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House 4 in Taurus

House 4 represents the family and your roots, and being born with House 4 in Taurus suggests a solid and stable position for your family, meaning that your love and attitude towards them are quite stable. Your home and roots have a huge value for you and is the place for you to rest and have pleasurable moments, and you feel much attached to it. The influence of your parents is long-lasting and they add practicality to your life, and it is in this home where you search for stability within yourself, it is indeed the place where you recharge your batteries. With this position of Taurus being connected to the Earth is important, and if you have a garden you should engage and look after it or get plants at home. Your home needs to be a harmonious space, adjusted to your vibes. You are good with money management, and it is very likely that you will help friends and families with their finances. Although you are resilience, you don't like changes and it takes you sometime to get used to transformations and new situations. You hold family life very highly and are fear of changes and surprises, following the safe path that your predecessors did as you believe this is the right way to live. You have a desire for luxury in your home and are willing to invest a lot of time on it to make it looks as nice as possible, after all this is the place where you rest so comfort at home for you is important. You enjoy material reality and engage in practical issues and challenges in a healthy way.