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House 7 in Capricorn

House 7 in Capricorn are looking for a partner who can help them make their dreams come true and don’t mind dumping all of their responsibilities on others. They love it when their other half is taking the initiative and when they’re being encouraged to succeed themselves. It’s unlikely for natives born with House 7 in Capricorn to ever be completely free because they are always chasing to please everyone’s expectations. In intimacy, they’re consistent and know what they want, so they may decide to be with someone who’s strengthening their spirituality and is helpful from a financial point of view, also who can help them climb the social ladder. House 7 in Capricorn are careful with their partnerships and shy when interacting with their public. Because they’re very scared of large crowds, many of them decide to spend their time at home. House 7 in Capricorn is indicating its natives are driven to succeed, no matter if they have many ambitions or not. House 7 in Capricorn emphasizes your need for stability and commitment in partnerships. This placement bodes well both for romance and business. You are likely to be slow to take the plunge and make commitments because you are evaluating the long term potential of any collaboration. You want to make sure you can fulfil your promises before making them and as a result you will carefully consider your relationship status. When you do make a commitment however, you are in it for the long haul, for better or worse and through any hardship. You hang on no matter what and can have a traditional view of partnerships and marriage. You seek out partnerships that are practical and stabilizing and your partners can help nurture you by grounding your energy with their responsible and self disciplined personalities. Your partnerships are most successful when your partner provides practical anchoring and you lend nurturing and emotion to the relationship. Even your romantic relationships can resemble a business partnership because you want to have a strategy and plan outlined and agreed upon. You are diligent, patient and value security and stable foundation in your relationships. House 7 in Capricorn may become attracted to others based on the security they represent to you as well. This can include being attracted to partners who are financially stable and whose slow pace and determination balance out your own personality. Your partners may be the source of financial and personal moderation and you may gladly give control of the finances or mundane decision making to your partner.

House 7 in Capricorn means that such a person in communication and alliances enters cautiously and with restraint. With a large congestion of a multi-audience, he becomes shy. The congestion of people horrifying him, so he avoids such conditions, preferring small in terms of the number of participants in the company. All contracts he carries out through proxies, the number of which is strictly limited. In a marriage, people with House 7 in Capricorn usually come late, carefully and carefully, having weighed all the "cons" and "pros". Happens in a non-free life they are connected for reasons of prestige. In conjugal relationships, consistently and thoroughly built, such people try to strengthen their spiritual, social and financial situation. Enemies of this person come across solid, serious and practical. They are not in a hurry, but they also do not miss a good opportunity to carry out their hostile action. This is all they need to learn, overcoming their own natural vulnerability and inherent emotional susceptibility. In combat, this person lacks imagination, he shows excessive asceticism and high practicality, he is too mundane imagining his opponent. Perhaps the emergence of a persistent terror against the enemy, or a misconception about his omnipotence.

House 7 in Capricorn

House 7 in Capricorn placement is perfect for business or couples who are trying to make money working together. It doesn’t matter what he or she is doing in life, the person born with Capricorn in Seventh House is striving to achieve success, a good social status and be well seen in the society, for their skills and achievements. Natives with this position in their birth chart should learn how to identify themselves with life. They’re looking to form secure and practical partnerships. This is why many of them are marrying late and for materialistic reasons. Reserved when closing a deal or forming a partnership, they’re most of the time looking to obtain security and a high position in society rather than social status. At the same time, they would hate to feel tied down in their marriage. When it comes to relationships, they still like to respect some rules and to fulfil responsibilities. These are the people who are treating their partner like their child because they’re caring. The more they feel like their lover is supporting them, the more they can last in a romantic connection. They don’t want to be rushed and are devoted to their other half, but they need his or her support. It takes them a while before they decide who to be with, as they’re serious about love. For this reason, they may commit later in life. At home, they’re supportive and expect the same thing in return. Usually, their enemies are strong people who are seriously trying to destroy them by playing the practicality card. House 7 in Capricorn people who oppose them are never hurrying to destroy their opponents because they’re waiting on good opportunities for this to happen. The natives just mentioned need to learn how to overcome their vulnerabilities and to no longer be emotional.

Natives of House 7 in Capricorn, deep in their souls, are afraid of their enemies and suddenly give up positions when the enemy is ready for an exhausting and long struggle. Often such people are good tacticians and fine strategists, however, laziness will prevent them from applying all these abilities. In relations with partners they are cold and somewhat reserved, prim and practical, laconic and economical. They almost always prefer to concede direct companions to their companions, and they do not hurry to accept the views of their colleagues, they just put up with them, and then only for a while. Probable partners such people choose for a long time and conduct through all sorts of trials. They are located to pay attention to the outer, and not to the spiritual dignity of the neighbour. Obviously, they lack emotionality in intimate relationships, so living with them is a bit boring, if only they do not work purposefully and consciously. House 7 in Capricorn is looking for an adult partner who could teach his determination in himself. But here in the resolution of heart questions is not particularly open. He wants to be loved, but he doubts the naturalness of the confessions of his neighbours. It is not easy for him to take and give at the same time. If someone frankly offers him his love, he is inclined to hide his feelings, for him the choice is not easy. Born with House 7 in Capricorn, a late marriage union is possible, aspiration to find a mature partner is expressed. If the role of guardian and defender is formed, it can even come to a young partner. This person is inclined to at least somehow restrain his partner, or he feels himself to be limited, due to any fundamental duty to another person.

When fighting others, they don’t seem to have an imagination because they’re too practical and focused on the mundane. They could try terrorizing the enemy in their minds, making him or her feel weak and no longer omnipotent. Since the sign of Capricorn is influencing people to have high standards for both others and themselves, having it in the Seventh House is indicating natives with this placement should accept their demands are pretentious. They shouldn’t have lower ones, but need to acknowledge people in their surroundings may not think the way they do and that this is no moral mistake on their part. Because House 7 in Capricorn are taking their relationships seriously, it would be better for them to not invest their energy into those who don’t have the same standards as them because there can’t be any change happening. When it comes to love, they’re not giving it a priority, but they’re the perfect business partners, also honest and precise in their dealings. As far as marriage goes, they’re loyal and struggling to keep their social status when things aren’t working out the way they want them to. This is because they’re proud and don’t like to admit they’ve been defeated. The Seventh House is initiating the South part of the astrological part and therefore, spirituality and the intellect. More than this, it’s the 3rd quartile, the one of how the “WE” is being identified with the Self and other people. It represents the non-self, so the introverted and conservative Capricorn must be more considerate when it comes to others, also to identify him or herself and his individuality as parts of life.

House 7 in Capricorn have aspiration to find a mature partner, and a late marriage union is possible

Even though House 7 in Capricorn often speaks of restrictions and characters that are hard to combine with one’s core personality, it gives a certain sense of responsibility and patience towards other people. With enough rest and solitude, this is someone who can predict other people’s behaviour and approach them in a way that makes everyone feel protected and safe. The main challenge here is in breaking all walls around the heart of the chart’s owner and people in their life. Every hurt will reflect in the inability to form a close relationship, and memories tend to distract a person from building a future they wish for. If there is guilt involved and they think they have made too many mistakes, these individuals could even give up on love, thinking they don’t deserve it or they are unworthy of those who’d make them truly happy. Each lesson learned here has to be deep and complete, while one has to always make progress overcoming the static need to stand in one place, tied to those who don’t make them smile. Deep inside their soul, people born with House 7 in Capricorn are very scared of their enemies and tend to give up when seeing their opponents are struggling for a long time to defeat them. At least they know how to develop strategies, even if they’re sometimes lazy to put all of their talents into use. When it comes to their connection with their partner, they’re cold and composed, more practical than loving, also a little bit cheap. More than this, they’re looking to have a too direct relationship and aren’t hurrying to accept a different point of view than their own. At the same time, it’s difficult for them to act on their own, meaning they’re attracted to capable and productive individuals. However, if they’re dealing with strong people, they can become too rigid and calculated because this is only reflecting their ways, which are the same.

To feel complete, these natives need to accept they’re ambitious and very strong. By doing this, they can feel whole and build solid relationships with individuals who can help them feel secure. People born with Capricorn in the Seventh House think they must influence others most effectively. When it comes to love and friendships, they’re looking to take advantage of others to make their dreams come true. Treating their relationships seriously and being disciplined about them, they can feel very bad when breaking up. It can be said they’re sometimes just too serious about their connections. If heartbroken, these natives can start to doubt themselves and their judgment, not to mention they wouldn’t want to go on with their life anymore. However, they should see the obstacles in their way as challenges from which they can learn something. While people born with House 7 in Capricorn are restrictive and can’t combine matters from their surroundings with their core personality, but at least they’re patient and responsible. If resting enough and spending some time alone, they’re becoming able to predict how others will behave, not to mention they’ll know how to make their loved ones feel secure and protected. Their challenge is to destroy the fortress surrounding their hearts. When hurt, they can become unable to form close relationships and to remember what they need to work on their future. In case they’re feeling guilty about something or thing they’ve made too many mistakes, they may end up no longer wanting to love, seeing themselves as undeserving. The lessons House 7 in Capricorn need to learn have to be profound and whole. Besides, they need to learn how to stay next to those who don’t always make them put a smile on their face.

With House 7 in Capricorn, your relationships are likely to be serious and committed. You may be drawn to partners who are ambitious and disciplined. Balancing your need for structure with your partner's need for spontaneity can be a challenge. The partners people born with House 7 in Capricorn are choosing must go through all sorts of tests before being next to these people. Besides, they should pay more attention to the mundane than to spirituality. These natives don’t have too many emotions when being intimate with someone, so it can be boring to live with them, especially when they don’t have a purpose and work consciously. They’re looking to be with someone who’s an adult and who can teach them how to have determination themselves. However, 7th House Capricorns can be closed when it comes to matters of the heart. They want their other half to love them, yet they don’t trust him or her that much. More than this, it seems they can’t give as much as they take. This is why they’re hiding what they’re feeling when someone is offering them love. Many of these natives can get married later in life because they’re looking for someone mature to be with them. However, they can bother their restraining and limiting ways. When having a duty, they can feel somehow limited.


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