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House 8 in Leo

A House 8 in Leo person is fun and courageous, you're likely willing to put your heart into romance. Role play, dress up, or some kind of sexy performance may be a turn-on, but remember to give your partner a turn in the spotlight, too. Be open to communicating with your partner in terms of what they want, and try to not allow your ego to get bruised if they direct you in what they want. If the eighth house is in Leo, there is no easy way to accept authority. Not only will a person need a change of personal image and scenery, but they will also see all of ego related problems of their own, in other people. In case they won’t accept childish behaviour and efforts of others, this simply means they are not on the right track. There is almost always something off with their perception of success. To truly evolve and transform into successful and strong individuals full of life, they have to build their level of respect for others and themselves to infinite heights. The challenge here lies in their ability to respect those who aren’t deep, practical and responsible as they think suitable. Once they see that a smile on their face is directly related to the respect they nurture for their own child within, their perception will change and they will be ready to manage, rule, and shine their warm light on other people.

House 8 in Leo

In this position, you learn more about where you need to reborn and transform, and how you will deal with these cycles. It helps you become more and more who you are. For further understanding, you can also learn more about the position of your Sun, since this is Leo’s ruler. Nevertheless, there are many hints just from Leo in house 8. People with Leo in house 8 want to take the adventure of exploring the processes of their psychology. You might feel this yourself, and be very interested in therapy and self-knowledge. This path will set you free, help you to connect with your true self. It won’t merely help you dealing with difficult situations, it’s most of all the way for you to discover who you are. Having House 8 in Leo is extremely powerful, and discovering more about your identity is very important in your life. You can also have special skills to help other people understand who they are and lead others to this same path of learning more about the self. You have to face challenges with a lot of persistence. These are the things that will help you develop as a human being. Leo is about the messages of the heart as well, so in these moments, you want to connect with what your essence truly wishes. Sometimes you let yourself be influenced by the people who surround you instead of following your own heart and beliefs. It’s important that you start following more and more what you actually want. Sexuality is an important thing in your life. It plays a main role in the construction of your individuality and confidence. You face a few challenges in this aspect, especially in trusting yourself. Building a healthy relationship with your sexuality is very important, it will help you access your confidence and your creativity. 

House 8 in Leo put their whole heart into romance

Adventurous, he likes to expose himself and can feel contempt for death, especially if the Ascendant is Aquarius.


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