House 6 in Gemini

People who have 6 houses in Gemini prefer to work in the intellectual sphere. They approach the work process with a great deal of ingenuity, being able to combine several cases at once. Performing many functions, they do not lose sight of anything important. To employees, equal to them in rank or inferior, are treated friendly. Constant improvement of the working process and the establishment of friendly relations with colleagues are the guarantee of productive work. Thinking activity — that’s what helps this person to come to success. Before starting to do something, he must think through all the stages of the task, work them out in the mind and only then go on to the physical embodiment of the plan. Preliminary theoretical training helps to carry out clear and effective actions. People with 6 houses in Gemini can often be found among analysts, specialists in engineering departments, engineers, economists and other intellectual workers working with complex structures. In fine arts, they prefer graphics, in dramatic — precision, thoughtfulness and attention to detail. They are contraindicated routine, you can not load them with a monotonous work that does not require hard work of thought, as it threatens stagnation and depression. They feel healthy when they are able to think clearly, clearly think and quickly process the information they have received. This gives them an unprecedented surge of strength and inspiration that they invest in their work. Too active life position threatens with emotional overloads. However, lack of impressions and inactivity can lead to a decrease in vitality and apathy. To brighten up life they are helped by fascinating novels and films. Outstanding intellectual abilities make them successful scientists and researchers. These people need diversity and flight of thought. There is a predisposition to acute perceptions, especially in professional events. The state of mind is mainly influenced by inner calmness and orientation of thoughts. Such people find their calling in activities that require solving diverse tasks.

The sixth house in Gemini speaks of one’s mental occupancy and the ability, or the inability, to separate from the world of imagination and thought, and come down to the real world where grounding in found. As Mercury rules the sign of Gemini, there is a link here to this two-faced magician, and it often helps the person to understand “the other role” they need to play to make their physique and their circumstances work for them. This is a chatty position with a tendency to draw one to gossip at a workplace, but also brings a talent for trade and small financial matters that cumulate to create wealth. For as long as mental problems don’t preoccupy a person, this is a practical position that allows multitasking and a realistic approach to daily matters and work.

Gemini in the 6th house in astrology is prone to a quick, racing mind. To stop a constant cycle of rumination, find a platform that allows you to get it all out and express yourself. "Find the ‘container’ to process all the information you hold, like writing or speaking,". "Connecting to others is important, so working from home for long periods of time may be a bit hard for you. Be mindful of worrying about things you can't control."


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