becoming a separate entity in this Universe, but just to make it crystal clear, the time of birth is the moment at which the first inhale of air enters the baby's body, as it is then when the 'karmic soul' enters the body and the baby becomes an independent sentient being born into this Universe, with all its functions now separated from the mother and no longer needed the umbilical cord to be fed. Of course, the infant has been alive and is to be considered a human being with all its rights for the last 9 months prior to that, before that first inhale of oxygen and nitrogen, but is only when is born that his/her karmic cycle starts again. But how is that possible? That some sort of 'karmic soul' enters the body on that first breath, and that it carries within the "influences" of the planets and stars? That is obviously total bullshit, right? And what is this 'karmic soul' nonsense anyway?

There is absolutely zero evidence from the Scientific realm and its hard-headed yet functional methodology that gives any hint that Astrology is real and have an influence in our petty lives, so why for so many centuries and millennia people (even smart people) have been deceived and wasted their time, energy an hopes in these things? studying the stars? filling their heads with their rules and predictions in a futile attempt to discover what lies in the day after next for us? That all sounds pretty absurd, right?


Credit: Maura Dwyer


Horoscopes are indeed the pinnacle of absurdity. To believe that the same paragraph that you read on those newspapers and magazines for, let's say, the people born under the Sun in Virgo, applies to all the millions and millions of people that were born under that sign in our planet, is the same thing as to believe that this of that other paragraph applies only to blonde people, or brunette people, or bald, or people with green eyes: absolutely ridiculous

Therefore, and if you honestly have a "scientific-mind" and want to approach the question of "Is Astrology real?" in a systematic and objective way, using the scientific method to reach conclusions based in facts and evidences, do not use the Horoscopes as part of your evaluation process: every professional Astrologer will already tell you that they are the black-sheep of Astrology, and actually cause more harm than benefit to the subject. The ONLY way to explore Astrology and validate its veracity is by raising your Astral Chart. You can do that on your own using some of the many Internet websites dedicated to Astrology. I personally recommend AstroTheme and/or Astro-Seek. If you enter your details in any of those websites, you should come up with a map of how the sky was in the moment and place of your birth, something similar to this diagram below, also called "Radix" in Spanish Astrology:

 Credit: The radix in this example is the moment of birth of the signer Taylor Swift, which music I love a lot:


The above "radix" represents how the sky was arranged at the time of someone's birth. The line AC to West is always fixed horizontality in every radix, and it represents the line of the horizon, with the constellation of Scorpio rising on the East in this example. The constellation that rises on the horizon by the East at the moment of birth is called the "Ascendant", a significant point in Astrology that symbolises the life of the individual, its core personality and the starting point from where the karmic life of the individual and its decisions will unfold into life. The person could be visualised as being in the centre of the circle. In the example, we see that the Sun is above to rise over the horizon too, meaning that this person was born at sunrise (at 05:17 AM to be precise). An Astronomer normally would use programs like Stellarium to determine the sky arrangement at any given time prior astronomical observations, but a radix in Astrology is exactly the same thing: a tool to observe the sky, hence why both subjects (Astronomy and Astrology) were merged together in ancient history. If we placed a telescope at the centre of the circle, where the "YOU" resides, we could have seen towards the East the planet Mars rising over the horizon, where the clarity of the day was increasing rapidly with the Sun just behind Mars and about to rise in 1 hour and 45 minutes (15 degrees of the zodiac represent an hour, so if the Ascendant is in 25 degrees of Scorpio, as on this radix example, and the Sun is at 21 degrees of Sagittarius, it will take the Sun 27 degrees of sky-space -6 remaining of Scorpio plus the 21 of Sagittarius- to reach the exact point of the horizon, and 27 degrees is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes). If we turn our telescope to the West and rise it about 40 degrees, we could have seen the Moon in all of its glory, it was on the phase of Full Moon given the fact that it is opposite to the Sun. People born with Full Moon tend to be very intense individuals, full of an energy and a dynamism that can exhaust others. If you want to find out the phase of the Moon at your time of birth, I recommend you to use Calendar-12: Our telescope would also have seen Jupiter, very faintly though due to its proximity to the Moon and the brightness still high of a Full Moon. Below the horizon, unseen to the eye, the rest of the solar system bodies accumulate, with Venus being the planet at the very bottom of the sky configuration at that moment in time

How Astrology works is that the separation of degrees in between the planets and the luminaries (luminaries in Astrology are the name given to the Sun and the Moon) together with their position in relation to the constellations and areas of the sky, determine the 'karmic energy' that the individual will be born with, and it is up to the individual to take that 'karmic energy' and express it into the Universe. Astrology is not deterministic, there is not a fate destiny that either obscure or brighten your life depending on your moment of birth and to which you can do nothing about it. Believe it or not, we are responsible of our own lives and there is always "Libre Albedrio", free will, that the individual have to put into place. Choices and choices. Astrology only gives a guidance about the sort of 'karmic energy' that is at your disposal, then it is up to you to make decisions. An analogy that I often use to explain this concept of influence is the "Paint the picture of your Life". Just imagine that you have been given a white canvas, and you ought to paint on it a picture. However, you were born with only a certain number of colours, some of which you have plenty at your disposal but for others the amount is reduce. People born with a strong Mars will have lots of red to add to the picture, those who are optimistic (a well aspected radix) will have plenty of blue and yellow to add to the picture but little brown, given the fact that optimism often loses touch with reality. The picture that you come out with will be the history of your life painted out of the colours that the 'karmic energy', present at the moment and place of your birth, gave to you. This is essentially what Astrology is

So.... how come some people are born and sadly die within a few months, or have a sudden death at a young age? What "decision", if any, has a child taken who is born with a disease that shorten his life sooner than expected? And how about, for example, all the people that died in September the 11th? Was that a coincidence? Did all the Astral Charts of the over 3,000 people that die in September 11th presented the same configuration that day, that all of them will die? Were they all making the same 'karmic' decision? How can Astrology explain those incidents when people make absolutely no tangible choices whatsoever, and yet the finger of fate kicks them out of this world? Obviously there is not a clear explanation that could satisfy a critic mind, but let's explore with more detail the obvious arguments that are against and the reason why people may believe in Astrology, let's see if by isolating each one of those concerns we reach a conclusion


1.- Arguments against Astrology

The Zodiac Constellations are 13, and not 12; I remember very well when I first saw in the news, back on the late 1990s, the appearance of a "new" constellation called Ophiuchus that make the number of constellations in the zodiac 13 and not 12, hence completely debunking what astrologers have based their predictions (the zodiac) for millennia...not entirely. Astrologers have been using something called "decans" for millennia too, where they further subdivide the 30 degrees of a constellation in 3 sections of 10 degrees each, called the 1st Decan, the 2nd Decan and the 3rd Decan for every single sign of the Zodiac. Therefore, proper Astrologers have been working with 36 different sections of the sky instead of 12 as commonly thought. Ophiuchus falls in the 1st Decan of Sagittarius, and it is indeed true that the elliptic crosses that constellation since the dawn to time, and ancient Astrology knew about it, hence the different interpretation for this Decan, just like all the other 35 Decans, each one of them have a unique 'signature' that do not correspond to their parent Zodiac sign. Ophiuchus as a constellation was already recorded by Ptolemy in the 2nd century, a well-known Astronomer and Astrologer of Antiquity, his book "Tetrabiblos" has been a reference of Astrologers for centuries, just like his other book "Almagest" was for Astronomers until the time of Copernicus


Credit: Zodiac


But let's not justify the arrival of this "new" constellation (one of the stars in Ophiuchus, Gliese 1214, at 47 light years away, has an age of about 3 billion years, so it is not new at all, and it fact that very same star contains an exoplanet which is 1.5 times bigger than our Earth, fascinating!) by saying that Astrology already knew about it. If that is so, why wasn't it represented in the 12 signs of the Zodiac? Let me start by clarifying that, according to Astrology, the interpretation of planets is very difference from that of the signs, if we take for example the analogy of a play in a theatre, you will be the starring role while the planets influence will act as the force in the script: you are to act and play the play based on the script which have dialogues and narratives based on the influence on the planets that you were born with, it is up to you to add "will power" and imagination to deviate, enhance or even suppress completely the forces in those dialogues in the script by the inner force of your acting. And what about the 'influence' of the star signs? If all this bullshit of astro-influence has any ground of reality, where does the influence of the stars signs manifest in the theatre analogy? Well, it just so happens that the influence of the constellations is always passive, they only provide the background, so following the analogy of a play in a theatre, when you are the actor/actress and the planets force dictates the script (thou you have the freedom to interpret it as you like!), the scenario would be the influence of the signs. For example, for a person with lots of Aries, the scenario of his/her life would be violence and dynamic, for a Piscis the background of the stage would be covered in mist, with blue colours and somehow confusing

The point I'm trying to make is that, through the ages, the background of influence changes as the constellations obviously also changes causing the Parallax Effect. The appearance now of Ophiuchus, seen as a new constellation, is nothing but a change in the psyche of the human race, a new background of influence to be added and interpreted in the next centuries to come. If Astrology is to be true, or have some kind of effect, this effect has to be there now and also in the past. In the time of the Dinosaurs the constellations were completely difference and hence 'societies' and patterns of behaviour were utterly difference. Now, in the current epoch of the human race and with the current constellation configuration, the 'energy bath' that the background stage of our life suffer is completely difference. Have you even wondered why intelligence took so long to evolve? Claws and teeth have been part of evolution for most animals since the dawn of time, as it clearly provide great advantages for both hunting prey and defending. If intelligence, as it is proven by the fact that our race dominates the planet, is such a great advantage over both your prey and predators, why did the evolution took so long to evolve it? Were there no animals intelligence during the 300 million years of the Dinosaurs reign? Why did it evolve only during the 6 million years of hominid reign? Could it be that the constellations back then were not providing the necessary 'background energy' for cells to intelligently evolve and obtain self-awareness? Is Ophiuchus, seen as a 'new' constellation, opening a door to a new background of consciousness that is being awaken in the human race?

Yes, the arrival of a new 13th constellation sends to the shredder all the horoscopes in the magazines, etc, but for Astrologers.... the game is still on


Credit: Zodiac Decans


What forces drives the planets influence? This is the most obvious question and I reckon is the one I should have addressed first in this article: if Astrology is to have any portion of true, what forces are those that cause that I get happy every time I meet someone with Moon in Cancer? Gravity? What nonsense is this? For example, if in an Astral Chart the individual happens to be born with the planet (sorry, dwarf-planet according to Science) Pluto in conjunction with the Ascendant, any Astrologer will tell you that the person has a very powerful personality, with inclination for dark aspects of life and tendency to obsessiveness, but no Astrologer will ever tell you "how" that happens... how can that Pluto, which as mentioned before, Astronomers don't even consider it a planet, located more than 5 billion kilometres away from us and with such a high declination of its orbit could have any influence at all in whatever events happen in planet Earth? And not only that, how could that spec in space, not visible with the naked eye, discovered in the 1930s, could possible have any influence at all in the traits of personality of an individual born with Pluton in conjunction to the Ascendant?

Things like that cannot be explained, therefore Astrology is total bullshit. Turn off the lights and let's go

But I'm here to find out what Astrology really is. Is there any truth in any of it? When the probe New Horizons flew by Pluton back in July 2015, all the Scientific community was shocked. Had any pictures of the surface of Pluto being available before the flyby of New Horizons, and had any of those pictures being shown to Astronomers, they would have laugh at you, saying this is total bullshit. Turn off the lights and go away, please, they would have told you. Nobody had any clue Pluto was actually like that, with a smooth surface that shows no craters whatsoever meaning the planet is tectonically active, possibly with a liquid ocean underneath the crust of ice; nobody can't explain why Pluto is not a meaningless pile of rock as they were expecting. What is driving the internal energy of Pluton, so far away from the Sun or any object capable of creating internal friction like Jupiter does on Io? How is it possible that a body so small, recently demoted to "draft-planet", still seems to be remain alive, erasing its craters and leaving behind a wonderful shaped-heart feature for us to wonder? Mars, five times the size of Pluto, is pretty much geologically dead and no longer able to recycle its crust, where ancient craters can still be seen. Pluto, somehow, has been able to reprocess part of its surface, using what force?


 CreditMars and Pluton, compared



There is still not a consensus in Science as to how a Solar System is formed. The Theory of the Accretional Disk seems to be the most plausible answer, and still this theory has quite a few gaps on it that still have not been explained

 Is not accurate


Why two people born at the same time have different destinies? 

Confirmation bias

2.- Arguments in favour of Astrology

 Practically none

Scientist is not always right: looking at the "facts" is deceiving. Look at the problem of the bees and pesticides, or the coronavirus. For example, nobody remembers that they were inside their mums for 9 months


3.- My own theory = The Heartbeat Vibration Sequence (HBVS)


 he Tradition (Astrology based in Ptolomeo and ancient Greek)





Can Astrology predict my future?

If you are perspicacious enough, you probably have noticed that this my second question "Can Astrology predict my future?" implies that the first question is true, that Astrology is real, and now in the second question we are studying whether this reality can be use to predict our future.

Nope, it can't.... can it? If we have assumed that Astrology is not real, then how can it predict your future?






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