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House 12 in Sagittarius

When the house 12 sets in Sagittarius we usually see someone who has no idea where they are going. Being lost seems to be the congenital disease in these people and they have no way of knowing where they want to end up. Ties were made to the most distant of places, and past life regression could help them discover where they have lived and what makes them lose their place and their hopes. Beliefs have to be examined, as well as their religion views. Blessings will come from the most unexpected people and places, and although there are a lot of secrets to be expected in lives of others, these individuals are able to sense anyone’s goodness of heart from miles away. This is a very strong position for spiritual work and meditation, but if they don’t get enough sleep, they risk their entire life passing them by.

House 12 in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign overlaying a Water House, so individuals with this Sign/House combination will rely on exploration, authority, and adventure as their way to find their purpose and practice their spirituality. They will be adventurous and exploratory when seeking the divine and their purposeful role in life. Positively, these individuals can bring spiritual knowledge from one culture to another. Negatively, they can promote the idea that one spiritual belief is superior to all others. If they do get on their spiritual path, they can be a shining beacon for others seeking the same path, which is a commitment to take important beliefs and share them with the world. You may come across as someone who doesn’t care much for spirituality or religion, but when comfortable, you’re quite philosophical and interested in people’s beliefs. Alone with those you’re close to, you’re funny, warm, and know how to have a good time.

People born with House 12 in Sagittarius are passionate about teaching from experience and are committed to serving others. They don’t mind sacrificing themselves and their personal goals for others to gain something from what they have to teach and to widen their horizons. For them, it’s very important to not seem victims of those who don’t think the same way as them. Most of the time focusing on the big picture, they’re looking to give and to share, but they aren’t necessarily charitable. More than this, they should pay attention not to give more than they have because Sagittariuses are known for doing such things. When it comes to this and the religious terms in the 9th House, they can understand the patterns of the Cosmos. House 12 in Sagittarius is asking them to be compassionate, more tolerant and connected with the Cosmos. This House is the one of spiritual existence and therefore karma or the Soul. This means people born with Sagittarius should not regard these aspects of life from an intellectual point of view and be less egotistical. When getting involved, they’re looking to do it in their terms and not merge with the force of the Universe, even if it’s easy for them to have a grasp over Universal principles because they’re mentally able and agile. However, these natives have problems when it comes to communication.

It’s interesting to notice how natives born with House 12 in Sagittarius are gaining many benefits from Pisces (the governor of the 12th house) when it comes to their imagination because they’re the ones who can make dreams become a reality. However, they can also get lost in fantasy and not know where they’re heading. Because they’ve made connections in far-away places, they can experiment with past life regression and discover things about their past lives, as well as their motivation. For this reason, they need to study what they believe in and their opinions on religion. They can be blessed to meet the most surprising people and to visit interesting places, and even if coming across secretive people, they can see their goodness. This placement in birth charts for people is beneficial when it comes to spirituality, but natives born with House 12 in Sagittarius need to get their rest if they don’t want their life to just pass pointlessly. They’re subconsciously making their plans from the shadows, not to mention they’re keeping their philosophies secret. When dealing with a nasty situation, they’re paying a lot of attention to their moves. But as soon as secure again, their life becomes joyful because they’re virtuous and honourable.

House 12 in Sagittarius are great philosophers

When it comes to how people with House 12 in Sagittarius are realizing their objectives, their biggest challenge is their ambition. Even when failing a little bit, they’re becoming depressive and less enthusiastic. In the most negative ways, their emotions can sometimes influence the way they’re interacting from an intellectual point of view. Life may come with many dangers for these natives because they’re too ambitious. However, this doesn’t mean House 12 in Sagittarius isn’t beneficial in their birth chart because it’s making them more philosophical and detached when it comes to perceiving their surroundings, which can help them deal with any difficulty in life. Natives of House 12 in Sagittarius aspect can have secret enemies who are looking to destroy their plans. However, their opponents can’t stay hidden for too long because somehow, they can start manifesting their bad intentions. The placement of House 12 in Sagittarius is causing them to be introverted when it comes to the subjective manner of signs in the same position because this House is as well subjective. The sign of Sagittarius is giving it more meaning. House 12 in Sagittarius individual can be very disappointed seeing others are not enthusiastic to the point of fanaticism. This can cause natives with this placement to become spiritually oppressed and in need of identifying where their energy is coming from. Only this will stimulate them to take action in their favour. If identifying their energetic resources, they can become more active and promote the most important interests they may be having. For this to happen, they need to be less selfish and escape their subconscious. It has been noticed by astrologers that people born with House 12 in Sagittarius are empathetic. However, their spiritual drive can’t last for too long because they’re always looking forward to fulfil their everyday tasks. More than this, they’re known to not always respect their promises. These natives can sacrifice themselves to give others a hand, even if they’re regretting it afterward. Positive all the time, they only believe in good results, not to mention House 12 in Sagittarius is always helping them gain a good reputation and develop. They seem to possess many skills and can grasp the most profound matters because their intuition is strong. However, when it comes to their career, they can never see justice if acting superior. Either way, the Divinity is always helping them deal with their problems. This can be noticed when they’re taking action and don’t depend on anyone.

You generally have an optimistic faith in life. Deep kindness and understanding especially if Jupiter is well placed. If the Ascendant is Sagittarius or Pisces you can get to know yourself better. If the Ascendant is Capricorn you need vision and must learn to be compassionate


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