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House 2 in Scorpio

House 2 in Scorpio presents money is a deeply private affair. We need to be strategic when getting what we want, waiting for the right moment to strike. When Scorpio is in the 2nd House, acquiring money is not the end goal, it is merely a means to an end. It’s what we do with the money is what they value, whether it’s getting the power we want or the people we desire. On the flip side, Scorpio is about getting to the truth of all things. So when the 2nd House is in Scorpio, we can easily see that money is the root of all evil in this world. Second house Scorpio can become disillusioned about money and working under capitalism that they devote their lives to finding the true meaning of life and what they value. People born with Scorpio in the 2nd House are very secretive about money, never willing to discuss it openly, not even with their partners. These people may be born into wealthy families where money was never discussed. It could also be they don’t want people to ask about their money, because they might borrow some.  Either way, 2nd House Scorpios are very private about their financial situation. If they’re wealthy, you would never know it. Frugal, this placement keeps it modest by not spending their money on material goods. You rarely see them wearing brand new designer clothes in a flashy car. 2nd House Scorpio is highly ambitious, working very hard to achieve its goals. They value power and if money will help them get that power, they’ll use it. 2nd House Scorpios are diligent, intelligent, and independent. They get things done, especially under pressure. If they are not born into money, they will work hard to transform their lives.  Scorpio in the 2nd House tends to be a little possessive—both with money and with people. As a fixed sign, they can grow deeply attached to how things are that they are often unwilling to change. They may still drive an old car even though they can afford a new one because it would be a change. Emotional, Scorpios may cling to things that make them feel safe—including money or partners and will do anything to keep them. 

House 2 in Scorpio

If the second house has a cusp in the sign of Scorpio, this speaks of finances left to us by our ancestors. Depending on our genetic predispositions, this can be a blessing or a curse, since it greatly depends on those that were here before we came to this world. It might seem like we have little influence on our own well-being when this setting takes over. In order to find joy in the material world, this is a position that challenges a person to find it in change and accept that the energy has to flow and circle at all times. In the practical sense, this means that one has to give in order to receive and there will never come a reward without it being earned through all sorts of deeds, life choices and ancestry. This is also a position that can speak of a debt that has to be repaid, and isn’t always easy to comprehend or enjoy.

With House 2 in Scorpio your relationship with your finances and possessions may be such that that part of your sense of safety and security in life may be connected to how well you think you earn money or secure resources. Before you go too far in this article, we made a Scorpio in the 2nd House worksheet to accompany the article, FREE when you sign up for our newsletter below! A Scorpio 2nd House may prompt you to have your feelings mixed up with your financial situation in a more intense way than other signs might influence. More specifically, a Scorpio 2nd House placement may lead you to see money as power. Scorpio may not be as interested in what money can buy as far as luxury. What Scorpio is more interested in sitting in the 2nd House is how money can buy safety and security from the bad things that life can bring. With a Scorpio 2nd House, you may be very inventive and resourceful when it comes to making money or with your possessions. You may come to an investment that other people would dismiss as a lost cause financially and transform it into something great. Or, you may see an old, nasty-looking armoire that someone threw out on the curb, take it home, and restore and revive it into something amazing. 

House 2 in Scorpio may indicate hidden incomes

The placement of House 2 in Scorpio is a lot connected with how natives determine their values, as well as how they’re searching for the Truth, especially when this is about the materialistic side of life and their security. People with this position in their birth chart need to realize how important it is for them to develop from a spiritual point of view. When it comes to intuition, both the Scorpio and the Second House are all about it. Therefore, this trait is emphasized in natives born with Scorpio in 2nd House. When it comes to their relationships, these can be missing any ceremonious habits and be uncontrollable, so it’s difficult for them to be involved with someone for the long term. Not appreciative of others, these natives hate being criticized and when someone is pointing out that they haven’t been correct, they can become very angry. This is how they’re making enemies from friends. These people can hold grudges and are always looking to develop the most sophisticated plans to get their revenge. For them to no longer be like this, they need to subject to the ethics and morals of their groups, as well as to have balanced emotions. They can exaggerate when thinking of how much they can do, as well as not consider others. At least it’s easy for them to understand the true nature of any relationship. Some of them may start a business or become successful politicians and scientists, even if they’re not able to easily control themselves. When it comes to how people born with Scorpio in Second House are developing their finances, they’re completely devoted to making money and want to take care of any problem independently, in a constant manner. However, they can often go through bankruptcy, but at least they can find the most unexpected solutions to their problems. Most of the time, natives born with Scorpio in 2nd House are aggressive, jealous and irritable, but at the same time able to learn from their own mistakes. The more they can control their character, the better the position they can obtain in society.


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