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House 7 in Cancer

With House 7 in Cancer you might have an emotional nature, and need a partner who is nurturing, patient, and willing to cradle your tender heart. Just know that there's a fine line between being caring and the caretaker. Resentment can be something that slowly creeps into your relationships, so make sure you know what you are seeking before you become committed to someone. There has to be a sense of safety in a relationship, and there is a lot left in the field of relationships from our ancestors and family. It is almost impossible to separate one’s personal goals and bonds formed with other people from those of parents and close family members that presented role models in the person’s upbringing. With this position, ego and personality have to be well defined, and the Sun needs to be nurtured through creative activities and a thorough approach to the child within. All this person needs is awareness of their true core and specifics of personality that set them apart from family members and values learned at home. When partners are chosen in accordance with one’s sensibility and character, relationships will be filled with tenderness, emotion and intimacy, leading to a healthy family life and functional marriages that last.

House 7 in Cancer

Born with House 7 in Cancer, marriage and strong relationships are seen as essential to having a stable position in society. The person looks for a partner who provides a solid foundation that allows individual and family growth. The partner should be able to provide comfort, affection, and emotional security. This is definitely not a divorce-oriented person: Once engaged, Cancer in the descendant wants to stay there. These people find it very difficult to assume their own emotional responsibilities. Very often, they project their emotional needs onto the partner, basically asking the other person to be the vehicle and cure for all their emotional problems and instability. Partnerships in business and people who can support a career are of great importance.

House 7 in Cancer need emotional support

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