Blue Flower

I absolutely love music, coming with a list of the songs that I like will probably take me half of a life time! But let's start with a selection of just 23 songs,


Joan Baez (Rejoice in the Sun) Duncan Dhu (Rosa Gris)
 John Lennon (Watching the wheels) Sin Sebastian (Golden Boy) 
 Die Antwoord (Enter the Ninja)   Amy Macdonald (This is the Life)
 Audrey Hepburn (Moon River)  Nathan Carter (Wagon Wheel)
 Elvis Presley (Heartbreak Hotel)  Fangoria (Miro la vida pasar)
 Enrique Burundy (Porque las cosas cambian)  VNV Nation (Gratitude)
 Katy Perry (Hot N Cold)  Robert Palmer (She makes my day)
 The Police (So Lonely)  Rozalen (Girasoles)




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