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House 8 in Taurus

House 8 in Taurus means that such a person loves to help a partner earn money using a joint state. Passion for beauty, pushes him to spend money on tinsel. True, it always comes to light with money, because it is able to find unknown sources of other sources. All their affairs begin and end without conflict. Any changes in life of this person are very painful. Sometimes transformations become lengthy, which greatly exhausts the neighbours and himself. On a loan of funds, this person goes deliberately, always striving — to clearly imagine what he will have to pay for the loan. Psychological fractures are difficult, because he is inclined to focus on certain circumstances and conditional visions, regarded by him as unbeatable difficulties. In a collective relationship, a person with House 8 in Taurus comes with an effort. If he managed to get used to the collective, he is ready to consistently and firmly defend the interests of the community. He should learn to compromise and the flexibility of behaviour between group moral values and his own ethics. The death of such people usually turns out to be calm. Any changes such people consider as hard work — divorce, marriage, employment, change of residence and dismissal. All changes are seen as protracted and difficult, they remain in the memory of emotions even when happening at a leisurely and at the required time. Any reorganization seems to such a person to be unrealizable and hopelessly complex. In extreme moments, it takes a pretty heavy and long effort. Usually, they are revealed to him by force, although it does not become easier for all of this. He should learn to overcome his own stubbornness, stagnation and not look for from strained situations of straightforward ways out. Psychological crises are difficult and long, without much faith in the victory and themselves. The main condition for winning a change for this person is to believe that all of them are in principle permissible. Interests of the group, this person defends adamantly and consistently. In general, he focuses with effort in areas lying between individual and group ethics — it is difficult for him to find a balance of collective need and personal desire. He perfectly senses the magic of objects, exhibits an extraordinary capacity for massage, correctly perceives the thoughts and forms of the invisible world. The partner usually gives help to this person, especially if it helps in a timely and benevolent way. He is able to rely on his talents, when it is necessary to turn unfavourable situations to advantage. Sexually, there are not many problems. A tendency to selfishness can be revealed. This person can apply his own characteristics for an ultra-deep study of occult manifestations. Often such people have the ability for spiritual regeneration and profound transformation. By the way, all this does not prevent him from dealing with very specific and specific cases. He must know that those people on whom they rely are really useful and reliable.

House 8 in Taurus

Ruled by the feminine energy of Venus, the House 8 in Taurus has the potential to be very sensual. When it comes to sex, you need to feel connected and safe—but once you do, you're eager to let out your wild, free spirit. "Pick beautiful places to have sex in, wear what makes you feel sexy, or create a romantic setting to call in the more spiritual side of yourself," Taurus is a sign that celebrates life while the eighth house is the one to destroy it. One of the greatest oppositions of the zodiac is seen in this position and change will come as this slow, difficult interference with life that simply has to break at some point. There is something too different from what one’s primal nature would desire in this position, and to mend differences between personal and the collective might come as extremely hard for this person. Joy is found in bizarre choices, and changes are truly hard to accept. Transformation is slow and has to be enjoyed or it won’t happen at all. This leads to all sorts of problems in letting go of people, circumstances, career ventures and even physical waste. These are the people that have to throw used and broken things into trash and don’t want the energy of broken material treasures tainting their emotional world.

House 8 in Taurus have very high morals

Natives born with House 8 in Taurus have very high ideals and morals. Those of them who are functioning on a low octave don’t give this much importance to values and are more focused on the materialistic side of life, on physicality and what’s coming from their environment, not on the higher consciousness and the mysteries of life. More than often, many of the people with House 8 in Taurus have been searching for the Absolute Truth, but the one that’s reflected through the Self. They want to be the ones who are always giving the right answers and who know everything, from the most profound notions to the most superficial ones. Therefore, when it comes to them to search for the Truth, they can become preachy. They want their words to have weight and are not read to allow others to have an opinion of their own. In this situation, they should allow their conscious mind to expand because this way, they can grow and bring their creativity to the table. Because Taurus is an Earth sign that’s making natives believe only in practicality, these people can borrow from the qualities of the Water Scorpio, the sign that’s ruling the 8th House. This way, people with the Bull in the House of Scorpio need to bring their feelings into play and to make the best of it. They need to be profound, just like the Scorpio. They can learn how much value knowledge has and how to apply it in their life, in a spiritual manner. In this manner, they can gain the security and the materials they so much desire. Natives born with House 8 in Taurus are feeling hurt when not balanced or feeling secure. They get scars from their most traumatic experiences, which has left a shadow on them, and made these people more possessive and intolerant. They may want to simply such the life out of their opponents when confronting them. When looking to obtain some material benefits and pleasure, nothing can stay in their way. It can be said these natives have inherited their greed and materialistic side and that this is their cry to obtain power and to be in control. This can make them erratic and self-destructive because they’re unable to have the security they need in their life. When they need to master their demons, these people are looking to feel safe and to not have anyone taking their possessions. After this, they can be mellow and no longer obsessing over comfort. Deep inside, these natives don’t want to accept what others are telling them to do. When they come across real healing, they’re working with the consistency coming from inside their hearts to make it.

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