House 12 in Sagittarius

When the house 12 sets in Sagittarius we usually see someone who has no idea where they are going. Being lost seems to be the congenital disease in these people and they have no way of knowing where they want to end up. Ties were made to the most distant of places, and past life regression could help them discover where they have lived and what makes them lose their place and their hopes. Beliefs have to be examined, as well as their religion views. Blessings will come from the most unexpected people and places, and although there are a lot of secrets to be expected in lives of others, these individuals are able to sense anyone’s goodness of heart from miles away. This is a very strong position for spiritual work and meditation, but if they don’t get enough sleep, they risk their entire life passing them by.

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign overlaying a Water House, so individuals with this Sign/House combination will rely on exploration, authority, and adventure as their way to find their purpose and practice their spirituality. They will be adventurous and exploratory when seeking the divine and their purposeful role in life. Positively, these individuals can bring spiritual knowledge from one culture to another. Negatively, they can promote the idea that one spiritual belief is superior to all others. If they do get on their spiritual path, they can be a shining beacon for others seeking the same path, which is a commitment to take important beliefs and share them with the world. You may come across as someone who doesn’t care much for spirituality or religion, but when comfortable, you’re quite philosophical and interested in people’s beliefs. Alone with those you’re close to, you’re funny, warm, and know how to have a good time.






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