Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

House 8 in Gemini

With House 8 in Gemini, you are extremely curious about exploring the depths of intimacy and sex. You might enjoy learning as much as possible about erotic sexual pleasures such as tantric or even more taboo sexual practices. When House 8 in Gemini relationships will always begin in your mind and in order to fall in love and ever achieve deep, intimate, bonding sex, you must first achieve an intellectual connection with your partner. House 8 in Gemini can often thrive by talking to a lover after physical sex. Pillow talk is indeed the doorway to intimacy, much more than the physical act of sex itself. You will enjoy talking while you have sex and might ask your partner to talk dirty to you during sex if House 8 in Gemini. You might also find it natural to bond intimately with more than one sexual partner…at once!

Individuals born with House 8 in Gemini are always coming up with new ideas when it comes to their money and that of the family. Most of the time, these natives have to deal with a lot of information, especially when it comes to property and finances. Not a few times, they need to deal with death and the business of people who deceased. Since they’re curious about what’d beyond reality and interested in mysteries, they don’t mind discussing problems that are difficult to grasp. When having to deal with more extreme situations, they actually become more artistic and fun than usual, which can help them develop their minds even further. Changes that are coming their way usually make these people pay attention to every little detail. Their intellectual mind is working perfectly when they need to address challenges, but their curiosity is never allowing them to not want to deal with difficulties. It would be a good idea for these natives to be more sensitive because they can ask the harshest questions and not be too diplomatic. When people around them are annoyed by this attitude of theirs, they can be very surprised. It’s okay for them to keep their openness and to share their dark feelings, but they shouldn’t be shocked when others aren’t feeling the same way they do.

House 8 in Gemini

People born with House 8 in Gemini are naturally curious about life’s mysteries. They like to gather as much information as possible about this and to make an analysis. Therefore, they want to find out about any secret. As far as them managing their finances goes, they’re full of ideas on how to make a budget and to spend. For them, power comes in the form of communication and news because they want to have more knowledge and this way, to control others. People born with House 8 in Gemini have to be careful not to become emotionally dependent on others. When they need control, these natives want to control minds by being financially supportive and always there physically rather than emotionally. It seems easy and innocent for a House 8 in Gemini individual to manipulate people or to be manipulated if some financial gains are involved. Those of them who are more developed and in contact with a higher plane of existence know more about life’s secrets because they’re struggling to discover the Absolute Truth. However, they can become too involved in this and no longer understand how to deal with the mundane or how to put what they learned into practice.

House 8 in Gemini seem to know everything about metaphysics and they have the potential to be good astrologers because they’re good at these subjects. However, it’s important for them to not become too intellectually involved and to communicate only with beings or elements from other realms. Real-life should work just fine for them if they’re balanced. When not living harmoniously, they can become destructive and make all kinds of confusing changes. For example, they can divorce and move house, even their religion. For this reason, they shouldn’t be superficial when judging and analysing. They can end up enduring too long crises and turn something simple into a chronic problem. It can be difficult to understand a person born with House 8 in Gemini because natives with this placement have a complicated mind and can’t reveal anything about themselves and the changes that are all the time happening in their thoughts. When it comes to their health, they can have problems with their respiration, so any disease with the respiratory system can bother their life. This is why they shouldn’t smoke and take extra care of their lungs.

With House 8 in Gemini, changes always move through one’s mental plain and superficial approach is almost impossible to accept. This is a typical position for those born with their ascendant in Scorpio, and we will see that they have real trouble accepting anything carefree that lacks depth and deep instinct in its core. Individuals with their House 8 in Gemini will steer clear of small talk, often not realizing how necessary and helpful it can be. Dismissal of brotherly love or love with a sibling is almost always present, so it needs to be found in their heart and accepted for better or worse. Changes in life will be strangely casual when they are big and usually approached to with ease and vigour. This is the position that allows love of change and these dreamers will search for happiness in strangest of places. You associate sexual love with communication and mental stimulation. One leads to the other. If you meet someone with whom you can talk and exchange information for hours on end, then love will follow.

House 8 in Gemini have the most amazing relationship when they can engage in constant communication with their partners

For House 8 in Gemini, the deepest and most amazing sexual relationship happens when you can engage in constant communication with your partner. Your path to deep love is one word at a time. You must open all your communication channels with your partner from verbal to modern media. You need to share tons of information with your partner and you also want your partner to share tons of information with you. Sharing info is what makes you feel sexually connected. The overall communication style is given by placing Mercury in your chart. You may be more inclined to talk slowly and about just a few subjects, or talk fast about a lot of different things. Your style maybe straightforward or indirect, responsible or reckless, and so on, but regardless of what your communication style is, what matters to you in deep sexual love, is that you communicate all the time. That's what turns you on and that's what makes you feel connected. Behind such formidable exchange of information, there's a need for mental stimulation. At a deeper level, sexual and emotional connection result from mental connection. If your partner can engage and stimulate your mind, your sexual bond with him/her gets deeper and more intense. For as long as your mind is stimulated and you communicate back and forth fluently, your love connection will be deep and passionate.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that rules over communication in the natal chart. So, for those with House 8 in Gemini, sex for these people is completely in the mind. They enjoy the experimentation aspect of the sexual experience and are always up for trying new things. They love to play games with your head, as this is highly erotic for them. These people are also drawn to things of a youthful or intellectual nature, such as teacher and student role-playing. The House 8 in Gemini means that the complex transitional situations this person overcomes freely and easily. After all, you can always soberly realize the anticipated options for solving critical moments. There is a lightweight in approving decisions, especially concerning the attraction of borrowed funds. Often these people are in danger of getting involved in debt. They perfectly manage the general capital. Psychological crises, they are remarkably tracked and controlled, but they never keep up with them, they do not have enough time or patience for all this.

In general, people with House 8 in Gemini are coping with huge information arrays, freely connected with property and with money. Often, one way or another, they are sent to the problem of death, as well as dealing with the affairs of deceased people. They are keenly interested in everything beyond and mysterious, they are always ready to take part in the discussion of incomprehensible problems. Extreme situations, this person is able to overcome artistically and playfully, in which he is greatly helped by the mental modelling of the turning point. He is inclined to carefully weigh all the details of the upcoming changes. With disharmonious improvement, the life of such a person is revealed full of destructive, unpleasant and contradictory changes, from the change of the country of residence and the wife, to the change of religion and sex. He must avoid the superficial judgments and analysis that can lead to a prolonged crisis and his transition to a chronic situation. In general, in itself to understand this person is much more difficult than it may seem in the beginning. Major mental difficulties in his case, consist of many small dead ends and small hooks kaleidoscopically replacing each other.

He remarkably expresses in words the opinion of society, on questions of group ideology and ethics. His attitude to the needs of the team is purely rational and without unnecessary emotions. It is subject to change, in the course of a certain group work. To the secret reality, this man shows a purely mental interest, in the beginning he seeks to learn more about everything, and then proceeds to mental manipulation with the psyche of those around him. Talents are noted for auto-training and hypnosis. Such a person is interested in absolutely everything that concerns the mystery of death and life. He will not abate until that time, until he reaches the highest level of understanding. To all pathological inclinations, is cautious and wise. Very interested in the occult. Often shows an interest in the mental, but not the sexual side in a relationship. Although he often loves and talk a lot about sex. In relation to others, such a person often makes categorical and harsh judgments. However, it is difficult to admit personal mistakes. Can devote himself to scientific research, sexology or writing.


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