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House 8 in Virgo

With the House 8 in Virgo rarely has some idea what hedonism is, and seems to have the need to go into detailed analysis of everything, taking out all colours out of creative things in life. The main problem is hidden in the fact that without detail, there wouldn’t be functionality, and to ground any grandiose idea, we have to be practical enough to commit to details. Resistance given to practical, daily matters with this natal position leads to all sorts of health related problems. A person has to realize that the only way to find satisfaction in the material world is through the material world, and it will be tossed aside as irrelevant comparing to their incredible mental dominance. True intelligence hides in out body, our routine, and our physiology. Mercury is exalted in the sign of Virgo and the element of Earth, so any mental effort must have its final goal in its manifestation in the real world. Everything else will look like a bundle of empty words if no substance is given through practicality and grounding. Virgo in the eighth house leads to the intellectualization of experiences, to the desire to improve, study and learn. Another fundamental concern is hygiene: there may be an obsession with cleaning bed linen, bathing. Yet another factor of concern are the genitals themselves.

House 8 in Virgo

House 8 in Virgo are the target of profound criticism by the native, which often causes feelings of shyness and inferiority. It is especially true for men, who may not like with their genitals. For these people, aphrodisiac diets are another reason for interest and are part of their dynamics in this type of experience. Taking supplements that “improve” sex life is another noticeable trend. They can also attend sex classes to learn how to be as perfect as possible. They often see sexual life as a way of “serving” their partner. Thus, they put a lot of effort into doing it in the way that can best please them. It is clear that this emphasis on “perfection” counts for both sides and are very critical of the “techniques”  that the partner uses. They like partners with a clean, well-treated and healthy body, refusing partners who do not meet these criteria. The perfectionism of these natives leads them to seek to improve their sexual organs using reconstructive or aesthetic surgery, whether men or women. They also like partners who are ordinary people, workers, colleagues, subordinates.

House 8 in Virgo are sensitive to criticism

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