House 3 in Aries

When the 3rd house, the one ruling the Mind and Intellect, is in Aries you have a fast mind and a direct approach to communication that sometimes could be perceive as aggressive by others. You are eloquent but obstinate too, and  don't like gossip or wasting your time thinking about others, and sometimes you don't realise that your words can actually hurt others, so you need to be aware of the consequences of your own words and your impulsiveness communication. Your mind is always at work, and you have lots of ideas and energy in your mind. You are able to quickly find unusual and new ways to solve obsolete problems, and put lot of effort in your personal education, professional and personal development. Short trips and daily commuting is significant for you, as it is in those moments where you can find the inspiration you need to start new things in your life. You can express yourself easily and feel the need to share your thoughts and opinions with others around you.



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