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Why are we here? Such a powerful question that, most likely, every human being that ever existed has pondered that interrogation at some point in their life... and died or continue living without an answer. The irrefutable true is that nobody really has a flipping idea of why are we are, what are we actually doing here. All we have are theories, ideas, believes and feelings, but there is not yet a real, concise and scientific explanation that pleased everybody and answer the question of why are we here. That is one of the big mysteries of life: we have no idea of why, and yet we continue living as if there was no tomorrow.

I am not pretending to answer in this article such metaphysical, psychological and in many ways deeply religious question, of why we are here, everybody for sure will have somehow their own personal answer, each one valid and with a fundamental weight. What we can answer, however, is how we got here, and this is what I'll explore on this article. Perhaps, by finding out how we got here we can determine why we are here.

All research that I've done in this article has been done during my lunch breaks and dinner getaways, when I have the time to watch meaningful document videos and read interesting articles. I was getting frustrated and confused about what had really happened to life on Earth and how did we actually got here, so started this article to fix the puzzle and build a canvas to where I could lay down in broad light some of the questions I have, and perhaps work out the answers.

  1. The Primeval Atom
  2. The grapefruit fluctuations at quantum level
  3. The inflation period

The Primeval Atom - 13.7 billions years ago

Religion and Science, reason and faith, are not meant to be enemies, rather, they are two wonderful tools that, like fire and water, allow us to digest the wonders of this Universe. It was a man of God, father Georges Lemaitre, who first proposed the Big Bad Theory, he called Primeval Atom. Absolutely everything that exist on the Universe was first compiled (that not compacted) into a single atom. Obviously, the Universe must have existed on a different state, not matter or space, to be able to achieve such a small size, to condensate all the energy in a zero-space state.

That means that absolutely everything is connected, all planets, stars , galaxies, and you and me, where once a form of energy coded in the algorithm of the Primeval Atom. This is absolutely fascinating, and present the following questions:

  • If the Primeval Atom was the beginning of everything, then everything must have an end, there is no concept of infinite. What happens is that we are too small to see the end, but there would be an end, just like there was a beginning. Everything dies, even stars and galaxies, the Principle of Entropy dictates that. So, how will the Universe die? Why are we here is only a temporarily question given the fact that, at some point in the future, nothing will be here. If there was a beginning, that implies that there must be an end or conclusion

  • How long was the Primeval Atom in that stage of codified information? Was it really energy that the Primeval Atom was composed of? We all know now that E=mc2 allows the matter to be exchanged with energy, and vice versa. This is why a tomato (matter) is nothing but the expression of the light of the Sun (energy). The tomato has the ability to transform energy into matter, thus to live. For this transformation to happens a medium needs to exists (rain and earth, in the case of the tomato). Analogically speaking, for the energy to be transformed into matter, a medium (space-time on this occasion) must exist. Therefore, could it have been the insufflation of space and time into the Universe the causes its expansion?

  • What was around the Primeval Atom? Maybe more filaments of energy, all twisted together and somehow linked to the Primeval Atom. Science call the state of the Primeval Atom and its surrounds a "Singularity", basically a word to say that they have no idea of what is going on in there, no Laws being created, no Physics being defined, etc...but this is not quite correct: everything was already coded into the Primeval Atom, the Laws where there otherwise they would not have been created, just like everything single leaf and brunch of an oak is already coded inside the acorn seed

  • What caused the Primeval Atom to ignite? to expand? The only thing that seems to be missing on every singularity described by Science is the 1:1 composition of space-and-time that we perceive as our reality. Then again I ask, could that be the insufflation of space what caused the Big Bang? Expanding energy and allowing matter to be created as a consequence? And the time being a bio-product of this insufflation?


Note that this picture below is actually incorrect, the expansion happened on a tridimensional scale, not in a 2D representation as the picture displays... if we happens to live on a 3D universe, why cannot we perceive pictures and data on a 3D scale too?

A human being is created from DNA, and a massive Oak tree comes from a single Acorn, so we see examples (the same pattern all over the place) of code complied on small things (like the Primeval Atom) than then later become more complex systems (like the Universe). If we develop this line of thought and observation, we can see that the oak generates thousands of acorns, each one of then can potentially create more oak. Humans generates other humans, which in turn generates other humans. This escalated process of creation feeds on the environment: Suns creates other suns, which energy feeds the oaks, which acorns feeds the humans. It seems the Primeval Atom was the start of series of fireworks, with each atom bound to explode into a further fireworks, that fed an communicate to the others. I'm just talking out aloud!


Georges Lemaitre, el cura catolico que primero hablo del a teoria del Big Bag;

George Lemaitre, The Scientist: 

The Tangled History of Big Bang Science:

The Life and Discoveries of Astronomer Henrietta Swan Leavitt:


The grapefruit fluctuations at quantum level - 13.7 billions years ago minus 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds

Apparently, this is as far as Science can go, before this time all goes into the unknown. The Plank Time (10 to the power of minus 43, in other words, 42 zeros and a one) is the moment at which Science encounters the so called Plank Wall, a circumstance/situation beyond which the laws of physics (as we know them) break down and cannot pass the wall, therefore we are completely unable to explain what was going on beyond that point. Nothing make sense passing the frontier of the Plank Wall, just as nothing makes sense when we cross the Event Horizon of a black hole. After the Plank Wall and beyond the Event Horizon we find the same thing: singularity, in other words, a situation where all of the major 4 forces in nature that we know (and obviously their formulas) are useless at explaining us what's happening. These powerful well-known 4 forces are:

  • Gravity, discovered by Newton, and yeah, fine-tune by Einstein through Relativity, where he merges acceleration + gravity through his Field Equations
  • Electromagnetic Radiation, EMR for short, defined by Scottish scientist Maxwell back in 1865
  • Strong Nuclear Force ;the world of Quantum Mechanics
  • Weak Nuclear Force ;wait a minute.... strong and weak nuclear forces? separated? why not strong and weak gravitational forces too?

Now consider other significant aspects of the Universe, the areas where these forces do take place and manifest:

  • Time
  • Space
  • Dimensions

Yeah, time and space create Dimensions, and you might argue that we don't need to include Dimensions as a separated entity, but apparently (mathematically) there have been proved the existence of dimensions without time or space involved into them. For decades Scientist have been trying to "create" a Common Theory, a all-in-one mathematical model that could merge these forces into one... precisely what happened at the Big Bang, where all these forces where compiled/coded into a single point of infinite density. Given the fact that we are in this Universe which is expanding from a single point of the past, something or someone must have compacted/compiled them before, who or what was that? what caused the Big Bang?

I love this well explanatory video from professor Brian P. Schmidt (50' long but worth every minute), where he gives a nice introduction to Dark Matter (slows the expansion) and Dark Energy (accelerates the expansion); it makes you wonder at the end what will win? Dark Energy or Dark Matter? in any case... the future looks Dark

  • How the forces separated? What supreme force could have possible merge all of them together? As far as we know, a Black Hole seems to be the only entity capable of absorbing matter, its energy and presumably the forces associated with the engulfed matter. If space is being absorbed by a black hole, we shall assume that time is absorbed too! Could a massive unique black hole being the origin of the Universe?
  • So we are basically made of random stuff! If we assume that the tiny quantum fluctuations was the ultimate cause that our galaxy is where it is and not a cloud of particles unable to be formed by the pull of gravity (dark matter?), then absolutely everything that happens around us is pure random, just like when you let go a glass of wine out of the table, it breaks and spill the wine totally random, just like the galaxies have been arranged in our Universe



Of Particular Significance, Matt Strassler; 

Fundamental Interaction ;  



The inflation period

This is it, this is the Universe into motion: whatever you thought in the past determines your future. In the same way, how the Universe was "compacted" in its origins has determines the way it is expanding now, the filaments over which the galaxies have blossom 








We have to understand (and imagine) that at the Plank Time all the mater and energy of the Universe was on a single point.... all of the forces

23 after the beginning of the Big Bang, the Universe experience a process of inflation, an incredible expansion of all the energy. There must have been no matter at that stage, and just pure energy, and the following questions are to be asked:

 The Plank Wall


The blessing kiss of Thea

Here comes the most noticible thing that determine our planet as a very rare planet in our Cosmos. When the Earth was pretty young, there is a theory that explains why the Moon exist and why there is so much iron in the terrestial core. The history goes that a planet (called Thea) hit the Earth, and from the debris the Moon was created. You might argue that this event does not make Earth special, as there must be many collisions in the Universe similar to that of Earth vs Thea... however... for life to exist after the collision like it did on Earth, the following factors must all be met:

  • There have to be a collision, otherwise the Earth might have evolved like Venus, with its athmosphere out of controll and ever increasing
  • Thea was the size of planet Mars (1/3 of Earth), had it been smaller the collision would have not created the Moon, had it been bigger the collison might have split the Earth in two planets
  • Thea was travelling at the right speed for the collision to be kind of "gentle", had it been faster probalby the debris (and hence the Moon after the collision) would have been flown away Earth's gravity, had it been slower and the debris would have fallen into the Earth
  • Thea was composed of the right materials: rock and iron. After the collision the iron of Thea was absorved by the Earth, strenghting the magnetic field of our planet that make it repel the gamma rays of the Sun
  • Thea hit with the right angle. The collision wasn't head-to-head, had it been like that it would have split the planet
  • The collision happened at the right time, when the Earth was just formed and its atmosphera was kind of complete. The collision wiped out the atmosphere, and a thinner one was created.

 Thanks to the collision the Earth spinned quite rapdly, had not been a collision the Earth probaly would be rotation as slow as Venus rotates nowasdays

Had not existed the Moon after the collision, the bubbling of the Earth would have make it impossible for life to be develop, as the poles would have drifted dramatically


The Great Benefactor, Jupiter

This is how Astrology know the planet Jupiter, as the Great Benefactor. 


The spark of life

Astrobiology is a mixed Science discipline, combining Astronomy, Biology and also Geology to some extend, with the goal of determine how life arouse on planet Earth, and the possibilities of life existing in other planets or objects in the Universe




CrystalLinks, amazing website by Ellie Crystal: 




On the quiet corner

Let's start for our big great home: our galaxy, our Milky Way Galaxy is extremely beautiful. I have been fortunate enough of seeing it once, in the Ronda mountains of Spain, in a clear crispy night. Me and some friends were drunks walking down in the mountains, go get to the military compound where I was doing the army.

Does the sun spins around Sirious?


El lago salado de Mexijo demuestra de cuando el lagmar retrocede


 Explore Asteroid belt, the ninth planet?

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