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House 9 in Capricorn

With House 9 in Capricorn your beliefs tend to be conventional, and you don’t buy into ideas that seem far-fetched. You require facts and figures in order to believe in something. You may not like to travel, and will only do so when required for work or to fulfil a responsibility. Capricorn is an Earth Sign overlaying a Fire House, so individuals with this Sign/House combination prefer to be driven, ambitious, and productive as their way to seek mastery of knowledge about and skills for a successful life. House 9 in Capricorn will be driven and ambitious when exploring the world and pursuing wisdom. Positively, these individuals can help build and improve belief systems and take existing philosophies and practices to higher levels of development. Negatively, they can turn belief into a cut-throat business more concerned with profit than wisdom. As students, and eventually, as teachers, they will push themselves and their students to be the best they can be. They teach goals and demand achievement.

House 9 in Capricorn

People born with House 9 in Capricorn, differ conservatism and pragmatism in matters of philosophy and religion. They are more attracted by traditional values. At the same time, they pay more attention to the material aspects and manifestations of life. They are benevolent and render unselfish help to all who need it. In them lies the boundless desire for charity. A man born at a time when the 9th House in Capricorn, strives to become consistent, persevering and purposeful. He easily overcomes the difficulties that arise in his life. It is distinguished by economy, asceticism and unpretentiousness. He is able to organize the work of other people. He extremely does not like wastefulness, disorder of knowledge and claims regarding fate. He thinks that only lazy people can complain. The ideal "I" of such a person is tough, demanding, ascetic and almost emotionless. From time to time he comes across the idea that he cannot correspond to his own idea of himself. As a result, for a short period, it can succumb to melancholy, and then rush to realize primitive needs. In order to avoid such crises, a person must take timely measures and balance his own "I". A person should become more emotional, for which it is recommended to establish a truly friendly and / or romantic relationship. With House 9 in Capricorn, the expansion of consciousness is quite easy. Such a person lacks imagination, however, if he realizes that a new view of things can bring certain benefits, he quickly assimilates. If you get into a foreign country or culture, you cannot notice interest in such people. However, this is only because they hide it well. In fact, they are deeply immersed in the atmosphere and absorb the features of traditions. Philosophy and religion for such a person is a way to learn the world and yourself. However, they refer to them as a product of consumption. Such a person is an excellent organizer, so he can become a good leader.

House 9 in Capricorn are pragmatic in their believes

A House 9 in Capricorn individual will always strive to be reliable, to persevere and to have a purpose in life. More than this, people with this placement can overcome any difficulty in life. They know how to manage money and are never too pretentious. It would be a good idea for them to become managers because they know how to organize other people’s lives and don’t want to waste time or knowledge, thinking fate is the only one having an influence. They surely don’t like dealing with lazy people either. When it comes to their beliefs, they can be a little bit rigid, so they’re not making changes as soon as they’ve decided to follow a path in life. When it comes to a problem they have, this is about how they can’t have a purpose in life, one that incorporates the other things they’re focused on. This is the reason why they’re sometimes giving practicality for a dream they may be having. It’s easy for them to learn more about History and even Mathematics if they have Saturn in a dignifying sign. However, they seem to need to take on responsibilities they don’t understand too much of. As soon as doing this, their future can start to build and they can focus on what needs to be done. More conventional than others, these people don’t like to deal with ideas that seem impossible to become a reality. They need to rely on facts. Loving to travel, they may need to do this for their work. After graduating from high school, they’re becoming more aware of what the pressure in life is all about. House 9 in Capricorn mustn’t be irresponsible while in college. In case they are, some bad consequences are sure to appear in their life. They may be taking a while before having their path, not to mention they can discover what direction to follow to succeed after dealing with some harshness. This can make them more pessimistic, but hopefully not too much so that they no longer want to deal with any problem anymore. It’s like their inner compass is always pushing them to be tested. When feeling lost, they should think this is only an opportunity for them to become more realistic and to be sensitive. 9th House Capricorns are more inspired when acknowledging their limits and not feeling destroyed by these, meaning this can be the way they guide themselves. They love to go out because new adventures are making them feel like they’re doing something important. However, when they don’t have a purpose for what they’re doing, they may want to just stay in and not go anywhere. As said before, these natives are conservative and prefer to respect rules. They don’t mind to sometimes think abstractly, but no matter what, they need solid evidence for believing in something.

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