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House 3 in Aries

When you have House 3 in Aries, you are born with a direct approach to communication and a fast mind, a head-on speech that sometimes could be perceive as aggressive by others. House 3 is the house that in Astrology rules the mind and the intellect, and with House 3 in Aries you are eloquent but obstinate too, and don't like gossip or wasting your time thinking about others, and sometimes you don't realise that your words can actually hurt others, so you need to be aware of the consequences of your own words and your impulsiveness communication. Your mind is always at work, and you have lots of ideas and energy in your mind. You are able to quickly find unusual and new ways to solve obsolete problems, and put lot of effort in your personal education, professional and personal development. Short trips and daily commuting is significant for you, as it is in those moments where you can find the inspiration you need to start new things in your life. You can express yourself easily and feel the need to share your thoughts and opinions with others around you. House 3 in Aries

Without enthusiasm, House 3 in Aries found difficult to comprehend and develop practical skills. If this person does not have an interest, then his hands will simply drop and nothing will be left in his head. They can easily perceive the delivery of material from temperamental, boring teachers. In the process of learning, this individual must certainly take part and immediately experience in practice the acquired knowledge. If such an opportunity is not given to him, then interest in learning will disappear from him quickly and irrevocably. The qualities that prevent the people of this subgroup are intolerance, lack of restraint and lack of interest. Both the reception and the presentation of information are hot and aggressive. They need to educate in themselves a detached mentality, a balance, as in Libra. Such people are distinguished by active, constructive and strong intellect. These are not ordinary, open for communication, straightforward natures. They show themselves interesting, sincere interlocutors. House 3 in Aries have good oratorical abilities. It is not difficult for them to defend their point of view in the dispute, they are constructing a constructive dialogue well. They succeed by arguing, expressing their opinions, silence and listening does not contribute to their progress towards the goal. Criticism these people perceive painfully. Their youth is bright and fun, in travels and friendly company.

With House 3 in Aries, you need plenty of movement and stimulation. You are direct and can quickly become frustrated with subtlety or hesitation. You tend to get to the point quickly and can be somewhat impatient (and impulsive) with words and movements. Your ideas are inventive. You want to be the first to know something, and you won’t take instruction! This sometimes points to being an only child or sibling rivalry. Look to Mars for more information, as Mars is the ruler of the third house in this case. It’s normal for House 3 in Aries natives to be involved in all sorts of arguments with others, as well as to have tensioned and inconsistent relations with those in their surroundings. Their way of thinking is rather dynamic and imaginative. This is why it’s easy for them to find solutions to the strangest problems, as well to express themselves clearly, either in writing or verbally. Since they’re great intellectuals, others believe in what they have to say and their ideas. Their theories and information accumulated can always be implemented into what’s happening in life. It’s usual for them to divide the world into good and bad. With those who are good, they’re polite and act favourably, whereas with those who they consider bad, they’re putting all of their negative traits into working. These natives communicate more through actions and prefer to not talk or boast too much.

House 3 in Aries have a direct approach

Thinking a lot about themselves, House 3 in Aries can also teach others how to have a more dynamic life and to be dedicated to their ideas. However, they can show some attitude when annoyed, not to mention they become aggressive, cocky and irritated. This is because they’re impulsive and immediately triggered by anything, not to mention they don’t realize they can hurt others with their words. Those of them who have siblings get along well with them, but this doesn’t mean they can easily get influenced. This is because they’re always looking for things to happen their way and don’t care that much about what others do or think. Preoccupied only with what happens to them, they don’t gossip or waste their time thinking about others. House 3 in Aries individual has a quick mind and is aggressive when it comes to communication. Natives with this placement have a lot of energy and many ideas, so their mind never ceases to work. This can work in both their advantage and disadvantage because House 3 in Aries can all have unresolved problems with their anger, even if highly intelligent and possessing the clearest reasoning. With the position of House 3 in Aries, people with it need to be aware of the consequences their words have, as well to pay attention to what others have to say. More than this, they should have enough patience with their obsessions. While stubborn in communication, House 3 in Aries can be annoying when in big groups, until realizing what needs to be done for them to be good leaders and to offer their respect to others.

Individuals born with House 3 in Aries and who have developed harmoniously are open and all the time smiling. Their positivity can attract them many friends, not to mention they can make a connection with any type of personality. These natives are ethical and noble in communication, but the Aries is influencing them to not learn and at the same time do anything for others. They need to share what they know and their talents, however. This can be done by communicating and having a lot of patience. Either way, they can’t see themselves as teachers, even if they’re natural leaders as mentors. Either way, they need to see themselves like this. Their mind seems to move fast, so they come up with ideas pretty quickly. House 3 in Aries don’t rely on other people to do their thinking and can express themselves without having a problem. Always looking to learn, it can be difficult for them to stick to something for a long period, until they get the information they require. Many of these natives can be aggressive in the way they express themselves and their ideas, so they don’t hesitate to fight and to show their temper. For this reason, it’s essential they keep their energy in check and don’t have nervous breakdowns very often.

Constant ups and downs in their moods since although they can be extremely active and optimistic, this stage of euphoria and continuous movement is followed by another in which both pessimism and decay seem to be the dominant note. If the Ascendant is Aquarius it results in a very open and interesting person, different

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