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House 5 in Taurus

With the House 5 in Taurus you find joy in the material world and the finer things in life. You are a lover of good food, you need to be careful not to overeat too much as a means to cover problems that you don't want to face. You love intimacy and physical pleasures and are a very sensual person, with perhaps an excessive attraction to shows and taste of sensual pleasures. When you feel attracted to someone, there is nothing to stop you from making the first step. You are a calm and funny person, and your relaxed personality is an attraction to other people. You can love intensely and prefer to take it slow in all relationship and not to rush things. For you, your partner must be someone that you can count on their support, and you will not enter a relationship unless the person attracts you physically, no matter how much that potential partner could be, you need to have a sensual and physical attraction to it. You are rarely single, because having a partner makes you feel wanted and good about yourself, and once you find the right person you will go all the way until the end, because there is nothing that you cannot do for love ones, especially who make you feel safe.

You have indeed talent for signing, music as well as for any expression or art like painting or subculture that make a solid and permanent mark on this world. You love children and are a romantic person, and will tend to be rigid when educating your own children. You love spending time with your friend and hanging around with like-minded people that makes you feel at ease and understood, and you much prefer to have few friends but genuine ones. You enjoy museums, galleries and cultural events and can easily make money from your hobbies and art.



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Laura P, Theresa K, Yamari O,


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