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House 2 in Gemini

The life of a person with House 2 in Gemini is filled with bright discoveries and original ideas. It is a practitioner who is well versed in the reality surrounding him and is able to find beneficial and useful proposals in every aspect of his life. He does not like to limit himself to one direction, he always seeks and finds additional sources of income. Somewhat superficial, in communicating to others it is guided by mental rather than rational considerations. A person is active, energetic, eagerly interested in everything that happens around in order to obtain new information. He does not tolerate stability and a long stay in one place. The desire for change often pushes him to travel, and sometimes to change his place of residence. Quickly satiated with a monotonous reality, without emotional recharge, falls into depression, and becomes irritable and morose. To deduce from a depressive state of this person it is possible only with the help of new information and change of surrounding scenery. It is a logician who has a sober mind and some uncompromising attitude in his convictions. To persuade him to change his mind requires long persuasion, backed by material arguments. Often it happens that the person persuading him himself falls under the influence of the person with House 2 in Gemini and changes his own plans and attitudes, adjusting to the requirements of this person. For a more harmonious development, a person with House 2 in Gemini should stop spraying his energy, he needs to learn to limit his activities to one or two directions. In this case, his income will increase, and calm and confidence in the future will acquire the necessary stability. For such a person is characterized by the choice of commercial activities related to communication skills and the ability to manoeuvre between people. He can become a good politician and successful businessman, but only if he learns to restrain his natural impulses and the desire to change places and activities. In the depths of his soul, this person understands the futility of his life, but does not want and does not know how to find in it true, worthy incarnations of new goals.

House 2 in Gemini

With House 2 in Gemini, we can instantly presume that a person will make money in quick, freelance activities, rather than have a serious job that will bring a lot of deep, stable satisfaction. This is someone who can profit from writing, journalism, constant movement, oratory talents, or good trading skills. If there is a challenge to be faced through planets set in this house or Mercury, we can see that superficial approaches to value of things lead to disharmony and make a person nervous and edgy, while unable to create anything stable or big enough to meet their needs. This can also represent a “trickster position” and speak of someone who makes money from shady activities, especially if Mercury is retrograde, or set in the sign of Pisces.

House 2 in Gemini tend to have original ideas

Many of the people with House 2 in Gemini have their own business because they feel more secure this way, not to mention they’re can persevere and be patient. Practical and rational, they’re usually very good at what they are doing for a living. They need to have their values set because of how much they’re earning depends on this. It’s either this or they’re taking care of their finances in the most chaotic manner, unable to stick to a salary or to have stability. A House 2 in Gemini individual needs to use his or her mind to identify the best money-making opportunities and to have a secure future. Natives with this placement are focusing a lot on how to make a living. Because Mercury is ruling the Gemini sign, their interest in the financial sector is increased. Materialistic, they want to make more and more, with every day that passes. As said before, it’s not unusual for them to have more than one job to make their dreams come true. Their minds will always help them make as much as they need. Usually judging others according to how much they’re making and not morals, they should try and give up this trait of theirs. The approach natives born with House 2 in Gemini have towards money-making is intellectual, so they’re using their mind a lot when it comes to this. Spending a lot of time thinking about their financial means, their budgets usually don’t stick for too long. At least they can adapt to any financial circumstance. It would be a good idea for them to earn their income by doing something related to the Gemini sign, like organizing, writing and taking care of details. As well, they could be great teachers or do anything in which they need to use their minds. House 2 in Gemini are very much about values that don’t have anything to do with the mundane or with possessions. They like old things that have a history and don’t want to let go of what makes them feel like they have all the comfort they need. These natives feel at their best when their mind is thinking fast. Therefore, their self-esteem develops when they’re using their intellect. If feeling slow or no using their brain when communicating, their self-value can significantly drop. Therefore, they can feel real pleasure when mentally stimulated. Loving to talk, their sense of humour and intelligence can impress anyone. As far as buying goes, they’re very logical and composed because they want to take advantage of any idea of saving some money and making some more. This means they’re after good deals. At the same time, they can think of many ways on how to live.


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