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House 6 in Aries

When born with House 6 in Aries, we see someone whose energy is closely linked to their working routine. This is a position that puts an accent on one’s need to practice, start something new, exercise daily, and usually speaks of the energy rise that is triggered by changes to one’s routine. The sign of Aries gives initiative, and it is often “too modest” when related to the sixth house, giving a person the ability to work very hard, but stealing their ability to find joy in their achievements, always pushing forwards without stopping to see if they got something in return. The main problem of this position hides in Venus, wherever it might be located, for Aries is its detriment, and the sixth house represents its accidental fall. The important thing in this situation is to find personal value and avoid pro bono activities that other people might expect as a given. You throw yourself into your work, and are hard-working and dedicated. You’re driven to work in life, and try to do the absolute best you can. You can have a hard time with coworkers because you expect them to work as hard as you do. You need physical exercise to stay healthy. You may need to work for yourself with Aries here, or do work where you’re mostly on your own. You can work in the military or in sports.

The sixth house represents discipline and work. To understand Aries in house 6, the best way is to start by learning more about Aries and then what house 6 represents in the natal chart. Then, when you can gather both information. We’re going to guide you in the path of finding relevant information and how to make sense of it. You will learn how it influences you for the better and worst, and also understand that you have the power to work out this vibe and integrate it into your life. While learning about Aries in house 6, it’s good to do an honesty exercise with yourself since it will point some behaviours and feelings. The challenges you face, the opportunities you hadn’t seen yet, and also all the positive uses you make of Aries vibes. You can write it down to organize your ideas; it’s an excellent form of self-knowledge and development. Astrology is about possibilities; it shows you the way to understand yourself better and gives you the tools to work out consciously the energies of your life. Aries is courage and seeds. That means you have a lot of will when it comes to the tasks you have to do in your daily life. If you have a lot of fire and this area is vital in your life. Aries in house 6 asks you for you to bring new things to the world, to plant your seeds as a service to society. You find yourself with different ideas and projects; your mind never stops. Nevertheless, there are some negative tendencies, as well. First of all, your incapacity to say no. If you haven’t put effort into learning how to say no, it’s time to do it. Otherwise, you end up spreading your energy all over the place, losing focus on the things you actually want to do. One of the aspects that you often neglect is self-care, and with the time you must make space for it in your life. The second aspect that you need to watch out is that you have problems materializing your ideas, or when you do it, to keep motivated and keep it through. You have a lot of energy and will, so that is not the problem. The problem is when you don’t know what you are really passionate about. In order for you to keep focused on your projects, is first to find out what you really love and how you want to serve the world. To have a better understanding of that, you can also learn more about the positioning of your Mars. Having your independence is another important aspect. If you don’t create your own job, you will at least be happy if you. It’s important for your stability to have balanced people by your side. People that can bring you down to the earth, help you focus and keep going. You have a lot to give to the world, you just need to learn how to move your energies.

House 6 in Aries

Your Strong Initiatives Are Very Well Planned. A 6th house Aries is an initiator and a go-getter. Whatever idea you desire, you have to plan it thoroughly and to stick firmly to your plan. When an Aries person wants something, this person wants it now. The energy of the 6th house is highly energetic and usually lacks patience. Everything should come fast, but this would sometimes mean inconsistent and superficial results. From another point of view, the most important characteristic of a 6th house in the sign of Aries is a strong will. This is why your will should stick to whatever routines you engage in in order to achieve your desired outcome. Plan carefully and set up short-term goals. It will help you keep up your motivation in the long run. You Are Passionate About Your Work. The energetic level of a 6th house in Aries is extremely high. The working process flows naturally for these people because they choose to do only what their heart desires. In case they do not want to, they suffer from headaches and risk internalizing unexpressed anger. They are very hard working and often tend to exhaust themselves due to the passion they invest in their desired endeavours. 6th house in Aries people are also very bright project initiators and inspiring leaders. Sometimes they tend to be highly individualistic and to have difficulties working within a team. They are also creative and original people, pushing their ideas to the front with ease. Because  they  give 100% in whatever catches their interest, they risk frequent burnouts. If your natal chart has a 6th house in Aries, you should pay attention to your health. Work life balance is a must in case you don’t want to lose your grip. Because Aries represents the head in medical astrology, health issues with this aspect come around most frequent as migraines. A work-life balance is of utmost importance for people with this placement. Sports Are a Very Important Part Of Your Life. Being very active, a 6th house in Aries needs to move and push forward. The sign of the ram is a cardinal one, which enables him to build up in life, as long as it learns how to efficiently release its high energy. This is why another important aspect to address here is any kind of aggressiveness you might push against yourself in order to succeed. Aries loses its patience really easily. Because of this, these people risk turning against themselves the rage felt when things don’t go according to their will. All the anger is best released by physical activity which can also discipline the mind. Because the 6th house also rules health, sports activities become even more important. You should engage in sports which may help you release the high energy and keep you contained at the same time. Martial arts are a suitable recommendation for attaining this purpose. You Are an Early Bird at the Gym. Aries is the conventional ruler of the 1st house which symbolizes the appearance and the body. When the 6th house falls in the sign of Aries, health and looks become a mean theme for the person with this aspect. Movement is a key word for an Aries person and it perfects its expression when it rules the house of health. You cannot stand still and have to practice sports which provide a visible fit result on your body. In order to feel your best you need to keep yourself in shape. A natural competitor, you tend to always push your limits either in fitness contests or at least against yourself. You Don’t Dream About It, You Act Fast To Grab It. You tend to lack patience and be stubborn when it comes to getting what you want. An Aries person visions its dream, but does not usually wait too long or makes a strategy to attain it.  However, this does not mean we always lack discipline in Aries. On the contrary, in the 6th the Aries energy represents the best expression of health, will and performance through action.  Therefore, in the 6th house, Aries is wilfully organized, perfectionist, disciplined and focused.  A natural go-getter, an Aries is able to achieve high results when falling in the strongly coordinated 6th house energy. With Aries in the 6th House of your natal chart, you’re likely to let yourself be governed by your will to achieve excellent work. Whether this energy is expressed at work or at the fitness club, it will always provide great results. Furthermore, physical activity represents an extremely significant part of your life.

House 6 in Aries have lots on energy in their daily lives

A person who has House 6 in Aries, mobilizes all his abilities, if he faces a difficult task. His work capacity is truly inexhaustible, in his activity he likes to show initiative. A talented leader, he likes to keep everything under control. Trying to help others in solving problems, subsequently expects them to be independent and responsible attitude to the future. These people have all the necessary qualities and abilities to become excellent leaders. Thirst to command can lead to leadership. They zealously get down to business, but often they do not have enough endurance. Such a person is attracted by sharp instruments, although at first he is careless with them. Sometimes he panics, seeing how much he has to do; forces come to him already in the process of mastering instruments. People with 6th house in Aries choose bright and energetic ways and highly effective means of labour, finalization and design is not interesting to them. With good health, they experience a surge of energy and energy: they want to run, warm up, "shoot their eyes" on the sides. Lack or excess energy, as well as addiction to spicy dishes can lead to various diseases. They cannot be long in the sun, while the lack of sunlight leads to apathy. They should take care of the balance of physical activity and the degree of loading, while maintaining an energy balance. This person does his job with enviable diligence. The labour process is completely natural for him, and he gives all his energy with pleasure. Being able to work a lot and tirelessly, he puts forward high demands on himself and others, which many may dislike. Leading a team or working autonomously, he is able to achieve high results, because he does not seek authoritative support and does not like when someone without demand gets into the field of his activities. Producing the impression of a strong personality, nevertheless, awaits approval from the outside. Most of all, his appreciation of his work by other people inspire him and encourages him to succeed. If the accumulated energy is not spent on labour or creativity in time, it can suffer from a headache, although by nature it has great endurance and quickly goes on to recover. When diseases often rise in temperature.

House 6 in Aries is indicating that these people are better at doing things all alone and at working for themselves. People with this placement can have successful careers in the military or be amazing athletes. When approaching each day, they’re aggressive and can’t plan too much because this depresses them. It’s better for them to just go with the flow during the day because this way, they can be more productive. Sixth House Arieses can’t just sit around because they always have an agenda and are looking for things to happen their way. If their plans are being messed, they need to have a stop and not force anything to happen. Usually healthy and energetic, they can’t easily get sick and when they do, their disease goes away pretty easily. This is happening because their mind is always busy with other things and they don’t have enough time to be in bed. More than this, they have a strong immune system and wouldn’t catch a cold in a sea full of sick people. Their tremendous Aries energy is having them making big efforts and at the same time building up their immune system. However, these people can be very hard on themselves and never be satisfied with what they accomplished. It’s very likely for them to get sick with stress-related conditions, especially after they’ve been unhappy for a long period. Active when it comes to the mundane, they can do a lot during the day, even take care of every little small detail. Mars is keeping natives born with Aries in Sixth House focused on doing their job and amazing leaders, even if these natives can seem bossy. People still respect them for getting things done. They should try to not alienate those under them when doing a job, especially if they have Pluto and Uranus influencing their personality to be tyrannical and obsessed with power. It can be difficult for them to leave behind their daily activities because they don’t want to relax and prefer to keep busy and make others feel good. These natives must be careful not to exhaust themselves while being of service to others. Individuals with Aries in Sixth House have learned the lesson of “I AM”, so they’re aware of their inner workings and how these should be applied in the everyday life. This House is about how the entire humanity and the health of people are being served.

A lot of tendency to do and undo things in their own way since what others may think almost always does not matter to them and they like to act in their own way, although for this reason they are often excessively individualistic


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