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House 3 in Cancer

House 3 in Cancer speaks of inherited intelligence, for better or for worse. If one is born into a family of well-educated individuals with a wide dictionary, we can safely presume that theirs will be similar and deeply rooted with their ancestry. However, problems with any sort of reasoning especially when it comes to division of rational from emotional issues, has the root in the same place too – their parents. They need to build a strong personality and care for their individuality in order to release some pressure from their mind. The main challenge of each Cancer thinking individual is in expressing their emotions in a practical and acceptable way, and they will often fight the battle of reason vs. emotion even though they should be accepting both rolled into one. Cancer is a Water Sign overlaying an Air House, so individuals with this Sign/House combination will rely on sympathy, intuition, and emotional intelligence to communicate with and interpret the world. Their understanding of the way the world works filters through the Cancerian lens, expecting people to be emotional and share their feelings. They will prefer to communicate indirectly and subtly and can be passive-aggressive if they slip into negative emotional space. Literally, they will “feel” their way through a conversation, preferring to figure out what the other person needs from them as a communicator. They prefer to have friendships that need and give nurturing. 

House 3 in Cancer

With House 3 in Cancer, a person will be characterized by variability in the relationship, which directly depends on the mood of its owner. With relatives, friends, neighbours, such an individual will show diligence, courtesy, sensitivity. Such a person plans a travel or business trips only in case of emergency, tries to resolve issues by other available means. People of this category are able to experience the deepest affection for colleagues and friends. To contact unknown people, they are extremely rare, ease and immediacy they reach extremely difficult. At a subconscious level, they tend to experience some unreasonable anxiety, fear. In relations, such individuals prefer to remain somewhat cautious, believing that one can not fully trust a person. To open their true feelings and emotions people with 3 House in Cancer, too, will not. If the nature develops harmoniously, then it draws a compelling spiritual warmth. To people in whom the individual is in a confidential relationship, he will be extremely attentive, courteous and caring. But we must not lose sight of the fact that these are vulnerable and vulnerable personalities. If the nature of the House 3 in Cancer is not harmoniously developed, then the ability to manipulate, distrust, selfishness will begin to manifest in it. With a high level of development, it shows insight, the ability to clearly understand and feel the mood of the neighbour. Such people are distinguished by their ability to learn, helping them in that heightened emotionality and interest in learning. To understand what is actually driving them is extremely difficult, because they hide behind the mask of their insolvency. Such an opinion about themselves is formed under the influence of complexes. They are more receptive to the emotional context of learning. Interest in learning from the representatives of this group appears only on the condition of an individual approach to it from the teacher. The visual aids and colourful illustrations, as well as to the enthusiasm of the teacher, he remains indifferent. A pedagogue with House 3 in Cancer is able to distinguish favourites, make pets among pupils. Such individuals prefer to use their spiritual authority, in the phase of Capricorn’s influence. At this stage, he can learn something from his wards, if he can take from them a rigid information flow. At a young age, laziness and inattention of people with House 3 in Cancer prevents them from learning. But due to their well-developed memory, they manage to remember the information thoroughly and for a long time. The categoricity of such people prevents them from starting and strengthening relationships. They like to travel, spend time outside the house.

People how have House 3 in Cancer are always attentive and available to attend to the needs of others, even if that means putting themselves in second place. They are extremely tender, emotional and loving people, they will always put you as their priority. You have a natural sensuality, so the gallants rain on you. Although you have a choice, when you like someone, you are super dedicated and faithful! You tend to look at the guys opposite you. It is also a home sign, which finds in your home the peace and harmony you need to stay emotionally balanced and healthy. For this native, often associated with motherhood, his house is a sanctuary. Family (and friends, which he regards as an extension of the family) are the pillars of his life. His well-being is always in front of everything and he serves as a guide for all the decisions that he must make. He loves having friends over at home, but not as a surprise. The Cancer likes to be prepared for guests. Creative, stimulating, warm and generous (sometimes overly generous), he welcomes people and relates easily to strangers. His pantry is always stocked with everything he needs (even though he thinks something is always missing).

House 3 in Cancer tend to be soft speakers

With House 3 in Cancer you easily change your opinions. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet of change which shows that having Cancer on the 3rd house cusp of communication can make you easily change your opinions and thoughts. You are easily influenced by other people as well as the things happening around you. You are impressionable and can have trouble forming your own opinion. You seek advice from others and depending on the relationship you have with that person, it may influence you a lot. You are reliant on other people for guidance and advice. You use communication to connect with those you love, and communication may be the best way for you to bond with others. You are very emotive and passionate in communication and you may view it as the best way to form an emotional connection with another person. You are good at giving advice and conversations with you can be very comforting to other people. You are a good listener and you are very empathetic which allows people to open up about their struggles and seek your help. You are compassionate and understanding and you provide the nurture other people need.  You are an emotional speaker, Cancer is ruled by the Moon the planet of emotions and feelings. House 3 in Cancer communication shows that you are an emotional speaker who can be very passionate in communication. You always try to let your feelings out in conversations which can make you seem emotional and irrational by others. At time you may be too overwhelmed by your feelings to form a realistic opinion on something. You are easily impressed by the things happening around you or the opinions of those who are close to you so you may often be very biased when speaking. You can be too direct. House 3 in Cancer shows that you can be very blunt and honest in conversations. Cancer is ruled by the Moon the planet of emotions so having it in the 3rd house of communication and intellect shows that you can be too primal and emotional and you easily let out your opinion no matter what kind of situation you might be in. At times your thoughts may not be spoken in the most appropriate times and your honesty isn’t well-appreciated by everyone. Try to be more patient and observant before you make comments and speak up. You have trouble staying rational. Cancer is ruled by the Moon the planet of emotions and having Cancer in the 3rd house of communication shows that you can be an emotional speaker and you are easily influenced by your environment. This shows that you can have trouble having a realistic outlook or opinion on a certain topic. You can be quite primal because of your emotions and once you set your mind to something you are unlikely to change it, even if it ends up being wrong later. You value your heart over your brain which in communication can make you very biased and irrational. You are reluctant to seek opinions or advice from people you aren’t close to. This can make you very close-minded and may bring difficulties in your conversations with people you aren’t familiar with.

Difficult to treat because of his marked likes and dislikes, sensitive, his key word is more to feel than to think


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