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Time to go nuts with Munki!

Okay, you need to donwload 3 apps:

1. The imac Server App

2. MunkiAdmin

3. Auto Package

4. Deploy Studio;


 How to default Screens Grabbers to JPGs

defaults write type jpg

killall SystemUIServer


How to create bootable USB from OSX installation

Let's say you upgrade one of your iMacs machines to the latest OSX, undoubtedly you may have as a left-over of a big dinner the app OSX that was use to upgrade the OSX, normally located in the Applications folder, in the example below the macOS Sierra

Insert a USB on your mac (of about 7GB) and format it, on my example I label it "USB Drive"

Then right click the "Install macOS" file and choose "Show Package Contents", navigate until you find the Contents > Resources > createinstallmedia



To create a bootable USB drive from that app, you'd need to do the following (on the terminal, of course):

sudo   //** and drag the "createinsllmedia" file from the macOS app

--volume  //**and drag the USB drive that you inserted

--applicationpath //**and drag the actually macOS app file

--nointeraction  //**add this string at the end of the commands

So your command should look something like the below, be aware that the copying time could be quite long (on my example it took well over 20'):









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