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House 9 in Libra

Being born with House 9 in Libra gives you a view of the world that is based on the principles of beauty and harmony, though your believes seem to be defined by other people, which in the long run creates confusion in your own believe system. You like to visit new places but, in order for you to go on a trip, you need guarantees that you will pass in a pleasant society and comfortable surroundings. Therefore, you often take with you on a journey only people that you trust like close relatives, friends or colleagues, and when you become acquainted with the peculiarities of the culture of other peoples, almost all your attention is then diverted and focused exclusively on aesthetics and products of art.

House 9 in Libra

With House 9 in Libra you prefer to work with cultured and educated people, an quite often you seek a companion in another country. For you, it is necessary that your partner should have a good education and upbringing. You have qualities such as elegance, refinement, elitism, tact, politeness and objectivity, and you appreciate when you find the same qualities in other people. You will often get stuck in your dreamland and if you experience disappointments too many time, you may grow a world of envy and feeling of incompetence; you need to overcome your self-criticism in order to truly reach your desired state of a balanced mind, physical state or professional goals. You are a vivid example of a liberal that seek justice in everything and strive for peace everywhere. In accordance to your sophistication, this can be manifested in art, painting or music. For you it is important to have a partner with a strong emotional bond with, and sometimes you may find that marriage is too serious for you, and it is likely that you marry more than once.

House 9 in Libra have principles of beauty and harmony

He is offended by clumsy and rude behaviour, good taste is essential in his approach to life


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