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House 2 in Cancer

Attached to their home and family, people born with House 2 in Cancer are careful when investing their finance. When it comes to the way they make their money, this is by adapting and being receptive. Through their instincts, they simply know how to nourish others and to help them grow, so they can make a living by helping. Therefore, they combine emotions with finances. In general, they have something put aside and protect it by any means. House 2 in Cancer natives have many resources and are sensitive to what others need. They can make a living by taking advantage of their weaknesses, not to mention they can immediately adapt to any person or circumstance. Oriented on their goals, they can direct their energy to satisfy their sense of property and to earn some capital. In spite of their ability to make some money, they’re terrified by poverty and looking to invest all of their strength into making a good living. When dealing with others, these natives have emotions of affection and are always looking to absorb the feelings of others. Most of the time, they want to be owners and to possess many things at once, so they can be confused when it comes to how they’re spending their money. Their income usually comes from their home or the place where they live, whereas others can make a good income from real estate. Others can do something related to making environments more beautiful, so they can be decorators.

House 2 in Cancer

House 2 in Cancer person is keenly aware of their self-worth. These people are very good at serving others with a deep sense of empathy and compassion. They will often do anything they can to help another human being. Cancer in the second house will often be attached to material objects or an accumulation of them. They may even find themselves addicted to these things. On one hand, this placement could lead to a deep sense of security and comfort in material things. On the other hand, this person could be very insecure about money and possessions because they are so attached to them. Cancers will have an underlying fear that everything may not last forever, which can lead to over accumulation or hoarding behaviours. They do not like change either, as it is seen as a threat to their comfort and security. This person is very family-oriented and will often put the needs of loved ones before their own, even if this causes them great emotional pain or stress. House 2 in Cancer can be seen as an opportunity for growth when it becomes conscious that material possessions are just temporary things. It may take some time for this person to let go of attachments and find the peace that comes with loosening their grip, but when they do, there is great reward. Cancer in this house could lead someone to make a lot of money and then use it for good causes, or they may find themselves acting very loving to other people who are dealing with financial difficulties because they know what that feels like at an emotional level. Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, this person is very sensitive to the emotional needs of others. Cancer can become over-attached to material objects, which means that they will suffer greatly if those things are lost. They may also have a tendency towards jealousy and greed because there is so much fear about what might happen when their material attachments disappear. This person needs time for reflection about their worldly goods and what those things really should mean to them.

Many of the natives with House 2 in Cancer are getting emotionally attached to their possessions and financial resources. They want to protect their assets and aren’t too extravagant. However, when it comes to them to spend a lot on their loved ones, they don’t mind doing it. Their commercial affairs can bring them a lot of benefits. While able to make very good money, they still feel financially insecure most of the time. Their emotions are important when they need to make the ends meet as far as money and material gains are going. As far as their family and places of childhood are going, these have a great influence on how they are making a living. The lifestyle in their youth can determine how they’re going to live later, not to mention they can be greatly influenced by the feminine and maternal presence in their life. These natives feel the best about themselves when they can offer their support and are caring. If seeing others are not being sensitive, their self-esteem can decrease. Therefore, natives born with Cancer in Second House learn how to love themselves by giving value to what others need and feel.

The more House 2 in Cancer allow themselves to be intuitive, the more their life can be pleasurable and have a sense of security. However, they can also just go with the flow and feel like life has much more to offer them. When it comes to spending, these natives are doing it according to their moods. This means they can spend everything they have after a rough day at work. Luckily, their instincts are always telling them how to use their resources, so they should listen to their gut if they want some sort of security with money. Their possessions are being owned from an emotional point of view as well. This is why they’re keeping things for long periods and losing something upsets them very much. They can also get emotionally attached to their money, so they can lose their mind when their bank account is emptier than they would want it. The person born with Cancer in Second House takes care of his or her budget and discusses with the partner about what investments should be made. Natives with this placement can sometimes exaggerate with their spending, but they immediately get it back together. However, they should have a safety net for when the moments of panic are happening, as well as friends or a partner to help them be more organized with their finances. People with House 2 in Cancer are very careful with their money because they want to spend everything on their family and home. They want to feel financially secure because this is what’s keeping their emotions in line. Their finances can come and go, not to mention their life can change a lot according to them. They can make a living from jobs that are related to the Cancer sign, by nurturing others or working from home. House 2 in Cancer know what values mean and are very self-aware. They must control themselves and use their emotions wisely. By direct reaction to the 8th House, they can have their feelings functioning on a higher octave. It can be difficult to identify how they’re valuing themselves about life and to determine how they see themselves because they’re very emotional and about the Cosmos, as a basis for their expressions.

House 2 in Cancer natives have many resources and are sensitive to what others need

Both the sign of Cancer and the Second House are influencing people to be possessive. This is why natives born with House 2 in Cancer simply possess the ones they love. What they should learn is how to teach others how to depend solely on what they have, as well as to be independent. Oftentimes, they can end up being possessed by what they own or by those in their life because this is what’s helping them develop. At the same time, they can collect what they think it’s valuable and not necessarily suited to their personality. These natives need to integrate value in their life and to let go of superficial things. They may be making a living from a business they run from home or that they’re owners of a company. This is because they love working in a comfortable environment and don’t mind if faith is influencing their income. Most of the time, the placement of House 2 in Cancer is not one of a strong Moon, but it gives people joy for family gatherings and good food. More than this, it makes them want to look for love and the feeling of gratitude, as well speaks of a predisposition towards personal gains and inheritance, especially when it comes to matters of the 8th House and situations in which someone has to die or to give up wealth for others to obtain it. The world of a House 2 in Cancer individual is split in two. Natives with this placement can be both pleased and very irritated about money. In the second part of their life, they can hide under a shell and strive to unconsciously erase any type of phenomena from their thoughts. If put in front of the idea that the world is indivisible and facing unpleasant circumstances, they can despair. House 2 in Cancer need to learn how to exist in a busy world, as well as how to rebuild their ideas of what’s right and what’s wrong, enjoyable and not at all useful. If emotionally unstable, they can end up being disoriented and lose their ideas on what reality is all about. If it is for natives born with Cancer in Second House to develop harmoniously, they need to appreciate how valuable life is, as well as to become more practical with the directions they need to take. Those of them who have a more negative mindset can become real misanthropes and be interested in nothing but themselves. The ones who have developed positively are nurturing and caring, even if a little bit intrusive. They may want to please everyone and to pay attention to all of their relatives. If having to, people born with House 2 in Cancer can make the wrong step and eliminate all the good that has happened into their life. However, this doesn’t happen very often because they’re usually cautious and can see reason. When it comes to their financial existence, this can have many ups and downs. Sociable and practical, these people are good with trading and the most interesting VIPs.

In general, House 2 in Cancer has a very developed instinct of the owner, he seeks to possess all at once and many, and the thought of spending his capital leads him to confusion. This person can offer a lot of emotional support to their friends. They are very understanding and will be there for someone who is going through a hard time, no matter what the situation might be. They are also excellent listeners and empathizers. Due to the influence of the second house, they will tirelessly work to help their friends achieve their goals as well as material security. However, they won’t appreciate people who sabotage their own path towards stability and material wealth. The Cancerian individual can quickly shut down emotionally as a protective measure if they sense they aren’t being supported. They will not want to be friends with someone who could potentially hurt them. Cancer symbolizes things that are “inherited” or passed down from generation to generation. This could be a literal inheritance, or it could be an inheritance of education and familial responsibility. When House 2 in Cancer, one may feel a deep sense of attachment to their family’s possessions or to their own money. This could be either positive or negative depending on how the person is using these things in life and what they are doing with them. This person might not want to inherit anything because they are so fearful of change and loss, but if this is something they find themselves doing anyway – without being aware – then it’s best to explore why so the fear can be addressed. There are many things that this individual can do with their inheritance. They may have an interest in a family business, for instance. They could also be a good fit for careers that involve charity work or fundraising for good causes. Not only that, but they may also work in the arts as a writer or graphic artist. Cancer is a very creative sign, and their second house placement can lead them to creative outlets in the workforce. People with this placement will not do well in careers that involve a lot of competition or aggression. They should stay away from careers that involve politics and sales. This person will not want to be involved in a profession that is cut-throat, where people are free to attack one another without consequences. There’s enough fear and anger inside for this individual to wrestle with as it is. The House 2 in Cancer is keenly aware of their self-worth. These people are very good at serving others with a deep sense of empathy and compassion. They will often do anything they can to help another human being. If you have this placement, make sure you work to align your goals and material achievements with your values and life purpose. This sense of self-awareness with the abundance of the second house is an unbeatable combination.


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