House 2 in Aquarius

When born with Aquarius in House 2 you will tend to earn money through innovation and in unusual ways, using your creativity and imagination. It is common and natural to become a freelancer or an independent employee, and there are possibilities of substantial earning when working in cooperation with close friends or in projects in relation to a better well-being of the human race, but all these jobs will mostly have unstable income, and your incoming will be more related to commission or sales percentages rather than on a steady salary.

With the Aquarius in the 2nd house you don´t really pay attention to a stable financial life, neither you are emotionally connected with money, rather, you see money as a resource that help you live and go on adventures. The material factors will never rule your life and you don´t care much about money, keeping your emotions separate from your financial life. You can come up with unique ways of earning money, ways that no one else would think of, and you can make money through all topics that are Aquarius-related, like technology, as an inventor, in science, helping people realize their dreams, or that focuses on the future.


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