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In this article I'll describe the process we use to upgrade our NetApp from the current version that it has of 9.2 to the more recent release 9.3

Go and read this article first, to decide which upgrade path you prefer to use on your envionment:

For my example in this article the best option is to upgrade using the "Automated non-disruptive" method, something really easy and not too complicated


You obviously need to have a account with NetApp and a support contract, to be able to donwload the new version of the software on your filer. So, with those details on mind, copy-paste this link on your browser ( and download the ONTAP operating system of your filer model, on my example it is a "FAS 2552"

As you can see version 9.4 is already available, but personally (and unless there is a major security risk, etc), I always prefer to be on a version behind, after it has been fully tested and is mature, so go ahead and "View & Download" version 9.3

Follow the wizard carefully (specially if you have encrypted volumes!), agree to the license, and donwload the OS to the location C:\Temp\NetApp_OS

After the upgrade completes, visit the site to download the Node.js application. We’ll use this application to upload the OnTap OS to the NetApp. Once the program is installed, launch “Node.js command prompt”

At the command prompt type npm install http-server -g to install the HTTP server service

Next, type the http-server application plus the location of the folder where you downloaded the NetApp OS, in our example is the C:\Temp\NetApp_OS

Now logon to your NetApp filer and visit (assuming that you have version 9.2 already installed) Configurations > Cluster Update, and first of all delete the old version that you might have in there (on my example I'm deleting version 9.1)

Once the image has been deleted, click on "Add" and the type the URL of your machine (that thanks to Node.js has temporarely become a web server on port 8080) including the name of the new 9.3 image, and don't forget to add the extension (*.tgz) of the file at the end

Wait until the image has been sucessfully uploaded

Hold your horses now, because before the upgrade of the cluster we have to do some “manual checks” as advised in the upgrade PDF, and to ensure that we comply with the pre-upgrade requirements. Therefore establish a ssh connection to your filer and do as follows:

Check that the CPU on the nodes are not too high:

node run -node Netapp1-01 -command sysstat -c 10 -x 3

node run -node Netapp1-02 -command sysstat -c 10 -x 3

Disable the AutoSupport service for a period of 3 hours, that will cover you over the upgrade of the OS

system node autosupport invoke -node * -type all -message MAINT=3h

Go back to the Netapp and choose to upgrade to the new version now




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