House 7 in Leo

House 7 in Leo means that in partnership you are capable of playing leading roles. And in marriage, in the profession attracted to them quite strong and well-organized partners who either manage them, or they themselves are guided. The person with the 7th house in Leo is independent and it is impossible to suppress such a person. But, nevertheless, all of its conjugal and business unions are strong enough, although it happens that they are complicated to gravity towards the most complete independence. This person wants to set himself the conditions and make laws. He or independently begins to distribute all the roles in the group or waits, when at last, others resort to him with a request to help in this matter. As spouses, they are deeply in love with their own partner and always find their place in life. They have very strong and consistent enemies who lead them out of calm, detached introspection and are forced to fight decisively and openly. The enemies of this person are characterized by nobility and directness. Enemies, it seems to him quite powerful and frightening, persistent and powerful. The main thing is to be filled with enthusiasm, which will always be connected with force. In addition, you just need to find in yourself all the hidden springs of energy and accurately send them to your opponent. With partners, this person behaves quite patronizingly, even somewhat condescendingly, because he uses all his mighty power and calm confidence to protect people close to him. For such a person, it is simply important to truly believe in one’s own strengths, both on the outer side of life and in the personal, where this subject, despite all possible bravado, may very well be very vulnerable and may even show a tendency to fade and depression. With a high development of character — an energetic and trustworthy spouse with a high consciousness of personal responsibility is formed, who is endlessly inclined to take everything upon himself. At the same time he expects complete fidelity and obedience, in his relations with his partner and with great difficulty agrees to make any concessions. He attracts a strong enough partner. This may well create a number of problems, because he and not his opponent, do not want to make concessions. Therefore, he needs a partner who will live, having a heart and not fixated on logic. This person, very much in need of true love and direct approval. Just loves romantic evenings by candlelight. Women with this position Descendant — especially majestic and bright. Leo in the Seventh house people like being around those who have a big personality, but when around individuals who are quiet and more reserved, they’re a true force of nature. This is why, when they’re in a group of this kind, they should use all of their energy to offer their support to others.

House 7 in Leo

House 7 in Leo wants a strong partner who’s allowing them to be the stars. They tend to go for lovers who like them for who they are both inside and outside. It’s very likely for them to be in control of their relationships because they’re responsible. These natives are great intellectuals who are looking to gain more knowledge in life. Also independent, they can’t be suppressed. On the other hand, they keep their romances alive and strong, even when wanting to be freer than ever. A 7th House Leo individual wants to come up with new laws and to put conditions. Natives with this placement can, on their own, give people in their group different roles. However, they don’t mind giving a hand when they have to. It can be difficult for some of them to enlighten others, especially if they have a partner who’s very strong and doesn’t agree with what they are doing. Therefore, they need to share their life with equals and to leave some room for them and their other half to shine together.


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