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House 8 in Sagittarius

House 8 in Sagittarius shows that you have a very optimistic mindset. The 8th house represents our deepest fears and insecurities and having Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter in it shows that you always manage to overcome and face your fears with your bold and optimistic approach.  Even during your most difficult times you always manage to look forward to the good things that may come. You are good at putting yourself together and finding inspiration and strength to face any difficulties you are going through. You are great at moving on and you may view your hardships as a valuable learning experience. You use your failures as a motivation for the future. The 8th house represents change, difficulties and the personal transformation we experience throughout our life. House 8 in Sagittarius may show that you are likely to have a very optimistic approach to changes. Even if a decision doesn’t bring you the outcome you desire, you always manage to put yourself together and look forward to the better things that may come. You use any failures and bad decisions as a learning experience for the future. You have a very mature approach to failure and you may look at it as something that was meant to happen in order for things to get better. You have financial luck. The 8th house represents financial decisions, shared assets and investments. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth and abundance, so having Sagittarius on the 8th house cusp shows that you are likely to experience financial luck throughout your life. Any financial decisions you make are likely to lead to a positive outcome. You are likely to have luck in any investments or financial decisions you make. Jupiter as a ruled of your 8th house may show that you are likely to experience financial luck from marriage.

House 8 in Sagittarius

When House 8 in Sagittarius there is something strange about the convictions this person has. Everything that they anticipate will work – won’t, and vice versa, as if the entire Universe is there to teach them about the relativity of all things. While they are protected from danger with something as beneficent as the sign ruled by Jupiter, they will also have trouble with accepting all Jupiter related matters, teachings, and philosophical approaches. For as long as they feel their entire life has great purpose they will be fine, but this is a state that runs off pretty quickly and pushes them to new activities, choices, and changes in their life path that happen too often for the rest of the world to understand why. All negative things that happen will be a blessing in disguise and all positive quite the opposite. To understand that their whole life is turned upside-down, they will have to separate from common people and realize how different they are. If they lose faith, all can be lost in an instant. It’s normal for them to want to prove they’re superior, especially when they want to no longer seem vulnerable, or when wanting to not become manipulated from a financial, even sexual point of view. According to what other signs and planets are in their birth chart, Jupiter can influence them to have the perfect intuition when it comes to money and being lucky. The same planet of abundance here is also suggesting natives having it in the Eighth House rely a lot on good fortune and have a special charisma on which they’re building in life. When it comes to lovemaking, they’re strongly driven to do it, so their romantic relationships are usually healthy. If feeling emotionally wounded, they need to heal by feeling free and having a lot of faith. It’s possible they went through something painful in life, an event that prevented them from doing what they wanted. This could have resulted in them having a dark side, but one that’s keeping them focused on doing what they’re supposed to do. When this side of them comes to the surface, they can make excesses and hurt other people because they don’t know when to stop with anything they may be doing. The inheritance they’re passing on themselves is centered on their addiction to take risks. These people may not care about who’s falling with them when they’re falling.

House 8 in Sagittarius have an optimistic mind set

You lack attachment in intimate relationships. The 8th house is the house that represents our intimate relationships – how we open up to people, how easily we let others into our life. House 8 in Sagittarius shows a very easy-going attitude to intimacy and personal relationships. You aren’t very picky of who you let into your life as you always manage to let go of others as quickly as possible if they don’t bring enough value and happiness into your life. This can be a very positive quality, but it also can show a lack of emotional attachment in intimate relationships. You may have trouble forming a close bond with others as you always seek something greater. You seek improvement and growth. You aren’t afraid of facing your fears and managing your insecurities. This may help you focus on improving any negativity in your life and focusing on abundance. You have an optimistic mind which helps you seek growth and improvement throughout your life. You always look on the good side of things – even the biggest difficulties aren’t something you focus on for a long time as you know that they can be easily solved. You find your personal power and experience transformation by going out of your comfort zone and exploring anything unfamiliar. Through uncovering a new side of yourself you manage to become more powerful and turn into a stronger version of yourself. With House 8 in Sagittarius, you have luck overcoming your fears and insecurities as you are always focused on improvement and personal growth. You are likely to experience financial luck throughout your life, but be wary of making any financial decisions that are not well thought of.

House 8 in Sagittarius means that such a person easily achieves success by attracting borrowed funds, as well as placing finance in circulation. He has a wonderful instinct for disguised financial opportunities, intuitively anticipating the time that is favourable for concluding insurance contracts and executing wills. Often, he benefits greatly from engaging in insurance, notarial or banking matters. Often these people receive a huge inheritance without any complications. Their financial partners are friendly and reliable, due to this the growth of their well-being, is steady and stable. During the significant changes in life, the person with House 8 in Sagittarius behaves fervently and famously, not being afraid of anything. Although, he is somewhat superficial in assessing phenomena, which later, only you can regret. Fate can act with this person quite unceremoniously and cruelly, chasing him through changes in cracking and kicking. Extreme situations are extremely acute, and he should learn how to get out of them without forcing and plastic. The main thing is not to focus only on one enthusiasm, but add it with logic and attention. Psychological crises are quite vigorous and often seem to him due to external factors. At the same time, the way to solve problems is one - this is an inner transformation and, of course, a transition to higher vibrations. This requires hot and fervent claims to the whole world to be transferred to oneself. In relations with society, two extremes are likely, or he is completely identified with the collective and turns out to be a fanatic, losing his personal ethics and individuality of his opinion, or he contrasts his position collectively loudly and firmly, usually losing in a direct collision with the rest. Occult attention is associated with the energy flows that such a person seeks to manage with the help of tense will and developed imagination. Concentration exercises should be handled very carefully. The situation is remarkable for scientific and research work. He is a refined and inventive person, resolutely interested in the philosophy of religion, life after death and the meaning of existence. Relations with a partner can bring him great benefits. There is also the possibility of obtaining good property. Despite the huge interest in sex, there is a tendency to focus more on the mental than on its physical side. In the life of this subject, there is constant assistance from others. He can achieve considerable success in the political arena.

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign overlaying a Water House, so individuals with House 8 in Sagittarius will rely on exploration, authority, and adventure as their way to explore intimacy and transform themselves. They will be adventurous and filled with conviction when seeking or dealing with change and exploring their sexuality. Positively, these individuals will share and promote a wonderful ride through life together, seeking opportunities for change that help the relationship transform. Negatively, they can force their beliefs onto their partner in an authoritarian and unforgiving way. As life partners, they are dedicated by design and worldly by nature, and can make exciting partners where shared resources and commitment are concerned. People born with House 8 in Sagittarius are especially interested in philosophy and religion, as well as death and sex. No matter what, these natives still believe there are good people in the world, meaning they bring a lot of good luck wherever they’re going. When it comes to money, they may have rich relatives to leave them a significant inheritance. They can manage finances without stressing too much because they’re talented with business, not to mention they have a lot of good luck. A House 8 in Sagittarius individual can deal with large sums of money without stressing too much. More than this, because he or she is optimistic, only good things can happen to him or her in terms of finances. The generosity and optimism of natives with this aspect are bringing them everything they want in life. They are always looking for new adventures when trying to study the psyche of others. This is why they’re being profound and wise, also always looking to learn about the passions of others. These natives are exploring other people in an almost strategic way, so they’re asking questions about what they’re eating and even whom they’ve had sex with. However, they can be blamed for later on using the information they gathered against them. This means they’re manipulative, especially if they want to teach some of the people they know a few lessons.


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