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House 2 in Pisces

With house 2 in Pisces you are often blame for not paying enough attention to your money, and sticking to a budget can be difficult for you. You don't care at all about the state of your finances, and often come up with schemes of earning, but never stick with them, meaning you can have a difficult time focusing on your finances. You have a good soul and you are indeed generous, but budgeting is like science fiction to you, not to mention that you can trust other too much with your money, and often you might suffer from this. You can generate income by being a healer or through activities that are related to the sign of Pisces like for example musicians, spiritual gurus or nurses. It is possible for you to often lose your belongings because you never seems to know where you have put your things. The challenge with this position is that you can become lost in illusions, and you can feel truly happy with having less and deeply satisfied without having much, just like you could overestimate your abilities and talents, and lose yourself if you focus on materialistic objectives too much. Your main goal in life should be finding your true purpose and making a plan for the future because this is the only way for you to feel satisfied, to follow their true calling and a mission they are supposed to fulfil in this lifetime, for this is the only thing that can bring enough real satisfaction to their life, and when it comes to the lifestyle you’re choosing, this has to be simplistic.


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