House 9 in Scorpio

With house 9 in Scorpio you’re interested in the mysteries of life, and will research beliefs that may be taboo or dark. You want to know what makes the world tick, and you throw yourself into learning whatever interests you. The most positive manifestation of this position is that it gives you an incredible depth of mind, belief in the power of planet Earth, connection to endless pools of inner energy and a tendency to study science, psychology, or even occult teachings. Still, we have to keep in mind that practically speaking, the individuals with this configuration have a belief system rooted somewhere in the river of their ancestors, highly unconscious and strange for many people around them. Your convictions will be powerful and obvious in their manifestations, while your need to learn about deep matters that others don’t want to deal with often sets you apart from your group at school, college, or at any family gathering. You have to find a way to satisfy your inner desires for deep understanding of the Universe and Unity, and you will find it only if you mend your broken relationships and realise that no man is born into this world to be alone. You will make choices that many would think of as strange, and you prefer to use sexuality, intensity, and power as your way to seek mastery of knowledge about and skills for a successful life. You are fearless and penetrating when exploring the world and pursuing wisdom. Positively, you will work to understand and help others through the dark elements of belief and study what is uncomfortable and tries to be hidden. Negatively, you can keep vital knowledge secret to manipulate others and keep the wisdom to yourself. As students, and eventually, as teachers, you will present yourself as change agents, seeking to transform and be transformed. You teach lessons about power and the power of wisdom.


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