Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

House 3 in Taurus

With the house 3 in Taurus your thoughts are often slow and static because you want to build on every idea that you're having. Often you allow time to reflect and rethink, meaning that you can't take immediate decisions. Your practical talents and your mind usually serve you to accumulate wealth in the material world, through financial gain and everything related to beauty and a cosy way of life. Even when you were a child you were serious and rigid in your communication, and can easily be stubborn and be more unreasonable than you really are. You are slow in gathering knowledge but this is how your mind gets stronger. Your understanding of the way the world works filters through your constant concerns about security, safety, and having what you need. You prefer to think things through before acting and following tried and true patterns of thought and decision-making. Long-lasting friendships and loyalty are key to your thoughts about relating to others. Practical concerns and upholding traditions will be of the utmost importance to you.


The greatest challenge to your mind lies in its lack of flexibility and the inability to accept change