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House 7 in Pisces

House 7 in Pisces means that the partner opens up new areas of interest to these people, helps them to perceive others more widely and reveals the wealth of the world of sensations. Such people attract the others to themselves hypnotically, and they themselves strive for the natures deep and mysterious. They are striving in business cooperation and marital relations to discover something important and profound, as well as realize a deep inclination towards guardianship and patronage. They very accurately and subtly feel any situation, however, they do not always react tactfully to it. A major role in the selection of companions is personal antipathy and sympathy. They, in the performance of contractual relations, as usual, are demanding of the others, but not to themselves. In general, they tend to avoid direct responsibility. Any pressure on themselves they endure very hard and painful. Open enemies in a person with House 7 in Pisces may not be, at least, they do not strike the eye, but many often fail and deceive, without producing significant attacking actions. Struggle occurs on the principle of "a knife in the back" — there is no question of any "open visor". The enemies are unobtrusive, soft, slippery and the nature of the connections with them is constantly changing, so they are not easy to track and notice. As a partner, this person is at first pretty attractive, soft, soft and gentle. He does not contradict colleagues as much as he adapts to them. Unfortunately, later it turns out that the argument goes against his behaviour. For example, not having fulfilled his obligations, he openly convinces his partner that he did not give them to them. The activity of the group is perceived by this person in a distorted form and is vague and vague. In partnership, there are a lot of emotions, illusions, false pity, manipulation and mysterious misunderstandings. Only diligent work on yourself will lead to reliable love, mutual assistance, and also deep sensitive interactions. Such a person is looking for an idealistic and impractical partner who will offer him sympathy and support. A marriage with an invalid or alcoholic is possible, which will give him a sad shade. At the same time, it is possible to find a real knight on a horse — and someone else will not be able to come up. Because of his predisposition to criticism, as well as "searching for a needle in a haystack," he will face countless difficulties when it comes to dealing with other people. Balanced, good judgment will help him get rid of certain credulity, mainly when it comes to other people.

House 7 in Pisces

When House 7 in Pisces, matters of trust are of outmost importance for any healthy relationships a person might have. Beliefs will create destiny, while there is often some sort of mission one has to fulfil in order to find satisfaction and happiness. In many cases this is a position that speaks of betrayal and strange partners, intimate bonds with people who are talented and artistic but also unstable, lost, far away, psychologically challenged or turned to substance abuse of some kind. Dependencies are almost inevitable here until one learns about ways to believe in their own abilities and believe in others in the right way and with clearly set boundaries. There is a lot of emotion and romance here and for as long as the minds of these individuals don’t meddle in matters of the heart they will advance towards more and more fulfilling relationships through life. There is magic to this position and the greatest potential for a fairytale ending is hidden here, if only there is enough faith and devotion to reach this destination. You want a partner who is sweet and sensitive of your feelings. They need to know how to calm you down when you get rattled. They should probably be someone who is strong where you’re weak. It can be a long time before you settle down, fearful of failure. In a relationship, you keep everything organized while they bring the whimsy and get you to open up to new experiences.

House 7 in Pisces has a constant search to find the ideal partner. The idealization of a deep, magical love that is waiting somewhere causes Pisces in house 7 to devote much of their energy trying to find it. They have a great sensitivity and are very receptive to the emotions expressed by others. The natives of Pisces in this house have a very changeable nature. They must learn to clearly show their partners what they really feel and think. Otherwise, disappointment and disenchantment on the part of the other person may soon emerge. They tend to demand a lot from their partners. It is common for them to avoid direct liability. As soon as someone presses them, they become overwhelmed and enter a state of nervousness and stress. In time they will understand that they cannot demand so much of others. House 7 in Pisces is capable of giving up its personal self in favour of that of the partner that it has sought so much. Such resignation is in a certain way self-serving, since what it craves is also social recognition. Something that will only be possible with the help of the partner. The House 7 in Pisces person is very caring, loving, and is all about the romance, requiring affection and intimacy, that is your love language. Don't forget to give yourself some much-needed solo time, even if you don't realize how important it actually is for you. Even though you would prefer to cuddle up to your partner most of the time, codependency may become an issue. Pisces’ modern ruler is Neptune (the planet of inspiration), so it’s possible that this placement has a romanticized idea of love, where you eternally wait for your knight-in-shining-armour or fairy-tale-princess that only exist on your mind.

House 7 in Pisces seek sensitive partners

People born with House 7 in Pisces are often helped by their partners to explore new territories and to be more understanding or emotionally involved. They most of the time attract personalities that aren’t as organized as they are. Because they have a good soul and a rich imagination, it’s likely for them to be drawn by those who are the same. This is mostly because they don’t want their ideas to be “killed” by those who have no imagination whatsoever. While they can make their life more beautiful when next to people with creative minds, they can also end up in self-destruction, when they’re collaborating with those who are never down-to-earth and who can’t put them on the right track. It would be a good idea for these natives to be more practical. It’s not that they have to be always practical and connected with the mundane, they just need to admit when they’re no longer in contact with reality. It would be a good idea for them to share their life with someone who can be strong in the most extreme moments. Since they’re afraid they may fail in their love life, 7th House Pisces are taking some time before settling with someone. Their relationships are usually organized and they don’t mind opening up to all kinds of experiences. When selecting a life partner, they’re paying a lot of attention to whom they sympathize and don’t have very good feelings. If they’re closing a contract, they’re more demanding of the other part and not of themselves because it’s difficult for them to be responsible. It’s very likely for these natives to suffer and to feel devastated when pressure is being put on them. If it is for them to be complete, they have to be empathetic and connected with a more ethereal world. This is how they can realize their romantic relationships and friendships are supposed to be different than of others’. However, because they seem to be from a different world, they can end up being unrealistic or escaping reality, which can force them to confront their other self, from a different planet. The more these natives are accepting they can sometimes not have their feet on the ground, the more they can love themselves. This can result in them having a great time both with themselves and in the company of others. Love can be incredible for them, but Neptune in the 7th House can as well create a lot of confusion and have them wanting to sacrifice themselves for their lover and the sake of their romantic connection. Having the Virgo as their Ascendant, they’re most of all practical and attracted to those who rely on their intuition. More than this, they may want to be with a person who takes care of the little details in their life.

People born with House 7 in Pisces believe in true love and want to be the ones who save their partner. They don’t mind overcoming challenges when fighting for their other half, but this doesn’t mean they’re ready to take exaggerated risks either. The solitary search for someone doesn’t bother them. As soon as they’re with the perfect person, these natives are starting to put all of their soul into that relationship for it to not consume itself. They’re attracted to down-to-earth people because they need someone serious and composed to help them be less dreamy. Their subconscious is simply looking for this. They can have some difficulties with their marriage and other personal connections because they don’t know how to reach to others, but at least they can always give a hand when someone is in trouble. When the times are asking them to, they can sacrifice themselves for their other half. Seventh House Pisces dream about someone who’s intuitive and has vision because they can take care of the rest. Many of them prefer to be single because they don’t want to let anyone in their life down. The idea is for them to not expect unrealistic things from their partner and love life because they can end up living an illusion and think of an ideal type of love no one can reach. This is how they can end up in dangerous situations or doing extreme things out of the fear of not getting rejected. The imagination of Seventh House Pisces is good for influencing others and making these natives adapt to their surroundings. It’s like they need to shift their personality all the time, to be accepted. This is how they can have good relationships with others. When heartbroken, they can despair and no longer see what’s going on in their life. Denial is something they’re used to. When abandoned, they need to have something that repeats itself into their life for them to find someone new. No matter how healthy their relationships are, these people need to trust others. Their values and beliefs can shape their life, not to mention some may have a mission to become happy and satisfied. Sometimes, Pisces in the Seventh House is about getting betrayed and having the strangest partners who are talented with the arts, but who at the same time abuse different substances. Therefore, the lovers of a House 7 in Pisces individual may be dependent on something until learning what their limits are and starting to believe in themselves. The emotions of these natives are many and can’t be expressed unless they’re in a fulfilling relationship. Because they’re magical, the opportunity for them to be involved in fairy-tale-like love stories exists, but they need loyalty and their partner to believe in them for this to happen. The enemies of these natives are usually not direct and the types who are looking to have them fail or to end up being deceived. These people may never be attacked by their opponents, but they surely are prone to being stabbed in the back. The person with Pisces in Seventh House is in the first place a very attractive partner with the most caring soul. When it comes to them being colleagues, they don’t like to contradict because they’re versatile. However, some can argue their behaviour, especially when they’re irresponsible. When they’re doing this at home, their partner is often blamed for their mistakes. When it comes to group activities, they see team activities vaguely. When partnering up, they can have too many emotions and start to dream of a fantasy world, which can also turn them into big manipulators and true mysteries for others. Only by working hard, these natives can enjoy a love that’s steady, sensitive and in which mutual help is the keyword. Natives born with House 7 in Pisces can be far from pragmatic when thinking of an ideal partner that will always be by their side. At the same time, some can find their ideal love and no one will be able to convince them things are not perfect in their life. Since they don’t like being criticized, their relationships with others can be quite difficult. More than this, they tend to look for the needle in the haystack too much. If they want to get along well with everyone and to no longer be gullible, they need balance in their life and to judge correctly.


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